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Coppa Ugo Agostoni (1.1), Italy

Winners, podium, distance, average speed.

The Coppa Agostoni is a single-day professional bicycle race held in Lissone, Italy. It is part of the Trittico Lombardo (Lombardy Triptych), three races held in late summer in the northern Italian region of Lombardy: Tre Valle Varesine, Coppa Ugo Agostoni and the Coppa Bernocchi. The Coppa Agostioni is also sometimes called the Giro della Brianze.

The race is named after Ugo Agostoni, one of Italy's great cyclists of the early 20th century. Agostoni is most famous for having won the 1914 Milano-San Remo, but he also won the Giro dell'Emilia and a couple of stages in the Giro d'Italia. Agostoni was a pro from 1911 to 1924.

It is a race of long-standing, the first edition being held in 1946, won by Luigi Casola.

From that 1946 first edition through 1958, the Coppa Agostoni was reserved for amateur racers.

The Coppa Agostoni's most successful racer is Franco Bitossi, the only rider to win it three times.

Since 2005 the UCI has ranked it 1.1 made made it part of the Europe Tour.

Recent podium history:


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1979 Giovanni Battaglin Francesco Moser Alfredo Chinetti    
1980 Tommy Prim Wlidimiro Panizza Bruno Wolfer    
1981 Francesco Moser Gianbattista Baronchelli Juan Fernandez    
1982 Giuseppe Saronni Francesco Moser Pierino Gavazzi    
1983 Fons De Wolf Roberto Ceruti Claudio Savini    
1984 Franco Chioccioli Serge Demierre Claudio Corti    
1985 Acacio Da Silva Claudio Corti Urs Zimmermann    
1986 Marino Amadori Heinz Imboden Claudio Corti    
1987 Bruno Leali Alberto Elli Emanuele Bombini    
1988 Gianni Bugno Massimo Ghirotto Francesco Cesarini    
1989 Dmitri Konyshev Rolf Sorensen Emanuele Bombini    
1990 Maurizio Fondriest
5ht 12min 49sec
Francesco Cesarini
@ 40sec
Maurizio Vandelli
@ 43sec
206 km 39.512 km/hr
1991 Davide Cassani Charly Mottet Robert Gusmeroli    
1992 Stefano Colage Giorgio Furlan Massimo Ghirotto    
1993 Davide Cassani Marco Giovanetti Massimo Ghirotto    
1994 Oscar Pellicioli
4hr 52min 30sec
Giorgio Furlan
@ 4sec
Massimo Ghirotto
@ s.t.
204.5 km 41.948 km/hr
1995 Gianni Bugno Stefano Della Santa Francesco Casagrande    
1996 Filippo Casagrande Alberto Elli Piotr Ugrumov    
1997 Massimo Appollonio
4hr 44min 37sec
Biagio Conte
@ 2sec
Giovanni Lombardi
@ s.t.
200 km 42.162 km/hr
1998 Andrea Tafi
4hr 42min 51sec
Mirko Celestino
@ 59sec
Emanuele Lupi
@ s.t.
200 km 42.425
1999 Massimo Donati
4hr 49min 34sec
Alberto Elli
@ 55sec
Francesco Casagrande
@ s.t.
199 km 41.234 km/hr
2000 Jan Ullrich
4hr 51min 50sec
Denis Lunghi
@ s.t.
Filippo Simeoni
@ s.t.
197 km 40.502
2001 Francesco Casagrande
4hr 48min 38sec
Jan Ullrich
@ s.t.
Gianluca Tonetti
@ 45sec
198 km 41.159 km/hr
2002 Laurent Jalabert
4hr 56min 21sec
Gianni Faresin
@ s.t.
Massimo Giunti
2 56sec
198 km 40.088
2003 Francesco Casagrande
4hr 56min 22sec
Cristian Moreni
@ 1min 27sec
Oscar Mason
@ s.t.
199.5 km 40.389
2004 Leonardo Bertagnoli
4hr 39min 24sec
Dario Frigo
@ 4sec
Gonzalo Bayarri
@ s.t.
196.8 km 42.261
2005 Paolo Valoti
4hr 43min 2sec
Leonardo Giordani
@ s.t.
Stefano Cavallari
@ 7sec
196 km 41.550
2006 Alessandro Bertolini
4hr 54min 45sec
Andrea Tonti
@ s.t.
Franco Pellizotti
@ s.t.
200 km 40.712
2007 Alessandro Bertolini
5hr 26min 45sec
Christian Pfanneberger
@ 10sec
Luca Mazzanti
@ 11sec
219 km 40.214
2008 Linus Gerdemann
4hr 27min 20sec
Leonardo Bertagnolli
@ s.t.
Christian Pfanneberger
@ s.t.
189 km 42.418
2009 Giovanni Visconti
4hr 49mi 7sec
Mauro Santambrogio
@ s.t.
Francisco Ventoso
@ s.t.
192.6 km 39.969
2010 Francesco Gavazzi
4hr 42min 15sec
Mauro Santambrogio
@ s.t.
Luca Paolini
@ s.t.
186.6 km 39.667
2011 Sacha Modolo
5hr 1min 15sec
Simone Ponzi
@ s.t.
Oscar Gatto
@ s.t.
205 km 40.830
2012 Emanuele Sella
4hr 25min 39sec
Fortunato Baliani
@ s.t.
Danilo Di Luca
@ 2min 50sec
196.5 km 44.382
2013 Filippo Pozzato
4hr 0min 54sec
Simone Ponzi
@ s.t.
Marco Zamparella
@ s.t.
166.6 km 41.494
2014 Nicolo Bonifazio
4hr 27min 21sec
Grega Bole
@ s.t.
Simone Ponzi
@ s.t.
199.6 km 44.795
2015 Davide Rebellin
5hr 4min 28sec
Vincenzo Nibali
@ s.t.
Niccolo Bonifazio
@ s.t.
198 km 39.019
2016 Sonny Colbrelli
5hr 5min 57sec
Diego Ulissi
@ s.t.
Francesco Gavazzi
@ s.t.
199.9 km 39.202
2017 Michael Albasini
4hr 48min 37sec
Marco Canola
@ s.t.
Francesco Gavazzi
@ s.t.
199.9 km 41.557 km/hr
2018 Gianni Moscon
4hr 49min 33sec
Rein Taaramae
@ 1sec
Enrico Gasparotto
@ 23sec
199.9 km 41.423 km/hr
2019 Alexandr Riabushenko
4hr 46min 18sec
Alexey Lutsenko
@ s.t.
Nikolay Cherkasov
@ 31sec
195.5 40.971 km/hr
2020 Because of the Covid-19 shortened season, this race was made part of the Grande Trittico Lombardo
2021 Alexey Lutsenko
4hr 19min 44sec
Matteo Trentin
@ s.t.
Alessandro Covi
@ 12sec
180.0 km 41.581 km/hr