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2023 Coppa Ugo Agostoni - Giro delle Brianze (1.1), Italy

76th edition: Thursday, September 28, 2023

Coppa Agostoni podium history | 2022 edition | Course map & profile | Photos | Start list

Lissone - Lissone, 195.7 km

Davide Formolo has left everyone else behind.

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Weather at the start/finish city of Lissone at 2:10 PM, local time: 27C (79F), sunny, with the wind from the south at 6 km/hr (4 mph). No rain is forecast.

The race: Here's the report from winner Davide Formolo's UAE Team Emirates.

In Lissone, on the finish line on the Coppa Agostoni, Davide Formolo celebrates a solo victory, followed in second position by team mate Marc Hirschi.

The double is the result of a perfect race for UAE Team Emirates, that ruled in the final part of the 195.7 km of the course with start and arrival in Lissone.
At 60 km to go, Formolo took the head of the competition with other 5 riders on the third passage on the Lissolo climb, then the breakaway was reduced to 4 cyclists who were reached by Marc Hirschi in the downhill after the last passage on Lissolo.

The head group headed to the final 30 km counting on two riders from the Emirati team, Victor Lafay (Cofidis), Warren Barguil (Arkéa Samsic) and Chris Harper (Yayco Alula) , followed at 1’ by another UAE Team Emirates’ member, Diego Ulissi.

Everyone’s eyes were on the fastest cyclist, Hirschi, so the Emirati team tried to exploit the situation for a diversion: Formolo attacked at 10 km to go and he could build up an interesting gap that none of his opponents could close until the arrival. The Italian rider gave the seasonal victory number 53 to UAE Team Emirates, that obtained also three other results in the top 10: in addition to Hirschi (2nd) there were also Diego Ulissi (6th) and the 2022 edition winner Sjoerd Bax (9th)

Formolo: “I am very happy, I missed a lot the feeling of the victory. I had the task of selecting the peloton as much as I could on the Lissolo and the selection brought me in the head group with other 4 riders. When Hirschi joined us, I focused my action on keeping a high pace in order to advantage Marc for an eventual sprint. We noticed that the opponents were controlling him, so we decided to try to exploit my freedom: I attacked on the last hill and this was the winning action”.

Complete results:


195.7 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.289 km/hr

1 Davide Formolo UAE Team Emirates 4hr 44min 23sec
2 Marc Hirschi UAE Team Emirates @ 32sec
3 Victor Lafay Cofidis 0:51
4 Warren Barguil Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
5 Chris Harper Jayco-AlUla s.t.
6 Diego Ulissi UAE Team Emirates 1:31
7 Iván García Cortina Movistar 3:28
8 Vincenzo Albanese EOLO-Kometa s.t.
9 Sjoerd Bax UAE Team Emirates s.t.
10 Alessandro Verre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
11 Simon Yates Jayco-AlUla s.t.
12 Ben O'Connor Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
13 Filippo Zana Jayco-AlUla 3:32
14 Felix Engelhardt Jayco-AlUla 6:02
15 Andrea Vendrame Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
16 Sean Flynn Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
17 Stefano Oldani Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
18 Anders Foldager Biesse-Carrera s.t.
19 Alexis Vuillermoz TotalEnergies s.t.
20 Etienne Van Empel Corratec-Selle Italia s.t.
21 Oier Lazkano Movistar s.t.
22 Walter Calzoni Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
23 Simone Velasco Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
24 Filippo Magli Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
25 Benoît Cosnefroy Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
26 Gregor Mühlberger Movistar s.t.
27 Mattia Bais EOLO-Kometa s.t.
28 Louis Barré Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
29 Gianluca Brambilla Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
30 William Barta Movistar s.t.
31 Andrea Garosio EOLO-Kometa s.t.
32 Giacomo Villa Biesse-Carrera s.t.
33 Nicola Conci Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
34 Lorenzo Fortunato EOLO-Kometa s.t.
35 Clément Berthet Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
36 Carlos Verona Movistar s.t.
37 Samuele Battistella Astana Qazaqstan 6:09
38 Mark Donovan Q36.5 Pro Cycling 6:20
39 Andrii Ponomar Corratec-Selle Italia 8:43
40 Florian Stork Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
41 Paul Ourselin TotalEnergies s.t.
42 Raffaele Mosca Q36.5 Pro Cycling s.t.
43 Alexis Guérin Bingoal-WB 11:37
44 Louka Matthys Bingoal-WB s.t.
45 Harrison Wood Cofidis s.t.
46 Valerio Conti Corratec-Selle Italia s.t.
47 Bastien Tronchon Ag2r-Citroën s.t.
48 Kevin Colleoni Jayco-AlUla s.t.
49 Alex Tolio Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
50 Giovanni De Carlo Sias-Rime s.t.
51 Harold Tejada Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
52 Henok Mulubrhan Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
53 Francesco Galimberti Biesse-Carrera s.t.
54 Simone Roganti D'Amico UM Tools s.t.
55 Davide Piganzoli EOLO-Kometa s.t.
56 Alessandro Pinarello Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
57 Benjamin Thomas Cofidis s.t.
58 Michael Gogl Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
59 Lennert Teugels Bingoal-WB s.t.
60 Felix Grossschartner UAE Team Emirates s.t.
61 Dimitri Peyskens Bingoal-WB 14:26
62 Roberto Gonzalez MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
63 Gianmarco Garofoli Astana Qazaqstan s.t.
64 Alessandro Santaromita Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
65 Andrés Mancipe GW-Shimano-Sidermec s.t.
66 Romain Combaud Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
67 François Bidard Cofidis s.t.
68 Patrick Bevin Team dsm-firmenich s.t.
69 Lukasz Owsian Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
70 Riccardo Ciuccarelli Biesse-Carrera s.t.
71 Nicoló Arrighetti Biesse-Carrera s.t.
72 Nicolo Pettiti Sias-Rime s.t.
73 Filippo Tagliani GW-Shimano-Sidermec s.t.
74 Michael Belleri Biesse-Carrera s.t.
75 Edgar Cadena Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
76 Matteo Amella Corratec-Selle Italia s.t.
77 Carlos Samudio MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
78 Davide Bauce MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.


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Course map & profile:

Course map. Monza, at the bottom of the map, is just northeast of Milan.

2023 Coppa Agostoni profile


2023 Coppa Agostoni photos by Fotoreporter Sirotti:

Ben Thomas heads to the start.

A TotalEnergies rider gets over one of the climbs.

Italian Champion Simone Velasco

Getting a rider back in the race.

Looks like real work.

Diego Ulissi finished sixth.

Davide Formolo can sit up and enjoy his win.

Victor Lafay beats Warren Barguil & Chris Harper for third.

Ivan Garcia Cortina wins the sprint for seventh.


The podium, from left: Marc Hirschi (2nd), Davide Formolo (1st) & Victor Lafay (3rd).

Race winner Davide Formolo

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Start list with back numbers, Sept 27, 2023:

1 Sjoerd Bax
2 Jan Christen
3 Davide Formolo
4 Felix Grossschartner
5 Marc Hirschi
6 Vegard Stake Laengen
7 Diego Ulissi
11 Simone Velasco
12 Samuele Battistella
13 Harold Tejada
14 Michele Gazzoli
15 Gianmarco Garofoli
17 Cristian Scaroni
21 Quinten Hermans
22 Michael Gogl
23 Nicola Conci
24 Stefano Oldani
25 Kristian Sbaragli
26 Alex Bogna
27 Luca Vergallito
31 Andrea Vendrame
32 Clément Berthet
33 Benoît Cosnefroy
34 Killian Verschuren
35 Valentin Paret-Peintre
36 Ben O'Connor
37 Bastien Tronchon
41 Warren Barguil
42 Louis Barré
43 Clément Champoussin
44 Simon Guglielmi
45 Lukasz Owsian
46 Alessandro Verre
47 Martin Tjøtta
51 Victor Lafay
52 Ruben Fernandez
53 Simone Consonni
54 François Bidard
55 Davide Cimolai
56 Benjamin Thomas
57 Harrison Wood
61 Filippo Zana
62 Kevin Colleoni
63 Felix Engelhardt
64 Lucas Hamilton
65 Chris Harper
66 Jesus David Peña
67 Simon Yates
71 Iván García Cortina
72 Imanol Erviti
73 William Barta
74 Oier Lazkano
75 Gregor Mühlberger
76 Óscar Rodríguez
77 Carlos Verona
81 Andreas Leknessund
82 Patrick Bevin
83 Marco Brenner
84 Romain Combaud
85 Sean Flynn
86 Florian Stork
87 Kevin Vermaerke
91 Pierre Latour
92 Jérémy Cabot
93 Alessio Cialone
94 Valentin Ferron
95 Mattéo Vercher
96 Alexis Vuillermoz
97 Paul Ourselin
101 Marco Tizza
102 Floris De Tier
103 Alexis Guérin
104 Dimitri Peyskens
105 Lennert Teugels
106 Louka Matthys
107 Aaron Van Der Beken
111 Gianluca Brambilla
112 Mark Donovan
113 Walter Calzoni
114 Marcel Camprubí
115 Alessandro Fedeli
117 Raffaele Mosca
121 Henok Mulubrhan
122 Alex Tolio
123 Filippo Magli
124 Alessandro Santaromita
125 Alessio Martinelli
126 Edgar Cadena
127 Alessandro Pinarello
131 Davide Bais
132 Vincenzo Albanese
133 Mattia Bais
134 Lorenzo Fortunato
135 Francesco Gavazzi
136 Davide Piganzoli
137 Andrea Garosio
141 Valerio Conti
142 Etienne Van Empel
143 Nicolas Tivani
144 Andrii Ponomar
145 Marco Murgano
146 Matteo Amella
147 Karel Vacek
151 Giacomo Villa
152 Michael Belleri
153 Anders Foldager
154 Lorenzo Galimberti
155 Francesco Galimberti
156 Nicoló Arrighetti
157 Riccardo Ciuccarelli
161 Alejandro Osorio
162 Alessandro Bisolti
163 Jhonatan Guatibonza
164 Andrés Mancipe
165 Jeferson Ruiz
166 Filippo Tagliani
167 Santiago Umba
171 Elia Tovazzi
172 Christian Bagatin
173 Lorenzo Fraccaro
174 Dennis Lock
175 Luca Rosa
176 Nicolo Pettiti
177 Giovanni De Carlo
181 Matthew Kingston
182 Davide Bauce
183 Francesco Carollo
184 Ben Granger
185 Roberto Gonzalez
186 Carlos Samudio
187 Edoardo Martinelli
191 Andrea Ghislanzoni
192 Federico Di Mauro
194 Alessandro Motti
195 Lorenzo Pellegrini
196 Cosma Rausa
197 Simone Roganti