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Tour du Finistère (1.1), France

The Tour du Finistère is a single-day road race held annually in April around the city of Quimper in Brittany, France. Quimper is the capital of the Finistère department of Brittany in northwest France.

Originally a race just for amateurs, it was opened to professionals in 2000 with a 1.5 rank and in 2005 the UCI classed it as a 1.1 professional cycling competition.

It was first organized in 1986 and is currently (2014) part of both the UCI Europe Tour and the Coupe de France race series.

Since it has been a professional race, as of 2013, no rider has one it more than once.

Complete professional podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

2000 Sébastien Hinault
4hr 48min 38sec
Jean-Cyril Robin
@ s.t.
Anthony Langella
@ 2sec
194 km 40.328
2001 Franck Renier
4hr 58min 48sec
Jean-Cyril Robin
@ 20sec
Xavier Jan
@ s.t.
198.8 km 39.920
2002 David Bernabeu
4hr 34min 43sec
Johan Coenen
@ 1min 14sec
Eddy Lembo
@ s.t.
188.4 km 41.48
2003 Nicolas Fritsch
3hr 39min 12sec
Yoann Le Boulanger
@ 1min 9sec
Julien Laidoun
@ s.t.
154.7 km 42.345
2004 Daniele Balestri
4hr 14min 48sec
Mickaël Buffaz
@ 23sec
Bert Scheirlinckx
@ s.t.
166.9 km 39.301
2005 Simon Gerrans
4hr 18min 27sec
David Moncoutié
@ s.t.
Yury Trofimov
@ s.t.
175.3 km 40.696
2006 Sergey Kolesnikov
4hr 34min 34sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ 46sec
Mikel Gastañaga
@ 47sec
188 km 41.083
2007 Niels Brouzes
4hr 20min 19sec
Yann Huguet
@ s.t.
Andrey Klyuev
@ s.t.
188 km 43.331
2008 David Le Lay
4hr 30min 2sec
Aleksejs Saramotins
@ 7sec
Rémi Pauriol
@ s.t.
189.5 km 42.106
2009 Dimitri Champion
4hr 28min 7sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ 6sec
Anthony Geslin
@ 14sec
199.3 km 44.600
2010 Florian Vachon
4hr 46min 24sec
Leonardo Duque
@ s.t.
Cédric Pineau
@ s.t.
189.5 km 41.753
2011 Romain Feillu
4hr 13min 52sec
Armindo Fonseca
@ 1sec
Sandy Casar
@ sec
186.1 km 43.984
2012 Julien Simon
4hr 14min 35sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
Jonathan McEvoy
@ s.t.
185.4 km 43.695
2013 Cyril Gautier
4hr 42min 20sec
Frederik Veuchelen
@ s.t.
Anthony Geslin
@ 3sec
187.4 km 39.825
2014 Antoine Demoitie
4hr 48min 22sec
Julien Simon
@ s.t.
Armindo Fonseca
@ s.t.
193.2 km 40.199
2015 Tim de Troyer
4hr 48min 42sec
Jérôme Baugnies
@ 9sec
Julien Simon
@ s.t.
189.2 km 39.321
2016 Baptiste Planckaert
4hr 34min 55sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
Alexandre Geniez
@ s.t.
192.9 km 41.100
2017 Julien Loubet
4hr 48min 38sec
Julien Simon
@ 2sec
Pierre-Roger Latour
@ s.t.
194.8 km 40.494
2018 Jonathan Hivert
4hr 43min 4sec
Romain Bardet
@ s.t.
Guillaume Martin
@ s.t.
190.5 km 40.379
2019 Julien Simon
4hr 42min 2sec
Andrea Vendrame
@ s.t.
Baptiste Planckaert
@ s.t.
187.5 km 39.889 km/hr
2020 Race cancelled because of Coronavirus pandemic
2021 Benoît Cosnefroy
4hr 58min 43sec
Sean De Bie
@ s.t.
Rasmus Tiller
@ s.t.
196.3 km 39.429 km/hr