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2024 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race (World Tour), Australian National Team, 8th Edition

Women's race: Saturday, January 27, 2024
Men's race: Sunday, January 28, 2024

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race podium history | 2023 edition

Mens race | Women's race

Men's Race, Sunday, January 28, 2024

Men's race course map | Start list

A bike throw gives Laurence Pithie the race. Race organizer's photo

Geelong - Geelong, 174.3 km

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Weather at the start/finish city of Geelong at 11:30 AM, local time: 22C (72F), mostly cloudy, with the wind from the west at 18 km/hr (11 mph). No rain is forecast.

The race: Here's the race organizer's report.

In a thrilling finish to the line, young Kiwi superstar Laurence Pithie (Groupama-FDJ) pipped Natnael Tesfazion (Lidl-Trek) and Georg Zimmerman (Intermache – Wanty) at the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.

In what was a highly controlled race, there was a successful breakaway involving Team Bridgelane and ARA | Skip Capital. With enough riders to secure the Mapei Sprint Classification, the group worked together to establish a consistent time advantage and Team Bridgelane took the sprint jersey.

With the bunch controlled and the breakaway riding hard through Torquay and into Geelong, the Shimano King of the Mountain jersey quickly came up for grabs. Team Bridgelane collaborated and quickly dropped ARA | Skip Capital, having a fantastic day out with their all-Australian rising talent also clinching the three King of the Mountain classifications that were up for grabs.

This played well for the peloton as they were able to keep control of the race with the gap. Riders from top outfits such as Team Jayco AlUla, INEOS Grenadiers, Lidl-Trek, Team DSM-Firmenich Post NL and Groupama FDJ began to bring their riders up to the front in the remaining two laps of the Geelong finishing circuit setting the tempo of the race.

The bunch sprung into action over the last 25km, splitting the race over the final climb of Challambra which ultimately weakened the likes of Caleb Ewan (Team Jayco AlUla) and Elia Viviani (INEOS Grenadiers).

The last hard drive over the final climb was strong enough to take away 19 riders and set up the finale of racing, steering clear of the sprinters in the second group with Ewan and Viviani.

With three kilometres to go, the final attacks swung into action – Quinn Simmons (Lidl-Trek) lasted all the way to the finishing straight but was ultimately pulled back by the rest of the group.

From there it was a test of who had the best legs after four gruelling laps of Challambra, with top-notch young-international prospect Pithie claiming his first WorldTour top honour

Complete results:

174.3 kilometers raced at an average speed of 40.597 km/hr

1 Laurence Pithie Groupama-FDJ 4hr 17min 40sec
2 Natnael Tesfazion Lidl-Trek s.t.
3 Georg Zimmermann Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
4 Corbin Strong Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
5 Jhonnatan Narvaez INEOS Grenadiers s.t.
6 Axel Mariault Cofidis s.t.
7 Chris Hamilton Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
8 Cristian Scaroni Astana Qazaqstan Team s.t.
9 Jonas Rutsch EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
10 Louis Barré Arkea-B&B Hotels s.t.
11 Bauke Mollema Lidl-Trek s.t.
12 Kelland O'Brien Team Jayco-AlUla s.t.
13 Ruben Fernandez Cofidis s.t.
14 Archie Ryan EF Education-EasyPost @ 2sec
15 Quinn Simmons Lidl-Trek 0:07
16 Lucas Plapp Team Jayco-AlUla 0:10
17 Stephen Williams Israel-Premier Tech 0:12
18 Laurens De Plus INEOS Grenadiers 0:18
19 Nick Schultz Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
20 Simon Clarke Israel-Premier Tech 0:24
21 Elia Viviani INEOS Grenadiers s.t.
22 Biniam Girmay Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
23 Max Kanter Astana Qazaqstan Team s.t.
24 Pavel Bittner Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
25 Owain Doull EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
26 Madis Mihkels Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
27 Jack Rootkin-Gray EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
28 Luke Burns Team BridgeLane s.t.
29 Enzo Paleni Groupama-FDJ s.t.
30 Lilian Calmejane Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
31 Pedro Lopez Juan Lidl-Trek s.t.
32 Elliot Schultz Team BridgeLane s.t.
33 Caleb Ewan Team Jayco-AlUla s.t.
34 Reuben Thompson Groupama-FDJ s.t.
35 Rudy Porter Team Jayco-AlUla s.t.
36 Filippo Ganna INEOS Grenadiers 0:28
37 Dion Smith Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
38 Michele Gazzoli Astana Qazaqstan Team s.t.
39 Chris Harper Team Jayco-AlUla s.t.
40 Campbell Stewart Team Jayco-AlUla 1:05
41 Jardi Van Der Lee EF Education-EasyPost 1:41
42 Mathias Vacek Lidl-Trek s.t.
43 William Eaves ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
44 Anthony Delaplace Arkea-B&B Hotels s.t.
45 Clément Davy Groupama-FDJ s.t.
46 Sean Flynn Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 2:01
47 Oliver Knight Cofidis s.t.
48 Tom Paquot Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
49 Cohen Jessen ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
50 Jackson Medway Team BridgeLane s.t.
51 Zac Marriage Team BridgeLane s.t.
52 Tristan Saunders Team BridgeLane s.t.
53 Simone Petilli Intermarché-Wanty s.t.
54 Derek Gee Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
55 Stefan De Bod EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
56 Harry Sweeny EF Education-EasyPost s.t.
57 George Bennett Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
58 Joshua Tarling INEOS Grenadiers s.t.
59 Matthew Greenwood Team BridgeLane 3:46
60 Emils Liepins Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 3:49
61 Guillaume Boivin Israel-Premier Tech s.t.
62 Fabian Lienhard Groupama-FDJ s.t.
63 Michel Ries Arkea-B&B Hotels s.t.
64 Blake Quick Team Jayco-AlUla s.t.
65 Patrick Bevin Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
66 Samuel Jenner Team BridgeLane s.t.
67 Samuele Battistella Astana Qazaqstan Team s.t.
68 Milan Fretin Cofidis s.t.
69 Patrick Eddy Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
70 Miles Scotson Arkea-B&B Hotels 5:37
71 Gianmarco Garofoli Astana Qazaqstan Team 6:12
72 Kevin Ledanois Arkea-B&B Hotels 6:21
73 Piet Allegaert Cofidis s.t.
74 Tyler Tomkinson ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
75 Jacopo Mosca Lidl-Trek s.t.
76 Declan Trezise ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
77 Nate Hadden ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
78 Ben Swift INEOS Grenadiers s.t.
79 Leo Hayter INEOS Grenadiers 7:59
DNS Eddy Finé Cofidis
DNF Joshua Cranage ARA | Skip Capital
DNF Dylan Proctor-Parker ARA | Skip Capital
DNF Laurens Huys Arkea-B&B Hotels
DNF Daniel Mclay Arkea-B&B Hotels
DNF Dmitriy Gruzdev Astana Qazaqstan Team
DNF Simon Geschke Cofidis
DNF Dario Cataldo Lidl-Trek
DNF Oscar Onley Team dsm-firmenich PostNL


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Men's race course map:


Men's Start list with back numbers, January 27, 2024:

Arkea-B&B Hotels
1 Miles Scotson
2 Louis Barré
3 Anthony Delaplace
4 Laurens Huys
5 Kevin Ledanois
6 Daniel Mclay
7 Michel Ries
Team Astana Qazaqstan
11 Samuele Battistella
12 Gianmarco Garofoli
13 Michele Gazzoli
14 Dmitriy Gruzdev
15 Max Kanter
17 Cristian Scaroni
21 Piet Allegaert
22 Ruben Fernandez
23 Eddy Finé
24 Milan Fretin
25 Simon Geschke
26 Oliver Knight
27 Axel Mariault
EF Education-EasyPost
31 Stefan De Bod
32 Owain Doull
33 Jack Rootkin-Gray
34 Jonas Rutsch
35 Archie Ryan
36 Harry Sweeny
37 Jardi Van Der Lee
41 Clément Davy
42 Fabian Lienhard
43 Enzo Paleni
44 Laurence Pithie
45 Reuben Thompson
INEOS Grenadiers
51 Laurens De Plus
52 Filippo Ganna
53 Leo Hayter
54 Jhonnatan Narvaez
55 Ben Swift
56 Joshua Tarling
57 Elia Viviani
61 Lilian Calmejane
62 Biniam Girmay
63 Madis Mihkels
64 Tom Paquot
65 Simone Petilli
66 Dion Smith
67 Georg Zimmermann
71 Dario Cataldo
72 Pedro Lopez Juan
73 Bauke Mollema
74 Jacopo Mosca
75 Quinn Simmons
76 Natnael Tesfazion
77 Mathias Vacek
Team dsm-firmenich PostNL
81 Patrick Bevin
82 Pavel Bittner
83 Patrick Eddy
84 Sean Flynn
85 Chris Hamilton
86 Emils Liepins
87 Oscar Onley
Team Jayco-AlUla
91 Caleb Ewan
92 Kelland O'Brien
93 Chris Harper
94 Rudy Porter
95 Blake Quick
96 Lucas Plapp
97 Campbell Stewart
Israel-Premier Tech
101 George Bennett
102 Guillaume Boivin
103 Simon Clarke
104 Derek Gee
105 Nick Schultz
106 Corbin Strong
107 Stephen Williams
Ara | Skip Capital
111 Dylan Proctor-Parker
112 Tyler Tomkinson
113 William Eaves
114 Declan Trezise
115 Joshua Cranage
116 Nate Hadden
117 Cohen Jessen
Team Bridgelane
121 Tristan Saunders
122 Elliot Schultz
123 Zac Marriage
124 Jackson Medway
125 Matthew Greenwood
126 Samuel Jenner
127 Luke Burns

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Women's Race: Saturday, January 27, 2024 - Geelong - Geelong, 140.8 km

Women's race course map | Start list

Rosita Reijnhout wins. Getty Images photo

Cycling's World Championships

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Weather at the start/finish city of Geelong at 3:30 PM, local time: 23C (73F), mostly cloudy, with the wind from the west at 32 km/hr (20 mph).

The race: Here's the race organizer's report.

Young-gun Rosita Reijnhout (Team Visma-Lease a Bike) flies solo to claim her maiden Women’s WorldTour title at the Deakin University Elite Women’s Road Race. At only 19-years-old, Reijnhout becomes the youngest female in the event’s history to win the elite women’s title.

Despite their best efforts during the final lap of Challambra on the way to the finish, Dominika Wlodarczyk (UAE Team ADQ) and Cecillie Uttrup-Ludwig (FDJ – Suez) had to settle for second and third respectively.

As the race got underway, a breakaway quickly formed between Team Bridgelane, Australian National Team and ARA | Skip Capital seeing the opportunity to set themselves up to clinch the intermediate jersey. The strong winds made it extremely difficult for the breakaway to establish itself and stay up the road due to difficult headwind conditions. The peloton decided to pull them back to the bunch and neutralize the race.

For the best part of Torquay to Barwon Heads there was minimal cross winds and opportunities to break up the bunch, with the peloton remaining together for the majority of the race.

Ally Anderson (ARA | Skip Capital) and Stine Dale (Team Coop-Respol) tried their luck and animated the race when they took a gamble and headed into the strong wind conditions, despite not being particularly suitable for the break. When the peloton reached the Geelong finish circuit for the first time, Team Visma-Lease a Bike, AG Insurance – Soudal Quick-Step and LIV AlUla Jayco began to work very hard, sending riders up to the front of the bunch to control the pace.

At this point, FDJ-Suez and UAE Team ADQ were hanging at the front, however, were more subdued and playing the field.

Attacking on the first climb, Audrey Cordon Ragot (Human Powered Health) forced the race to spring into action. Quickly developing a time gap, the peloton quickly chased and climbed to keep the pressure high and the race alive. The pure climbers put their abilities on full display when they attacked Challambra for the second time, Uttrup-Ludwig was the first to attack, with Wlodarczyk quickly following her wheel, splitting the front group and establishing the break.

AG Insurance – Soudal Quick-Step worked hard to protect and set-up Sarah Gigante, however despite her best efforts to jump across to the lead breakaway – it was too little too late.

Reijnhout went flying down and showed her top form as she sailed to the finish line.

Complete Results:

  • Race winner: Rosita Reijnhout (Visma | Lease a Bike)
  • Queen of the Mountain: Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (FDJ-Suez)
  • Sprint classification winner: Nienke Veenhoven (Visma | Lease a Bike)

140.8 kilometers raced at an average speed of 36.177 km/hr

1 Rosita Reijnhout Team Visma | Lease a Bike 3hr 53min 31sec
2 Dominika Wlodarczyk UAE Team ADQ s.t.
3 Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig FDJ-Suez s.t.
4 Ruth Edwards Human Powered Health @ 5sec
5 Grace Brown FDJ-Suez s.t.
6 Francesca Barale Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
7 Victorie Guilman St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
8 Sarah Roy Australian National Team s.t.
9 Kim Le Court AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
10 Alice Towers CANYON//SRAM Racing s.t.
11 Sarah Gigante AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
12 Ella Wyllie Liv AlUla Jayco s.t.
13 Marion Bunel St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 0:07
14 Eleonora Ciabocco Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 0:13
15 Neve Bradbury CANYON//SRAM Racing 0:36
16 Sofia Bertizzolo UAE Team ADQ 0:39
17 Amber Pate Liv AlUla Jayco s.t.
18 Ilaria Sanguineti Lidl-Trek s.t.
19 Nina Buijsman FDJ-Suez s.t.
20 Yanina Kuskova Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
21 Evita Muzic FDJ-Suez s.t.
22 Nienke Vinke Team dsm-firmenich PostNL s.t.
23 Brodie Chapman Lidl-Trek 0:42
24 Lieke Nooijen Team Visma | Lease a Bike 1:04
25 Kaja Rysz Lifeplus Wahoo s.t.
26 Alexandra Manly Liv AlUla Jayco s.t.
27 Kate Richardson Lifeplus Wahoo s.t.
28 Tiffany Cromwell CANYON//SRAM Racing s.t.
29 Ella Simpson ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
30 Anya Louw AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
31 Alicia Gonzalez Lifeplus Wahoo s.t.
32 Olga Zabelinskaya Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
33 Dilyxine Miermont St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
34 India Grangier Team Coop-Repsol s.t.
35 Matilda Raynolds Team Bridgelane s.t.
36 Emily Watts Australian National Team s.t.
37 Maud Oudeman Team Visma | Lease a Bike 1:07
38 Sophie Edwards ARA | Skip Capital 1:15
39 Katia Ragusa Human Powered Health s.t.
40 Talia Appleton Team Bridgelane s.t.
41 Stina Kagevi Team Coop-Repsol s.t.
42 Heidi Franz Lifeplus Wahoo 1:20
43 Haylee Fuller Team Bridgelane 1:37
44 Ruby Roseman-Gannon Liv AlUla Jayco s.t.
45 Madina Kakhorova Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
46 Elynor Backstedt Lidl-Trek 2:29
47 Roxane Fournier St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 s.t.
48 Franziska Koch Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 2:37
49 Katelyn Nicholson Team Bridgelane 3:41
50 Abi Smith Team dsm-firmenich PostNL 3:49
51 Mari Hole Mohr Team Coop-Repsol 3:52
52 Sophie Marr ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
53 Elyne Roussel St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 4:15
54 Krista Doebel-Hickok Human Powered Health s.t.
55 Georgie Howe Liv AlUla Jayco 4:29
56 Camilla Ranes Bye Team Coop-Repsol s.t.
57 Alison Avoine St Michel-Mavic-Auber 93 4:30
58 Alex Morrice CANYON//SRAM Racing s.t.
59 Stine Dale Team Coop-Repsol 4:32
60 Margarita Misyurina Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
61 Karin Söderqvist Lifeplus Wahoo s.t.
62 Lily Williams Human Powered Health s.t.
63 Ally Wollaston AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
64 Gaia Masetti AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
65 Mijntje Geurts Team Visma | Lease a Bike s.t.
66 Kristyna Burlova Lifeplus Wahoo s.t.
67 Keira Will ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
68 Mikayla Harvey UAE Team ADQ s.t.
69 Julie Van De Velde AG Insurance-Soudal s.t.
70 Georgia Baker Liv AlUla Jayco s.t.
71 Henrietta Christie Human Powered Health s.t.
72 Audrey Cordon-Ragot Human Powered Health s.t.
73 Nienke Veenhoven Team Visma | Lease a Bike s.t.
74 Eugenia Bujak UAE Team ADQ s.t.
75 Linda Riedmann Team Visma | Lease a Bike 5:55
76 Sofiya Karimova Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
77 Nafosat Kozieva Tashkent City Women Pros s.t.
78 Gina Ricardo Team Bridgelane s.t.
79 Alli Anderson ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
80 Lucie Fityus ARA | Skip Capital s.t.
81 Gladys Verhulst-Wild FDJ-Suez s.t.
82 Coralie Demay FDJ-Suez s.t.
83 Safia Al Sayegh UAE Team ADQ 6:47
84 Anastasia Carbonari UAE Team ADQ 8:02
85 Lillee Pollock Team Bridgelane 8:37
DNF Mia Hayden Australian National Team
DNF Stephanie Hibburt Australian National Team
DNF Darcie Richards Australian National Team
DNF Josie Talbot Australian National Team
DNF Lauretta Hanson Lidl-Trek
DNF Maeve Plouffe Team dsm-firmenich PostNL
DNS Amanda Spratt Lidl-Trek


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Women's race course map:

Women's start list with back numbers, January 27, 2007

1 Sarah Gigante
2 Kimberley Le Court De Billot
3 Anya Louw
4 Gaia Masetti
5 Julie Van De Velde
6 Ally Wollaston
11 Neve Bradbury  
12 Tiffany Cromwell
14 Alex Morrice
16 Alice Towers
21 Grace Brown
22 Nina Buijsman
23 Coralie Demay
24 Cecilie Ludwig
25 Evita Muzic
26 Gladys Verhulst Wild
31 Audrey Cordon-Ragot
32 Henrietta Christie
33 Krista Doebel-Hickok
34 Ruth Edwards
35 Katia Ragusa
36 Lily Williams
41 Elynor Bäckstedt
42 Brodie Chapman
43 Lauretta Hanson
44 Ilaria Sanguine
45 Amanda Spratt
51 Alexandra Manly
52 Amber Pate
53 Ella Wyllie
54 Georgia Baker
55 Georgina Howe
56 Ruby Roseman-Gannon
61 Francesca Barale
62 Eleonora Ciabocco
63 Franziska Koch
64 Maeve Plouffe
65 Abi Smith
66 Nienke Vinke
71 Linda Riedmann
72 Maud Oudeman
73 Lieke Nooijen
74 Rosita Reijnhout
75 Mijntje Geurts
76 Nienke Veenhoven
81 Sofia Bertizzolo
82 Eugenia Bujak
83 Mikayla Harvey
84 Safiya Alsayegh
85 Anastasia Carbonari
86 Dominika Wlodarczyk
91 Kate Richardson
92 Kaja Rysz
93 Karin Soderqvist
94 Alicia Gonzalez Blanco
95 Heidi Franz
96 Kristýna Burlová
101 Alison Avoine
102 Marion Bunel
103 Roxane Fournier
104 Victorie Guilman
105 Dilyxine Miermont
106 Elyne Roussel
111 Camilla Bye
112 Stine Dale
113 India Grangier
114 Stina Kagevi
115 Mari Mohr
121 Olga Zabelinskaya
122 Margarita Misyurina
123 Nafosat Kozieva
124 Sofiya Karimova
125 Madina Kakhkhorova
126 Yanina Kuskova
131 Alli Anderson
132 Ella Simpson
133 Sophie Edwards
134 Keira Will
135 Sophie Marr
136 Lucie Fityus
141 Haylee Fuller
142 Katelyn Nicholson
143 Matilda Raynolds
144 Talia Appleton
145 Gina Ricardo
146 Lillee Pollock
151 Sarah Roy
152 Josie Talbot
153 Emily Watts
154 Darcie Richards
155 Mia Hayden
156 Stephanie Hibburt