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2015 Handzame Classic (1.1), Belgium

13th edition: Friday, March 20

Handzame Classic historic results | 2016 edition

Bredene - Handzame, 195 km

Gianni Meersman wins 2015 Handzame Classic

Gianni Meersman wins the 2015 Handzame Classic

Tour of Flanders, the Inside Story

The Race: A quartet of riders from lesser teams scooted off the front. The peloton was uninterested in corralling them for quite a while, allowing the escapees to get six and a half minutes off the front.

But, the top teams didn't come to the race to watch Metec and Cult Energy riders walk away with the race. The pack woke up and caught the escapees, the last one being Alex Kirsch, brought to heel with about fifteen kilometers remaining.

That set things up for the sprint, won by Etixx-Quick Step rider Gianni Meersman.

Complete Results:

195 kilometers raced at an average speed of 40.795 km/hr

1 MEERSMAN Gianni Etixx-Quick Step 4hr 26min 48sec
2 DEMOITIE Antoine Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
3 BENOOT Tiesj Lotto-Soudal s.t.
4 LOOIJ André Roompot s.t.
5 GROENEWEGEN Dylan Roompot s.t.
6 LODEWYCK Klaas BMC s.t.
7 STALLAERT Joeri Cibel s.t.
8 SALOMEIN Jarl Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
9 DE BONDT Dries Verandas Willems s.t.
10 DRUCKER Jean Pierre BMC s.t.
11 VAN LERBERGHE Bert Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
12 DONDERS Jelle Colba-Superano Ham s.t.
13 JANS Roy Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
14 KRUOPIS Aidis An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
15 VERRAES Benjamin Cibel s.t.
16 HOELGAARD Daniel Team Joker s.t.
17 VEREECKEN Nicolas Team 3M s.t.
17 KRIEGER Alexander Leopard Development Team s.t.
18 VERMEULEN Emiel Team 3M s.t.
19 JUODVALKIS Egidijus Colba-Superano Ham s.t.
20 STENUIT Robin Veranclassic-Ekoi s.t.
21 WILSON Edvin Team Joker s.t.
22 VALLEE Boris Lotto-Soudal s.t.
23 KERKHOF Tim Roompot s.t.
24 ARIESEN Johim Metec-TKH s.t.
24 VENS Quincy Colba-Superano Ham s.t.
25 VAN DER MEER Nick s.t.
26 DRUYTS Gerry Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
27 DOWNING Russel Cult Energy s.t.
28 STEELS Stijn Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
29 LAMPAERT Yves Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
30 CALLEEUW Joeri Verandas Willems s.t.
31 VAN DER HOORN Taco Join's-De Rijke s.t.
32 KRAGH ANDERSEN Asbjørn Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
33 VERMELTFOORT Coen Join's-De Rijke s.t.
34 MOL Wouter Join's-De Rijke s.t.
35 COENEN Dennis Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
36 ROBERT Frederique Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
37 HANSON Ken United Healthcare s.t.
38 ROSSKOPF Joey BMC @ 6sec
39 CHEVALIER Olivier Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
40 MANNAERTS Jelle Colba-Superano Ham @ 13sec
41 RIESEBEEK Oscar Metec-TKH s.t.
42 STIEN Adrian Aas Team Joker s.t.
43 RICKAERT Jonas Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
44 VANDENBOGAERDE Jens An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
45 CAPIOT Amaury Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
46 GIBBONS Thomas Cibel s.t.
47 GILBERT Jérôme Verandas Willems s.t.
48 LUYCKX Brent Leopard Development Team s.t.
49 STEPNIAK Grzegorz CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
50 MCCONVEY Connor Team 3M s.t.
51 VANSPEYBROEK Tim Team 3M s.t.
52 SKAARSETH Anders Team Joker s.t.
53 TANNER Jake s.t.
54 JEPPESEN Andreas Hyldgaard Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
55 LETEN Wouter Metec-TKH s.t.
56 ZABEL Rick BMC s.t.
57 PREMONT Christophe Verandas Willems s.t.
58 MULLEN Ryan An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
59 SUMMERHILL Daniel United Healthcare s.t.
60 CASIER Robbe Veranclassic-Ekoi s.t.
61 NAESEN Lawrence Cibel s.t.
62 CORDEEL Sander Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
63 DE GREEF Robbert Join's-De Rijke s.t.
64 MANAKOV Victor Leopard Development Team s.t.
65 FEIEREISEN Kevin Leopard Development Team s.t.
66 GOEREE Niels Metec-TKH s.t.
67 LAENGEN Vegard Stake Team Joker s.t.
68 LANDER Sebastian Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
69 CLAUSEN Patrick Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
70 STANNUS Jordan An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
71 MEURISSE Xandro An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
72 TERPSTRA Mike Roompot s.t.
73 GOOVAERTS Tom CCT-Champion System s.t.
74 GHYSELINCK Jan Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
75 KOUWENHOVEN Sjoerd Metec-TKH s.t.
76 PONS Gaetan Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
77 HNIK Karel Cult Energy s.t.
78 DZERVUS Darijus CCT-Champion System s.t.
79 PARDINI Olivier Verandas Willems s.t.
80 VAN COPPERNOLLE Francesco Veranclassic-Ekoi s.t.
81 EIKING Odd Christian Team Joker s.t.
82 SKJOESTAD LUNKE Sindre Team Joker s.t.
83 VAN STEENBERGHEN Jori Cibel s.t.
84 PORTER Elliott s.t.
85 PEETERS Kevin Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
86 REUS Kai Verandas Willems s.t.
87 DE VOS Gert-Jan s.t.
88 MORTENSEN Martin Cult Energy s.t.
89 DEVRIENDT Tom Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
90 CALLEBAUT Kevin Cibel s.t.
91 WILSON Jack An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
92 VINTHER Troels Ronning Cult Energy s.t.
93 OLSSON Michael Einar Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
94 PEYSKENS Dimitri Team 3M s.t.
95 WOLSINK Jelle Metec-TKH s.t.
96 SUAREZ Kévin Colba-Superano Ham s.t.
97 WILSLY Jonas Gregaard Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
98 DE WINTER Ludwig Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
99 DERNIES Tom Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
100 BOL Jetse Join's-De Rijke s.t.
101 KREDER Wesley Roompot s.t.
102 GROEN Dex Join's-De Rijke s.t.
103 SLATER Alistair An Post-Chain Reaction s.t.
104 DUFRASNE Jonathan Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
105 VERMOTE Alphonse Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
106 BAZZANA Alessandro United Healthcare s.t.
107 QUAADE Rasmus Christian Cult Energy s.t.
108 REIHS Michael Cult Energy s.t.
109 LIETAER Eliot Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
110 DE BIE Sean Lotto-Soudal s.t.
111 VAN DER SANDE Tosh Lotto-Soudal s.t.
112 HONKISZ Adrian CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
113 LAMMERTINK Maurits Roompot s.t.
114 TRENTIN Matteo Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
115 MINNAARD Marco Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
116 DE TROYER Tim Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
117 TEUNS Dylan BMC s.t.
118 DE GREEF Francis Wanty-Groupe Gobert s.t.
119 WISNIOWSKI Lukasz Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
120 DUYN Huub Roompot s.t.
121 OTTEMA Rick Colba-Superano Ham s.t.
122 PEDERSEN Mads Cult Energy 0:00:24
123 CERNY Josef CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
124 ANDERSEN Søren Kragh Trefor-Blue Water 0:00:31
125 GADGAARD Morten CCT-Champion System s.t.
126 PLARRE Mathias Leopard Development Team s.t.
127 GEERINCK Jens Cibel s.t.
128 BILLE Gaetan Verandas Willems s.t.
129 DOCKX Gert Lotto-Soudal s.t.
130 ARMEE Sander Lotto-Soudal s.t.
131 WALLAYS Jelle Topsport Vlaanderen 0:00:37
132 SERRY Pieter Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
133 CLAEYS Kevin Colba-Superano Ham 0:00:41
134 VAN DE MAELE Glenn s.t.
135 VAUBOURZEIX Thomas Veranclassic-Ekoi s.t.
136 TACIAK Mateusz CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
137 RUIJGH Rob Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
138 CLAEYS Dimitri Verandas Willems s.t.
139 VAN EMPEL Etienne Roompot s.t.
140 PEDERSEN Mark Sehested Trefor-Blue Water s.t.
141 PESTIAUX Loic Wallonie-Bruxelles s.t.
142 HEREIJGERS Kobus Join's-De Rijke s.t.
143 LINDAU Philip Team Joker s.t.
144 MIHAILOV Nikolai CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
145 VELTMAN Milan Metec-TKH s.t.
146 HIRT Jan CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t.
147 BAUGNIES Jérôme Wanty-Groupe Gobert 0:00:47
148 HAUGAARD JENSEN Kristian Leopard Development Team s.t.
149 VELITS Martin Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
150 FRATTINI Davide United Healthcare s.t.
151 DE PAUW Moreno Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
152 VAN KEIRSBULCK Guillaume Etixx-Quick Step s.t.
153 HULSMANS Kevin Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace s.t.
154 DESMECHT David Veranclassic-Ekoi s.t.
155 VAN DORSSELAER Niels Cibel s.t.
156 ZENOVICH Matthew CCT-Champion System 0:00:55
157 KOISHI Yuma CCT-Champion System 0:00:57
158 KEISSE Iljo Etixx-Quick Step @ 1min 11sec
159 BREEN Vegard Lotto-Soudal s.t.
160 JONES Christopher United Healthcare 0:01:14
161 PUTT Tanner United Healthcare 0:01:14
162 WIRTGEN Tom Leopard Development Team 0:01:23
163 FLAKEMORE Campbell BMC 0:01:25
164 GROEN Ike Join's-De Rijke 0:01:36
165 STEVENS Timothy Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace 0:02:35
166 MURPHY John United Healthcare 0:02:55
167 VANDENBAK Laurent 0:03:07