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2023 Giro dell'Appennino (1.1), Italy

84th edition: Friday, June 2, 2023

Giro dell'Appennino podium history | 2022 edition | Course map & profile | Photos | Start list

Novi Ligure - Genova, 198.5 km

Marc Hirschi is first across the line with Cristian Rodriguez one second behind him. Sirotti photo

Bicycle History

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Weather at the finish city of Genova (Genoa) at 2:00 PM, local time: 22C (73F), fair, with the wind from the south at 8 km/hr (5 mph). There is a 70% chace of rain during the afternoon.

The race: Here's the report from race winner Marc Hirschi's UAE Team Emirates:

Little over a week since his win at the Tour of Hungary, Marc Hirschi struck again to clinch victory at the Giro dell’Appennino in Italy.

The 24 year old Swiss rider of UAE Team Emirates arrived in a two-man break with Cristian Rodriguez (Arkea-Samsic) to win in emphatic fashion on the 198km from Novi Ligure to Genoa.

The result marks the 30th victory of the season for UAE Team Emirates and the 3rd win of the year for Hirschi.

Hirschi: “ It’s very special to take the win today. After Hungary I took it quite easy and rested because for a race like today it’s important to arrive as fresh as possible and trust my good form from the previous races. The last climb was very difficult and I had a big chase to catch Rodriguez. Crossing the line was spectacular, there are a lot of people here and a good atmosphere.”

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Melanoma: It started with a freckle Schwab Cycles South Salem Cycleworks frames

Complete results:


198.5 kilometers raced at an average speed of 40.018 km/hr

1 Marc Hirschi UAE Team Emirates 4hr 57min 37sec
2 Cristian Rodriguez Arkéa-Samsic @ 1sec
3 Henok Mulubrhan Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 0:17
4 Francesco Busatto Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
5 Lilian Calmejane Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
6 Lorenzo Rota Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
7 José Félix Parra Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
8 Elie Gesbert Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
9 Thomas Pesenti Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
10 Ewen Costiou Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
11 Santiago Umba GW Shimano-Sidermec s.t.
12 Jon Agirre Equipo Kern Pharma 0:19
13 Georg Zimmermann Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 0:33
14 Louis Meintjes Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 0:35
15 Roger Adriá Equipo Kern Pharma 2:40
16 Alex Martin EOLO-Kometa s.t.
17 Jordi Lopez Caravaca Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
18 Alex Tolio Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 2:42
19 Alessandro Monaco Team Technipes #EmiliaRomagna s.t.
20 Alessandro Fancellu EOLO-Kometa s.t.
21 Nahom Zerai Q36.5 Continental 2:45
22 Edgar Andres Pinzon GW Shimano-Sidermec 2:47
23 Fernando Tercero EOLO-Kometa s.t.
24 Davide Piganzoli EOLO-Kometa 2:52
25 Marco Murgano Team Corratec-Selle Italia 4:31
26 Roberto Gonzalez MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace 5:24
27 Andrea Garosio EOLO-Kometa s.t.
28 Andrea Pietrobon EOLO-Kometa 5:25
29 Urko Berrade Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
30 Alex Raimondi Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
31 Davide Formolo UAE Team Emirates s.t.
32 Mathis Le Berre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
33 Samuele Zoccarato Green Project-Bardiani-CSF 7:21
34 Lorenzo Quartucci Team Corratec-Selle Italia 8:28
35 Davide Baldaccini Team Corratec-Selle Italia s.t.
36 Lorenzo Galimberti Biesse-Carrera s.t.
37 Giovanni De Carlo Sias Rime s.t.
38 Luca Rastelli Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
39 Lukasz Owsian Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
40 Matteo Amella Team Corratec-Selle Italia s.t.
41 William Colorado GW Shimano-Sidermec 11:14
42 Manuel Oioli Q36.5 Continental s.t.
43 Javier Serrano EOLO-Kometa s.t.
44 Martin Nessler Team Technipes #EmiliaRomagna s.t.
45 Riccardo Lucca Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
46 Hector Carretero Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.
47 Rui Oliveira UAE Team Emirates s.t.
48 Simone Petilli Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
49 Domen Novak UAE Team Emirates s.t.
50 Alessio Martinelli Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
51 Tristan Delacroix Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur s.t.
52 Edouard Bonnefoix Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur 13:07
53 Filippo Tagliani GW Shimano-Sidermec s.t.
54 Riccardo Ciuccarelli Biesse-Carrera s.t.
55 Pier Elis Belletta Biesse-Carrera s.t.
56 Andrea Innocenti Team Technipes #EmiliaRomagna s.t.
57 Simone Roganti D'Amico UM Tools s.t.
58 Michael Vink UAE Team Emirates 14:44
59 Alessandro Covi UAE Team Emirates s.t.
60 Emanuele Ansaloni Team Technipes #EmiliaRomagna s.t.
61 Gabriele Petrelli Team Technipes #EmiliaRomagna s.t.
62 Raffaele Mosca Q36.5 Continental s.t.
63 Germán Dario Gómez GW Shimano-Sidermec s.t.
64 Omar El Gouzi Green Project-Bardiani-CSF s.t.
65 Hamza Amari Q36.5 Continental s.t.
66 Giacomo Garavaglia Work Service-Vitalcare-Dynatek s.t.
67 Andrea Mifsud Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur s.t.
68 Damien Girard Nice Métropole-Côte d'Azur s.t.
69 Ben Granger MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
70 Mattia Guasco Sias Rime s.t.
71 Mattia Piccini Gallina Ecotek Lucchini s.t.
72 Andrea Biancalani Beltrami TSA-Tre Colli s.t.
73 Carlos Samudio MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
74 Efrem Gebrehiwet Q36.5 Continental s.t.
75 Edoardo Martinelli MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
76 Manuel Capra Work Service-Vitalcare-Dynatek s.t.
77 Davide Bauce MG.K Vis-Colors for Peace s.t.
78 Pablo Castrillo Equipo Kern Pharma s.t.


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Course map & profile:

Race map

Race profile

2023 Giro dell'Appennino photos by Fotoreporter Sirotti:

2022 winner Louis Meintjes heads to the start line.

The peloton on the Passo della Castagnola, the day's first real climb.

Another shot of riders on the Castagnola

About halfway into the race the peloton descends in Giovi.

Marc Hirschi is the clear winner.

Henok Mulueberhan wins the sprint for third.

Gianni Savio (on left) is still running a team. This year it's GW Shimano-Sidermec.

Winner Marc Hirschi

The podium, from left: Cristian Rodriguez (2nd), Marc Hirschi (1st) & Henok Mulubrhan (3rd).

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Start list with back numbers, June 1, 2023:

1 Louis Meintjes
2 Francesco Busatto
3 Simone Petilli
4 Georg Zimmermann
5 Lilian Calmejane
6 Lorenzo Rota
7 Rein Taaramäe
11 Elie Gesbert
12 Lukasz Owsian
15 Ewen Costiou
16 Mathis Le Berre
17 Cristian Rodriguez
21 Davide Formolo
22 Rui Oliveira
23 Michael Vink
24 Domen Novak
25 Alessandro Covi
26 Marc Hirschi
31 Alessandro Fancellu
32 Alex Martin
33 Andrea Pietrobon
34 Javier Serrano
35 Fernando Tercero
36 Davide Piganzoli
37 Andrea Garosio
41 Jordi Lopez
42 Hector Carretero
43 Roger Adriá
44 Jon Agirre
45 José Félix Parra
46 Urko Berrade
47 Pablo Castrillo
51 Samuele Zoccarato
52 Luca Rastelli
53 Omar El Gouzi
54 Alessio Martinelli
55 Alex Tolio
56 Henok Mulubrhan
57 Riccardo Lucca
61 Simone Olivero
62 Veljko Stojnic
63 Marco Murgano
64 Matteo Amella
65 Davide Baldaccini
66 Alessandro Iacchi
67 Lorenzo Quartucci
71 Thomas Pesenti
72 Andrea Biancalani
73 Michael Vanni
74 Ettore Loconsolo
75 Alex Raimondi
76 Giacomo Tagliavini
77 Fabio Bassignana
81 Riccardo Ciuccarelli
82 Alessandro Motta
83 Lorenzo Galimberti
84 Lorenzo Rinaldi
85 Matteo Frosio
86 Pierelis Belletta
91 Andrea Ghislanzoni
92 Lorenzo Pellegrini
93 Simone Roganti
94 Matteo Laloni
96 Alessandro Motti
97 Cosma Rausa
101 Domenico Cirlincione
102 Lorenzo Ferroni
104 Marco Tonti
105 Mattia Piccini
106 Malachi Covington
111 Edgar Andres Pinzon
112 Germán Dario Gómez
113 Santiago Umba
114 Alessandro Bisolti
115 Filippo Tagliani
116 William Colorado
117 Juan Carlos Lopez
121 Davide Bauce
122 Mattia Di Felice
123 Lapo Gavilli
124 Ben Granger
125 Edoardo Martinelli
126 Carlos Samudio
127 Roberto Gonzalez
131 Tristan Delacroix
132 Damien Girard
133 Paul Hennequin
134 Edouard Bonnefoix
135 Andrea Mifsud
136 Maxime Urruty
141 Travis Stedman
142 Raffaele Mosca
143 Nahom Zerai
144 Efrem Gebrehiwet
145 Hamza Amari
146 Manuel Oioli
151 Giovanni De Carlo
152 Mattia Guasco
153 Dennis Lock
154 Matteo Pongiluppi
155 Luca Rosa
161 Emanuele Ansaloni
162 Romaric Forques
163 Andrea Innocenti
164 Alessandro Monaco
165 Martin Nessler
166 Gabriele Petrelli
171 Danilo Pase Christian
172 Nicola Venchiarutti
173 Filippo Dignani
174 Giacomo Garavaglia
175 Luca Tornaboni
176 Samuele Leone
177 Manuel Capra