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2023 Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen
(1.1), Belgium

107th edition: Friday, September 15, 2023

Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen podium history | 2022 edition

Koolskamp - Koolskamp, 165.1 km

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Jasper Philipsen (right) just wins in Koolskamp.


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Weather at the start/finish city of Koolskamp at 1:30 PM, local time: 23C (73F), sunny, with the wind from the east at 11 km/hr (7 mph). No rain is forecast.

The race: Here's the report from second-place Dylan Groenewegen's Team Jayco-AlUla.

Team Jayco AlUla sprinter Dylan Groenewegen came agonisingly close to victory today at the one-day Belgian race Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen, fighting head-to-head all the way to the line with Jasper Phillipsen, who just edged out the 30-year-old to deny him the win.After stellar teamwork throughout the 165.1km race, Slovenian lead-out man Luka Mezgec moved Groenewegen into position down the final finishing straight, with Groenewegen launching his sprint a second too late, as Philipsen moved first and managed to snatch the win after a very close photo finish on the line.

The day played out with four riders heading away early to establish the day’s break, but they were kept on a tight leash before being reeled back in on the penultimate lap. The narrow and twisty roads on the circuit made things hard to keep good positioning, however Groenewegen’s well oiled sprint train managed to line him up in the finale, to deliver the Team Jayco AlUla sprinter into the right position to challenge for a sixth podium finish in the event.

The podium, from left: 2nd place Dylan Groenewegen, 1st place Jasper Philipsen & 3rd place Fabio Jakobsen

Dylan Groenewegen – 2nd place
“It was an honest sprint, but Philipsen was just the first rider at the finish line. Philipsen is almost unbeatable this year, it really falls in the right director for him. We arrived just a little too late so we have to look now at what we can improve. There are three options, you go to late, too soon or just at the right moment and Philipsen went at the right moment.

"I hoped that I had won, it was close and a photo finish but it’s second for me. After the Tour de France where I was beaten and last week where I had a mechanical problem in the final kilometers, my legs were good today, it was a goal, but I was just starting the sprint a second too late. I have won six races this season, and it is always hard to lose especially if you know you have the legs to do it. Today with a little bit more it would have been possible for me. These second places really motivate me to keep trying to get a win, we still have enough races left in Belgium this year.”

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Complete results:

165.1 kilometers raced at an average speed of 46.189 km/hr

1 Jasper Philipsen Alpecin-Deceuninck 3hr 34min 28sec
2 Dylan Groenewegen Jayco-AlUla s.t.
3 Fabio Jakobsen Soudal Quick-Step s.t.
4 Bryan Coquard Cofidis s.t.
5 Matteo Moschetti Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
6 Marc Sarreau Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
7 Jasper Stuyven Lidl-Trek s.t.
8 Cédric Beullens Lotto Dstny s.t.
9 Itamar Einhorn Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
10 Giacomo Nizzolo Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
11 Jakub Mareczko Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
12 Casper Van Uden Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
13 Lorenz Van De Wynkele Lotto Dstny s.t.
14 Pierre Gautherat Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
15 Michael Mørkøv Soudal Quick-Step s.t.
16 Milan Fretin Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
17 Tom Sexton Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
18 Emiel Vermeulen BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
19 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
20 Zak Coleman VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
21 Campbell Stewart Jayco-AlUla s.t.
22 Scott Mcgill Human Powered Health s.t.
23 Florian Dauphin Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
24 Erlend Blikra Uno-X s.t.
25 Karl Patrick Lauk Bingoal-WB s.t.
26 Lionel Taminiaux Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
27 Alexander Salby Bingoal-WB s.t.
28 Sasha Weemaes Human Powered Health s.t.
29 Luka Mezgec Jayco-AlUla s.t.
30 Vito Braet Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
31 Ruben Apers Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
32 Caleb Ewan Lotto Dstny s.t.
33 Alessio De Maere Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
34 Gerben Thijssen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
35 Gil D'Heygere BEAT Cycling Club @ 8sec
36 Andreas Goeman Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
37 Jonas Rickaert Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
38 Johan Jacobs Movistar s.t.
39 Taj Jones Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
40 Tobias Ludvigsson Q36.5 Pro Cycling 0:14
41 Juri Hollmann Movistar 0:15
42 Len De Pauw Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
43 Gijs Van Hoecke Human Powered Health s.t.
44 Reto Hollenstein Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
45 Tim Torn Teutenberg Lidl-Trek 0:17
46 Alexis Renard Cofidis s.t.
47 Tom Mainguenaud Van Rysel-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
48 Jens Reynders Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
49 Oliver Naesen Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
50 Lawrence Naesen Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
51 Elmar Reinders Jayco-AlUla s.t.
52 David Dekker Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
53 Norman Vahtra Van Rysel-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
54 Baptiste Gillet Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
55 Vinicius Rangel Movistar s.t.
56 Pier-André Côté Human Powered Health s.t.
57 Alex Colman Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
58 Fabio Christen Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
59 Szymon Sajnok Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
60 Keegan Hornblow Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
61 Mathijs Paasschens Lotto Dstny s.t.
62 Stijn Daemen BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
63 Tord Gudmestad Uno-X s.t.
64 Nils Eekhoff Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
65 Dan Gardner Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
66 Thomas Boudat Van Rysel-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.
67 Rüdiger Selig Lotto Dstny s.t.
68 Guillaume Visser BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
69 Ramon Sinkeldam Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
70 Yves Lampaert Soudal Quick-Step s.t.
71 Florian Sénéchal Soudal Quick-Step s.t.
72 Guillaume Van Keirsbulck Bingoal-WB s.t.
73 Cériel Desal Bingoal-WB s.t.
74 Lluis Mas Movistar s.t.
75 Daan Hoole Lidl-Trek s.t.
76 Aaron Verwilst Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
77 Pavel Bittner Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
78 Jenno Berckmoes Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
79 Gage Hecht Human Powered Health s.t.
80 Guy Sagiv Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
81 Coen Vermeltfoort VolkerWessels Cycling Team 0:30
82 Matthijs Büchli BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
83 Nils Aebersold Lidl-Trek s.t.
84 Alessandro Verre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
85 Antoine Raugel Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
86 Tim Naberman Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
87 Joshua Giddings Lotto Dstny s.t.
88 Alessio Delle Vedove Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 0:32
89 Stan Dewulf Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
90 William Blume Levy Uno-X 0:34
91 Jonas Abrahamsen Uno-X s.t.
92 Hamish Mckenzie Jayco-AlUla s.t.
93 Kelland O'Brien Jayco-AlUla 0:36
94 Nicolò Parisini Q36.5 Pro Cycling 0:37
95 Sakarias Koller Løland Uno-X s.t.
96 Baptiste Planckaert Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 0:39
97 Tom Paquot Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
98 Stan Van Tricht Soudal Quick-Step s.t.
99 August Jensen Human Powered Health 0:42
100 Christophe Noppe Cofidis s.t.
101 Alexandre Delettre Cofidis s.t.
102 Ilan Larmet Cofidis s.t.
103 Jelle Wallays Cofidis s.t.
104 Jasper Dejaegher Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
105 Amaury Capiot Arkéa-Samsic 0:47
106 John Degenkolb Team dsm-firmenich 0:58
107 Max Walscheid Cofidis s.t.
108 Adrien Petit Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 1:11
109 Luke Durbridge Jayco-AlUla 1:25
110 Ayco Bastiaens Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
111 Timo Kielich Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
112 Jannik Steimle Soudal Quick-Step 2:14
113 Louis Bendixen Uno-X 3:23
114 Dorian De Maeght Bingoal-WB 3:44
115 Matteo Malucelli Bingoal-WB s.t.
116 Alex Edmondson Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
117 Abner González Movistar 3:46
118 Lasse Norman Leth Uno-X 3:51
119 Rait Ärm Van Rysel-Roubaix-Lille Metropole 5:00
120 Mauro Verwilt Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
121 Patrick Eddy Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
122 Nacer Bouhanni Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
123 Vince Gerits Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
124 Alex Vandenbulcke Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
125 Ollie Jones Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
126 Paul Wright Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
127 Nick Van Der Meer VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
128 Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 7:00
129 Martin Pedersen Lidl-Trek s.t.
130 Axel De Lie Lotto Dstny s.t.
131 Jordan Labrosse Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
132 Davide Persico Bingoal-WB s.t.
133 Logan Currie Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
134 Jack Bauer Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
135 Tijmen Eising VolkerWessels Cycling Team s.t.
136 Josh Kench Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
137 Vincent Hoppezak BEAT Cycling Club s.t.
138 Thibau Verhofstadt Tarteletto-Isorex s.t.
139 Kenny Molly Van Rysel-Roubaix-Lille Metropole s.t.