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2010 Gran Premio Città di Peccioli -
Coppa Sabatini (1.1), Italy

58th edition: October 7, 2010

Coppa Sabatini podium history | 2009 edition | 2011 edition

Peccioli - Peccioli, 199 km

Riccardo Ricco

Riccardo Ricco wins the 2010 Coppa Sabatini. Sirotti photo

The race: A four-rider break was able to open up a 3min 50sec gap before the peloton decided that playtime was over and swept them up in time for the sprint.

Though others made a stab in the final kilometers at making an escape, it came down to a sprint which Ricardo Ricco decisively won.

Ricco was continually in trouble because of doping. He was ejected from the 2008 Tour de France and suspended for doping and didn't return to competition until late 2010.

In April 2012 Ricco was given a 12-year ban from racing because of his continued doping (which Ricco denied had occured).

Complete Results:

96 riders signed up, 91 starters, 60 classified finishers.

Winner's average speed: 40.234 km/hr

1 Riccardo Ricco  Vacansoleil 4hr 18min 15sec
2 Marco Marcato  Vancansoleil s.t.
3 Leonardo Bertagnolli  Androni Giocattoli s.t.
4 Giovanni Visconti  ISD-Neri s.t.
5 Staf Scheirlinckx  Omega Pharma-Lotto s.t.
6 Domenico Pozzovivo  Colnago-CSF Inox s.t.
7 Davide Appollonio  Cervelo s.t.
8 Alexandre Botcharov  Katusha s.t.
9 Simone Stortoni  Colnago-CSF Inox s.t.
10 Alessandro Bertolini  Androni Giocattoli s.t.
11 Jürgen Van Goolen  Omega Pharma-Lotto s.t.
12 Walt De Winter  Omega Pharma-Lotto @ 9sec
13 Gianluca Brambilla  Colnago-CSF Inox 10"
14 Luis Angel Mate  Androni Giocattoli s.t.
15 Andrea Masciarelli  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
16 Patrik Sinkewitz  ISD-Neri s.t.
17 Daniele Callegarin  Centri della Calzatura s.t.
18 Mikhail Antonov  Itera-Katusha s.t.
19 Christophe Brandt  Omega Pharma-Lotto s.t.
20 Volodymyr Gustov  Cervelo s.t.
21 Luca Solari  Androni Giocattoli s.t.
22 Francesco Failli  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
23 Luca Mazzanti  Katusha 24"
24 Francesco Tizza  Carmiooro-NGC s.t.
25 Luciano Barindelli  Carmiooro-NGC s.t.
26 Oleg Berdos  De Rosa-Stac Plastic s.t.
27 Alexander Mironov  Itera-Katusha s.t.
28 Pasquale Muto  Miche s.t.
29 Alessandro Proni  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
30 Nikita Eskov  Katusha s.t.
31 Matthew Lloyd  Omega Pharma-Lotto s.t.
32 Ruggero Marzoli  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
33 Luca Zanasca  Centri della Calzatura s.t.
34 Jure Golcer  De Rosa-Stac Plastic s.t.
35 Xavier Tondo  Cervelo s.t.
36 Alessandro Donati  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
37 Manuel Belletti  Colnago-CSF Inox s.t.
38 Massimo Codol  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
39 Emanuele Sella  Carmiooro-NGC 1'31"
40 Johnny Hoogerland  Vancansoleil s.t.
41 Alberto Ongarato  Vancansoleil s.t.
42 Marco Frapporti  Colnago-CSF Inox s.t.
43 Aristide Ratti  Carmiooro-NGC 2'13"
44 Giampaolo Caruso  Katusha s.t.
45 Tom Stubbe  Omega Pharma-Lotto s.t.
46 Stefan Schumacher  Miche 2'25"
47 Sergio Lagana  Ceramica Flaminia s.t.
48 Eugenio Loria  Centri della Calzatura s.t.
49 Vladimir Miholjevic  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
50 Fabrice Piemontesi  Androni Giocattoli s.t.
51 Francesco Di Paolo  Acqua & Sapone s.t.
52 Elia Favilli  ISD-Neri s.t.
53 Arnoud Van Groen  Vancansoleil s.t.
54 Przemyslaw Niemec  Miche s.t.
55 Sébastien Fournet-Fayard  Carmiooro-NGC s.t.
56 Claudio Cucinotta  De Rosa-Stac Plastic s.t.
57 Evgueni Petrov  Katusha s.t.
58 Marcel Wyss  Cervelo s.t.
59 Oscar Pujol  Cervelo s.t.
60 Leopoldo Rocchetti  Miche s.t.