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Grand Prix du Morbihan (1.Pro), France

Podium places, times, distances and average speeds

The Grand Prix du Morbihan is a single-day race run in the region of bike-mad Brittany in northwest France. Until the race 2019 took place around the town of Plumelec. Starting in 2021 it takes place around the town of Grand-Champ

Morbihan is a department (something like an American county) in Brittany. Plumelec, the original site of the race, is a small town in Morbihan of just about 2,500 inhabitants.

Grand-Champ, the current race city, is also in Morbihan and is also a small town with just 5,500 inhabitants.

The race has been run since 1974, though it has had several name changes.

It was not held in 1979, 1989 and 2005 because of budgetary problems. It 2020 it was cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

When the race was started in 1974, it had a UCI ranking of 1.3. I 2005 the UCI promoted it to a 1.1 status. The 2021 edition was given a 1.Pro classification.

Bill & Carol McGann's book The Story of the Tour de France, 2019: A Year of New Faces is available as an audiobook here.

Complete podium history


1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


Average Speed

1974 Roger Pingeon
6hr 19min 2sec
Georges Talbourdet
@ 24sec
Patrick Béon
@ s.t.
236.3 km 37.406 km/hr
1975 Georges Talbourdet Jean-Claude Meunier Guy Leleu    
1976 Robert Alban Raymond Martin Roland Smet    
1977 André Chalmel Jacques Bossis André Corbeau    
1978 Raymond Martin Pierre Bazzo Régis Delepine    
1979 Race not run
1980 Christian Muselet René Bittinger Jean-Philippe Vandenbrande    
1981 Robert Alban Christian Lavavasseur Pierre Le Bigaut    
1982 Fabien De Vooght Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Robert Alban    
1983 Laurent Fignon Christian Corre Alain Vignron    
1984 Pierre Bazzo Patrick Bonnet Jérôme Simon    
1985 Marc Madiot Denis Roux Yvon Madiot    
1986 Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle Rudy Rogiers Thierry Barrault    
1987 Johnny Welz
5hr 3min 45sec
Laurent Biondi
@ 21sec
Bernard Vallet
@ 32sec
185 km 36.543 km/hr
1988 Frédéric Brun Gérard Rué Thierry Claveyrolat    
1989 Race not run
1990 Johan De Museeuw Etienne De Wilde Hendrik Redant    
1991 Bruno Cornillet Peter De Clercq Søren Lilholt    
1992 Peter De Clercq Marcel Wüst Franck Boucanville    
1993 Marcel Wüst Jans Koerts Jaan Kirsipuu    
1994 Peter De Clercq François Simon Ronan Pensec    
1995 Francis Moreau Jaan Kirsipuu Christophe Leroscouet    
1996 Johan Capiot
4hr 49min 26sec
Jaan Kirsipuu
@ 2sec
Niko Eeckhout
@ s.t.
210 km 43.534 km/hr
1997 Christophe Agnolutto Jacky Durand Xavier Jan    
1998 Laurent Desbiens Cyril Saugran Dominique Rault    
1999 Patrice Halgand Laurent Desbiens Johan De Geyter    
2000 Patrice Halgand Serguei Yakovleve Dave Bruylandts    
2001 Gilles Maignan Stuart O'Grady Ruben Diaz    
2002 Laurent Lefevre
4hr 16min 32sec
Nicolas Vogondy
@ s.t.
Stéphane Heulot
@ 25sec
177 km 41.398 km/hr
2003 Nicolas Vogondy Sylvain Chavanel Andy Flickinger    
2004 Thomas Voeckler Laurent Paumier Pierrick Fedrigo    
2005 Race not run
2006 Cédric Hervé Anthony Charteau Samuel Dumoulin    
2007 Simon Gerrans
4hr 2min 53sec
Yann Huguet
@ 42sec
David Le Lay
@ 45sec
174 km 42.984 km/hr
2008 Thomas Voeckler
4hr 2min 56sec
Cyril Gautier
@ 3sec
Gianni Meersman
@ 24sec
174 km 42.974 km/hr
2009 Jérémie Galland
4hr 24min 50sec
Mickael Larpe
@ s.t.
Blel Kadri
@ s.t.
180 km 40.779 km/hr
2010 Wesley Sulzberger
4hr 23min 41sec
Renaud Dion
@ 41sec
Stéphane Auge
@ 44sec
181 km 41.186 km/hr
2011 Sylvain Georges
4hr 32min 5sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ s.t.
Jérémie Galland
@ s.t.
181 km 39.914 km/hr
2012 Julien Simon
4hr 28min 48sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
Javier Megias
@ s.t.
181 km 40.402 km/hr
2013 Samuel Dumoulin
4hr 30min 8sec
Anthony Geslin
@ s.t.
Julien Simon
@ s.t.
183 km 40.647 km/hr
2014 Julien Simon
4hr 22min 15sec
Luis Angel Mate
@ s.t.
Armindo Fonseca
@ s.t.
182 km 41.640 km/hr
2015 Alexis Vuillermoz
4hr 21min 32sec
Julien Simon
@ 5sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ s.t.
182 km 41.754 km/hr
2016 Samuel Dumoulin
4hr 25min 8sec
Alexis Vuillermoz
@ s.t.
Arthur Vichot
@ s.t.
182 km 41.187 km/hr
2017 Alexis Vuillermoz
4hr 14min 30sec
Jonathan Hivert
@ 8sec
Samuel Dumoulin
@ 10sec
182 km 42.908 km/hr
2018 Andrea Pasqualon
4hr 27min 42sec
Julien Simon
@ s.t.
Samuel Dumoulin
@ s.t.
182 km 40.792 km/hr
2019 Benoît Cosnefory
4hr 35min 27sec
Jesus Herrada
@ s.t.
Odd Christian Eiking
@ s.t.
188 km 40.951 km/hr
2020 Race not held because of Covid-19 pandemic
2021 Arne Marit
3hr 51min 40sec
Bryan Coquard
@ s.t.
Elia Viviani
@ s.t.
176.9 km 45.816 km/hr