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2016 Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta (1.1), Spain

62nd Edition: Sunday, April 10, 2016

Klasika Primavera podium history | 2015 edition | 2017 edition

Amorebieta - Amorebieta, 171.5 km

Course map and profile

Giovanni Visconti

Movistar gets a 1-2 win with Giovanni Visconti first and Gorka Izaguirre second

The Race: Here's the day's racing as told by Giovanni Visconti's Movistar team.

Movistar Team dominated again the Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta in its 62nd edition, claiming their eighth win of the 2016 season and showing that its whole block can shine, no matter the type of race they tackle. Giovanni Visconti crowned a four-man break starting into the first of three Montecalvo ascents. Alejandro Valverde and Gorka Izagirre joined Pardilla (CJR), with the Italian bridging up to the front a few kilometers later, to go on a 60-kilometer move that eventually brought 'Visco' its first win in three years -2013 Giro d'Italia- and his second in the Basque race.

“I've got to say this is a huge victory for me," declaraba Giovanni. "It might not be a WorldTour race, but to me, it means even more than a top-tier one. It's already three years since I don't win, and it's an immense joy and something that keeps me motivated for the upcoming races. It had been a demanding week in the Itzulia, but still one I had got big results on, while also being able to support Nairo on his podium finish. I hope to continue this way."

Second-placed finisher Gorka Izagirre explained further on the day's racing: “What can we say! It was a demanding race, but one that we managed perfectly. We didn't want to take that much responsibility in the beginning, saving some energy for the end, but we didn't want to see big breaks going away either. We couldn't let riders from Caja or Murias take advantage. It took almost hundred kilometres before the escape was established, and that made the race quite harder than in previous years.

“At the first climb we put on a high pace, with Bala, ‘Pardi’ and myself opening a gap, and Visco joined us shortly afterwards. Pardilla was interested on keeping the gap, or so I think - we got on well with each other since we all have ben team-mates now or in the past. To be honest, Alejandro [4th in the race, behind Pardilla - ed.] did a tremendous job so Visco and I could stand a bigger chance. It really hurt us Ion and myself not to be at the Itzulia, but that's history: cycling brings you some joy after suffering, and we must keep looking forward to the future," the Basque allrounder said.

Complete Results:

171.5 kilometers raced at an average speed of 43.467 km/hr

1 VISCONTI Giovanni Movistar 3hr 56min 44sec
2 IZAGUIRRE Gorka Movistar s.t.
3 PARDILLA Sergio Caja Rural s.t.
4 VALVERDE Alejandro Movistar s.t.
5 SHILOV Sergey Lokosphinx @ 1min 33sec
6 BARBERO Carlos Caja Rural s.t.
7 BAGUES Aritz Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
8 BILBAO Pello Caja Rural s.t.
9 DOMAGALSKI Karol One Pro Cycling s.t.
10 SOKOLOV Dmitry Lokosphinx s.t.
11 FONTE César Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
12 BRAVO Garikoitz Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
13 EZQUERRA Jesús Sporting-Tavira s.t.
14 VDOVIN Alexander Lokosphinx s.t.
15 JIMENEZ Carlos Anton Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
16 GARCIA Vicente Louletano s.t.
17 SALAS Ibai Brugos-BH s.t.
18 ORAM James One Pro Cycling s.t.
19 DE LA FUENTE David Sporting-Tavira s.t.
20 PÉREZ Juan Ignacio W52-FC Porto s.t.
21 ARAMBURU Alex Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
22 GRIJALBA Fernando Inteja-MMR s.t.
23 REIS Rafael Ferreira W52-FC Porto s.t.
24 TORRES MUÍÑO Pablo Brugos-BH s.t.
25 RUBIO HERNANDEZ Diego Caja Rural s.t.
26 FIGUEIREDO Federico Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
27 FERREIRA Ricardo Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
28 RODRIGUES David Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
29 ETXEBARRIA Victor Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
30 GUERRERO Pablo Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
31 MERINO Igor Brugos-BH 0:01:40
32 BIZKARRA Mikel Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
33 HERRADA Jesús Movistar s.t.
34 ROSON Jaime Caja Rural s.t.
35 DEL PINO Jesus Brugos-BH s.t.
36 EBSEN John One Pro Cycling s.t.
37 SUTHERLAND Rory Movistar 0:01:44
38 IZAGUIRRE Jon Movistar s.t.
39 CARTHY Hugh Caja Rural s.t.
40 SAMOLENKOV Artem Lokosphinx 0:02:07
41 HANDLEY Richard One Pro Cycling 0:02:10
42 CARVALHO Antonio W52-FC Porto 0:02:56
43 BOHORQUEZ Hernando Manzana Postobon 0:03:43
44 NUÑO Israel Inteja-MMR 0:05:51
45 GONZALEZ Mario Sporting-Tavira 0:07:24
46 ZHURAVLEV Vadim Lokosphinx 0:07:47
47 GONZÁLEZ Adrián Euskadi Basque Country 0:08:10
48 MESTRE Ricardo W52-FC Porto s.t.
49 RODRIGUES Joao W52-FC Porto s.t.
50 TXOPERENA Beñat Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
51 NEUSTROEV Vasily Lokosphinx s.t.
52 VDOVIN Sergey Lokosphinx s.t.
53 COSTA SORIA Axel Massi-Kuwait 0:09:20
54 FREITAS Daniel W52-FC Porto s.t.
55 VON HOFF Steele One Pro Cycling 0:10:15
56 BESTER Shaun-Nick Sporting-Tavira s.t.
57 LORENTE Carlos Dare Gobik s.t.
58 ISIDORO Micael Louletano s.t.
59 SILVA Sandro Filipe Louletano s.t.
60 MARQUEZ Rafael Inteja-MMR s.t.
61 DE ALMEIDA Guillaume Radio Popular-Boavista s.t.
62 GOIKOETXEA Peio Manzana Postobon s.t.
63 CAÑADA Cristian Louletano s.t.
64 LÓPEZ Daniel Brugos-BH s.t.
65 VILLEGAS Juan Pablo Manzana Postobon s.t.
66 LIZARRALDE Eneko Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
67 SUAZA Bernardo Manzana Postobon s.t.
68 GONZÁLEZ Aitor Euskadi Basque Country s.t.
69 HOUSE Kristian One Pro Cycling s.t.
70 MOLANO Sebastián Manzana Postobon s.t.
71 SIERRA Yecid Arturo Manzana Postobon s.t.
72 SUESCA Marco Tulio Manzana Postobon 0:10:19
73 SARMIENTO Johnatan Massi-Kuwait s.t.
74 EVANGELISTA André Piedade Louletano s.t.
75 GONÇALVES Júlio Sporting-Tavira s.t.
76 ARAMENDIA LORENTE Javier Caja Rural 0:10:21
77 PARRA Hernán Manzana Postobon s.t.
78 HUNT Joshua One Pro Cycling s.t.
79 SARABIA Ignacio Inteja-MMR s.t.
80 LIVRAMENTO David Sporting-Tavira s.t.
81 STRAKHOV Dmitrii Lokosphinx 0:10:24
82 VILELA Ricardo Caja Rural 0:10:26
83 GONZÁLEZ Óscar Sporting-Tavira s.t.
84 TIGRINE Mehdi Massi-Kuwait 0:13:26
85 SOLE VALL Arnau Brugos-BH 0:13:26

Course map and profile:

2016 map

2016 course map

2016 profile

2016 profile