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2016 Grand Prix Pino Cerami (1.1) Belgium

50th Edition: July 20, 2016

GP Pino Cerami podium history | 2015 edition | 2017 edition

Saint Ghislain - Frameries, 210.8 km

Jelle Wallays

Jelle Wallays wins the 2016 GP Pino Cerami

The Race: Here's the report from race winner Jelle Wallays' Lotto-Soudal team.

Today Jelle Wallays won the Belgian race Grand Prix Cerami, his first victory for Lotto Soudal.

Tour of Flanders, the Inside Story

It took a while before a breakaway was formed, consisting of eight riders. The peloton controlled the gap, the leaders didn’t get more than four and a half minutes advantage. The race ended with three local laps of 13.8 kilometres. When the peloton entered the circuit only two riders were left in front: Lake and Prémont. A dozen riders, including Kris Boeckmans, bridged to them. It all got back together with 25 kilometres to go. The peloton then split and at the beginning of the final lap Jelle Wallays set up a solo attack. He hung on till the end and so he won for the first time in Lotto Soudal outfit. Jérôme Baugnies was second, at seven seconds. A very happy Jelle Wallays tells the story of his race.

Jelle Wallays: “I attacked at the beginning of the last lap. There was no cooperation in the large group that was ahead. There were several attacks. After crossing the finish line Gert Dockx was pulling uphill. When the pace had dropped I attacked on the top. Jérôme Baugnies was my nearest chaser and also a rider from Team Wiggins had jumped away from the group. When I got into the last corner, with one and a half kilometres to go, I had ten seconds advantage. I knew I was capable of finishing it off, but I had spent lots of energy. The uphill finish didn’t make it easy either. Of course I knew the chasers would be getting tired as well. I relied on my experience with solo escapes. I was also thinking about Stig and last year’s edition when I did get caught in the final kilometre. This year I remained ahead!”

“This is a very beautiful victory. I am not a sprinter, so I need to do it this way. These are rare opportunities. This win feels so good after the crashes and injuries in the first half of the season. I just got back from a training camp in the Vosges and this is a nice way to start the competition again. The Tour de Wallonie will be my next race. I’d like to show something there as well.”

The Tour de France continued after a well-deserved rest day. The seventeenth stage took place on Swiss soil. Many were keen on getting into the breakaway, it was only after more than sixty kilometres that a group got away. Tony Gallopin was part of it, with ten others. After a long chase three riders joined them. The last thirty kilometres of the stage were the hardest. Tony Gallopin accelerated in the beginning of the Col de la Forclaz. Lutsenko joined him. Unfortunately Tony had to let go of Lutsenko and the other escapees. Lutseno wouldn’t stay in front either. Ilnur Zakarin won the stage, Chris Froome reinforced his first position on GC. Rafal Majka, part of the break and third on the stage, gained a lot of KOM points and now almost has twice as much points as Thomas De Gendt.

Complete Results:

210.8 kilometers raced at an average speed of 44.856 km/hr

1 Wallays, Jelle Lotto-Soudal 4hr 41min 58sec
2 Baugnies, Jérôme Wanty-Groupe Gobert @ 7sec
3 Latham, Christopher Team Wiggins + 00' 13''
4 Van Aert, Wout Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
5 Kerkhof, Tim Roompot Oranje Peloton + 00' 15''
6 Parrinello, Antonino D'Amico-Bottecchia s.t.
7 Dockx, Gert Lotto-Soudal s.t.
8 Tizza, Marco D'Amico-Bottecchia s.t.
9 Vermeersch, Gianni Veranda's Willems s.t.
10 Claeys, Dimitri Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
11 Ista, Kevyn Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
12 De Bondt, Dries Veranda's Willems s.t.
13 Williams, Tyler Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
14 Ploeg, Neil van der Avanti IsoWhey  s.t.
15 Earle, Nathan Drapac s.t.
16 Robeet, Ludovic Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
17 Harrison, Samuel Team Wiggins s.t.
18 Lampaert, Yves Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
19 Dernies, Tom Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
20 Van Keirsbulck, Guillaume Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
21 Brun, Frédéric Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
22 Van Lerberghe, Bert Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
23 Masson, Christophe Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
24 Phelan, Adam Drapac s.t.
25 Vandenbergh, Stijn Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
26 Démare, Arnaud FDJ s.t.
27 Pedersen, Mads Stölting Service Group s.t.
28 Warnier, Antoine Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
29 Evans, Brad Drapac s.t.
30 Hemroulle, Johan Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
31 Van Breussegem, Elias Veranda's Willems s.t.
32 Goethem, Brian van Roompot Oranje Peloton + 00' 23''
33 Frison, Frederik Lotto-Soudal + 00' 28''
34 Palm, Martin Color Code-Arden Beef + 00' 29''
35 Van Hecke, Preben Topsport Vlaanderen + 00' 32''
36 Meurisse, Xandro Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
37 Nika, Iltjan D'Amico-Bottecchia + 00' 35''
38 Reutter, Sven Stölting Service Group + 00' 43''
39 Le Gac, Olivier FDJ + 00' 44''
40 Sarreau, Marc FDJ + 01' 00''
41 Clarke, Will Drapac + 01' 00''
42 Ligthart, Pim Lotto-Soudal + 01' 13''
43 Kirsch, Alex Stölting Service Group + 01' 15''
44 Premont, Christophe Veranda's Willems s.t.
45 Mertz, Rémy Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
46 Loy, Antoine Color Code-Arden Beef + 01' 18''
47 Crome, Sam Avanti IsoWhey  + 01' 30''
48 Riis, Thomas Team TreFor + 02' 06''
49 Patten, Daniel Team Wiggins s.t.
50 Taminiaux, Lionel Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
51 Leveau, Jérémy Roubaix-Métropole s.t.
52 Neilands, Krists Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
53 Delvaux, Guillaume T.Palm-Pôle s.t.
54 Giacoppo, Anthony Avanti IsoWhey  s.t.
55 Van Den Brande, Julien Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
56 Koep, Thomas Stölting Service Group s.t.
57 Haag, Guillaume T.Palm-Pôle s.t.
58 Sprengers, Thomas Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
59 Lennertz, Sam Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
60 Vanderaerden, Massimo Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
61 Ruijgh, Rob Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
62 Bonnamour, Franck Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
63 De Tier, Floris Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
64 Jules, Justin Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
65 Jeppesen, Andreas Team TreFor s.t.
66 Carbel, Michael Stölting Service Group s.t.
67 Mayer, Yannick Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
68 Genovese, Nicola D'Amico-Bottecchia s.t.
69 Wegmann, Fabian Stölting Service Group s.t.
70 Ginneken, Sjoerd van Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
71 Lowndes, Jason Drapac s.t.
72 Koning, Peter Drapac s.t.
73 Dunbar, Eddie Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
74 Coenen, Dennis Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
75 Delage, Mickaël FDJ s.t.
76 Vekeman, Maxime T.Palm-Pôle s.t.
77 Eiking, Odd FDJ s.t.
78 Oien, Justin Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
79 Kamp, Alexander Stölting Service Group s.t.
80 Markus, Barry Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
81 Turgis, Jimmy Roubaix-Métropole s.t.
82 Gasparotto, Enrico Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
83 De Rooze, Niels Veranclassic-Ago s.t.
84 O'Loughlin, Michael Team Wiggins s.t.
85 Chinello, Fabio D'Amico-Bottecchia s.t.
86 Jans, Roy Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
87 Boonen, Tom Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
88 Loubet, Julien Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
89 O'Donnell, Phil Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
90 Robert, Frédérique Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
91 Vantomme, Maxime Roubaix-Métropole s.t.
92 Chevalier, Olivier Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
93 Druyts, Gerry Crélan-Vastgoedservice s.t.
94 De Winter, Ludwig Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
95 Planckaert, Baptiste Wallonie Bruxelles s.t.
96 Hutarovich, Yauheni Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
97 Slik, Ivar Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
98 Kreder, Raymond Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
99 Meersman, Gianni Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
100 Picoux, Maximilien Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
101 Barta, Will Axeon Hagens Berman s.t.
102 Lane, Patrick Avanti IsoWhey  s.t.
103 Terpstra, Niki Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
104 Vries, Berden de Roompot Oranje Peloton s.t.
105 De La Cruz, David Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
106 Lake, Sean Avanti IsoWhey  s.t.
107 Rahbek, Mads Team TreFor s.t.
108 Christian, Mark Team Wiggins s.t.
109 Pedersen, Mark Team TreFor s.t.
110 Dibben, Jonathan Team Wiggins s.t.
111 Vaugrenard, Benoît FDJ s.t.
112 Tronet, Steven Fortuneo-Vital Concept s.t.
113 Kaise, Julien Color Code-Arden Beef s.t.
114 Ledanois, Kévin Fortuneo-Vital Concept + 02' 28''
115 Devriendt, Tom Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 02' 45''
116 De Troyer, Tim Veranda's Willems s.t.
117 Duquennoy, Jimmy Wallonie Bruxelles + 03' 13''
118 Van Der Sande, Tosh Lotto-Soudal s.t.
119 Moncomble, Nicolas Roubaix-Métropole + 03' 19''
120 Bouvry, Dieter Roubaix-Métropole + 03' 22''
121 Scully, Tom Drapac s.t.
122 Van Melsen, Kevin Wanty-Groupe Gobert + 03' 31''
123 Vanspeybrouck, Pieter Topsport Vlaanderen + 03' 47''
124 Boeckmans, Kris Lotto-Soudal s.t.
125 Antomarchi, Julien Roubaix-Métropole + 04' 49''