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2023 Ronde van Drenthe (1.1), Netherlands

Also known as "Albert Achterhes Profonde van Drenthe" Formerly "Dwars door Drenthe"

60th edition: Sunday, March 12, 2023

Ronde van Drenthe podium history | 2022 edition | Start list

Emmen - Hoogeveen, 191.9 km 143.2 km

Per Strand Hagenes wins his first pro race in Hoogeveen.

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Weather at the finish city of Hoogeveen at 1:45 PM, local time: 7C (44F), cloudy, with the wind from the southwest at 23 km/hr (13 mph). There is a 10% chance of rain.

The race: Here's the report from 2nd-place Tobias Lund Andresen's Team DSM.

After some severe weather in the area in recent days, there was a slight change of route for the Profronde van Drenthe, with the peloton taking on the VAM-berg twice towards the middle of the race before a flat final 40 kilometres or so. It was a steady start to the afternoon with Tim Naberman and Leon Heinschke riding well to help control the early break of three, helping to position the rest of the team heading into the VAM-berg circuit. As expected there were attacks in the bunch over the top of the climb where Niklas Märkl and Sean Flynn did well to shut anything down.

With the bunch all together over the last ascent the race made its way towards the finish town of Hoogeveen, with the original breakaway trio still out front. Entering a twisting and narrow section of road with 25 kilometres to go the bunch split with Tobias Lund Andresen, Casper van Uden, Sam Welsford and Flynn all making it into the front group of around 20 riders. The pace stayed high and the original break were caught but heading towards the last ten kilometres things became tactical with lots of probing attacks, before a four man group went clear which featured Andresen. With fast finisher Welsford behind, Andresen tried to do as little possible in the front group while also maintaining some cooperation.

Entering the final three kilometres the gap to the now swelling peloton was around 25 seconds and with the impetus leaving that chasing group, the chance for Andresen’s group increased. Unfortunately, eventual race winner Hagenes caught the other trio off guard with a well timed attack and held onto his advantage despite a spirited effort in the chase by Andresen, who would go on to win the sprint for second place. Welsford led the peloton home in fifth, while Van Uden held on for ninth after a good leadout by the team.

Tobias Lund Andresen wins the sprint for second place. Photo: Cor Vos

Lund Andresen said: “We were in the front the whole day, taking control of the race. Cambers was the key point and we entered all the way in the front to control the pace. Then on the lap until entering the VAM-berg, we covered the moves and entered in the front again. From there it was echelons and attacks the whole way, where we were always represented. I made it into the final break, trying to do as little as possible as we could play the card of Sam behind but in the deep finale I made a huge mistake when Hagenes attacked. To not go on to take the win with the boys cleaning up from the back is disappointing. It’s another day where we were hungry for a victory and the motivation and was super high from everyone. We’re motivated to get back on that top step next time.”

Team DSM coach Roy Curvers continued: “I think we had control over the bunch all day pretty much. First we controlled an early break then we were present in the first part of the bunch after the climbs. When it split into echelons we were also present with several guys. It turned into an attacking game which ended up with Tobias alongside three other guys at the front. It was a good situation for us as we didn’t have to ride full in the front or in the back with Sam behind. In the final, Hagenes got some space with a well timed attack and the other two guys looked Tobias a bit to close it as he was the fastest in the group. It’s a bit of a pity to have to be satisfied with second, but if we race like this again and play it well in the final then we can definitely win races in this way too. Sam also sprinting to fifth from the bunch after a good leadout by the guys is also something that should give us confidence for the races to come.”

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Complete Results:

143.2 kilometers raced at an average speed of 45.947 km/hr

1 Per Strand Hagenes Jumbo-Visma 3hr 7min 0sec
2 Tobias Lund Andresen Team DSM @ 8sec
3 Adam De Vos Human Powered Health s.t.
4 Florian Vermeersch Lotto Dstny s.t.
5 Sam Welsford Team DSM 0:32
6 Milan Menten Lotto Dstny s.t.
7 Jenthe Biermans Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
8 Gerben Thijssen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
9 Casper Van Uden Team DSM s.t.
10 Vito Braet Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
11 Dries Van Gestel TotalEnergies s.t.
12 Hugo Hofstetter Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
13 Rory Townsend Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
14 Lindsay De Vylder Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
15 Victor Broex Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
16 Matyas Kopecky Novo Nordisk s.t.
17 Lars Loohuis ABloc CT s.t.
18 Simon Dehairs Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
19 Nick Van Der Meer VolkerWessels s.t.
20 Rüdiger Selig Lotto Dstny s.t.
21 Alec Segaert Lotto Dstny s.t.
22 Madis Mihkels Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
23 Gil D'Heygere Beat Cycling s.t.
24 Tim Torn Teutenberg Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling s.t.
25 Cériel Desal Bingoal-WB s.t.
26 Joren Bloem TDT-Unibet s.t.
27 Aaron Van Poucke Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
28 Nathan Vandepitte Bingoal-WB s.t.
29 Colin Joyce Human Powered Health s.t.
30 Victor Campenaerts Lotto Dstny s.t.
31 Ward Vanhoof Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
32 Timo Roosen Jumbo-Visma s.t.
33 Gage Hecht Human Powered Health s.t.
34 Roy Hoogendoorn Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
35 Andreas Stokbro Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling s.t.
36 James Fouche Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
37 Geoffrey Soupe TotalEnergies s.t.
38 Sander De Pestel Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
39 Andrii Ponomar Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
40 Frederik Frison Lotto Dstny s.t.
41 Stijn Daemen Beat Cycling s.t.
42 Sean Flynn Team DSM s.t.
43 Niklas Märkl Team DSM s.t.
44 Martins Pluto ABloc CT s.t.
45 Tijmen Eising VolkerWessels s.t.
46 Tosh Van Der Sande Jumbo-Visma s.t.
47 Sebastian Schönberger Human Powered Health s.t.
48 Jos Van Emden Jumbo-Visma s.t.
49 Cedric Pries Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling s.t.
50 Luke Mudgway Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
51 Lennard Hofstede Jumbo-Visma s.t.
52 Michel Hessman Jumbo-Visma s.t.
53 Arjen Livyns Lotto Dstny s.t.
54 Alex Colman Team Flanders-Baloise s.t.
55 Charles-Etienne Chrétien Human Powered Health s.t.
56 Tibor Del Grosso Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
57 Jochem Kerckhaert Beat Cycling s.t.
58 Bert-Jan Lindeman VolkerWessels 0:44
59 Luca Mozzato Arkéa-Samsic 0:53
60 Rick Ottema Allinq Continental 1:01
61 Tim Marsman Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
62 Dorian De Maeght Bingoal-WB s.t.
63 Dries De Pooter Intermarché-Circus-Wanty 1:03
64 Stephen Bassett Human Powered Health 1:06
65 Abram Stockman TDT-Unibet 1:15
66 Lorrenzo Manzin TotalEnergies s.t.
67 Emilien Jeannière TotalEnergies s.t.
68 Jelle Johannink ABloc CT s.t.
69 Andrea Peron Novo Nordisk s.t.
70 Ayco Bastiaens Alpecin-Deceuninck 2:41
71 Jesse Kramer Jumbo-Visma s.t.
72 Kasper Viberg Søgaard Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling 3:09
73 Nils Sinschek ABloc CT s.t.
74 Karl Patrick Lauk Bingoal-WB s.t.
75 Boy Van Poppel Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
76 Matthijs Büchli Beat Cycling s.t.
77 Tomas Kopecky TDT-Unibet s.t.
78 August Jensen Human Powered Health s.t.
79 Alexander Krieger Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
80 Alan Riou Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
81 Mathis Le Berre Arkéa-Samsic s.t.
82 Mathias Bregnhøj Leopard TOGT Pro Cycling s.t.
83 Axel Van Der Tuuk Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
84 Thomas Bonnet TotalEnergies s.t.
85 Timo Kielich Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
86 Jacob Scott Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.
87 Ludovic Robeet Bingoal-WB s.t.
88 Julius Johansen Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
89 Declan Irvine Novo Nordisk 5:21
90 Robin Lowik Allinq Continental s.t.
91 Thimo Willems VolkerWessels s.t.
92 Bjorn Koster Netherlands s.t.
93 Peter Kusztor Novo Nordisk s.t.
94 Redmar Dijkman Netherlands s.t.
95 Bram Dissel Beat Cycling s.t.
96 Adne Koster Netherlands s.t.
97 Luca De Meester Bingoal-WB s.t.
98 Arne Peters Allinq Continental s.t.
99 Elmar Abma Allinq Continental s.t.
100 Sam Gademan Allinq Continental s.t.
101 Wessel Lange Netherlands s.t.
102 Stijn Appel ABloc CT s.t.
103 Jordan Habets Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
104 Leon Heinschke Team DSM 5:24
105 Tom Paquot Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
106 Frank Van Den Broek ABloc CT 5:25
107 Marceli Boguslawski Alpecin-Deceuninck s.t.
108 Antti-Jussi Juntunen ABloc CT s.t.
109 Coen Vermeltfoort VolkerWessels 5:28
110 Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk Intermarché-Circus-Wanty s.t.
111 Wouter Toussaint TDT-Unibet s.t.
112 Tim Naberman Team DSM s.t.
113 Jason Tesson TotalEnergies s.t.
114 Yentl Vandevelde TDT-Unibet s.t.
115 Louis Blouwe Bingoal-WB 8:37
116 Bart Hordijk Metec-Solarwatt-Mantel s.t.
117 Harry Tanfield TDT-Unibet s.t.
118 Joonas Henttala Novo Nordisk s.t.
119 Logan Phippen Novo Nordisk s.t.
120 Guillaume Visser Beat Cycling s.t.
121 Jasper Schouten Allinq Continental 8:41
122 Sjors Dekker Netherlands s.t.
123 Rideon De Vries Netherlands s.t.
124 Jarno Mobach VolkerWessels s.t.
125 Matthew Bostock Bolton Equities-Black Spoke s.t.


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Start list back numbers, Saturday, March 11, 2023:

1 Dries Van Gestel
2 Fabien Grellier
3 Emilien Jeannière
4 Lorrenzo Manzin
5 Geoffrey Soupe
6 Jason Tesson
7 Thomas Bonnet
11 Ayco Bastiaens
12 Marceli Boguslawski
13 Dries De Bondt
14 Axel Laurance
15 Senne Leysen
16 Jensen Plowright
17 Timo Kielich
21 Dries De Pooter
22 Julius Johansen
23 Madis Mihkels
24 Tom Paquot
25 Gerben Thijssen
26 Boy Van Poppel
27 Roel Van Sintmaartensdijk
31 Per Strand Hagenes
32 Michel Hessman
33 Morten Nørtoft
34 Timo Roosen
35 Tosh Van Der Sande
36 Mick Van Dijke
37 Tim Van Dijke
41 Jenthe Biermans
42 Ewen Costiou
43 Hugo Hofstetter
44 Mathis Le Berre
45 Luca Mozzato
46 Laurent Pichon
47 Andrii Ponomar
51 Tobias Lund Andresen
52 Casper Van Uden
53 Sean Flynn
54 Leon Heinschke
55 Niklas Märkl
56 Tim Naberman
57 Sam Welsford
61 Louis Blouwe
62 Dorian De Maeght
63 Karl Patrick Lauk
64 Ludovic Robeet
65 Alexander Salby
66 Kenneth Van Rooy
67 Nathan Vandepitte
71 Matthew Bostock
72 Ryan Christensen
73 James Fouche
74 Aaron Gate
75 Luke Mudgway
76 Jacob Scott
77 Rory Townsend
81 Stephen Bassett
82 Charles-Etienne Chrétien
83 Sebastian Schönberger
84 Adam De Vos
85 August Jensen
86 Colin Joyce
87 Barnabas Peak
91 Victor Campenaerts
92 Frederik Frison
93 Arjen Livyns
94 Milan Menten
95 Alec Segaert
96 Florian Vermeersch
97 Rüdiger Selig
101 Ruben Apers
102 Vito Braet
103 Sander De Pestel
104 Lindsay De Vylder
105 Gilles De Wilde
106 Aaron Van Poucke
107 Ward Vanhoof
111 Sam Brand
112 Joonas Henttala
113 Matyas Kopecky
114 Peter Kusztor
115 Andrea Peron
116 Charles Planet
117 Umberto Poli
121 Stijn Appel
122 Bodi Del Grosso
123 Maxime Duba
124 Philip Heijnen
125 Luuk Herben
126 Jelle Johannink
127 Antti-Jussi Juntunen
131 Elmar Abma
132 Tim Bierkens
133 Robin Lowik
134 Rick Ottema
135 Aden Paterson
136 Arne Peters
137 Jasper Schouten
141 Matthijs Büchli
142 Gil D'Heygere
143 Stijn Daemen
144 Bram Dissel
145 Lucas Janssen
146 Jochem Kerckhaert
147 Guillaume Visser
151 Mathias Bregnhøj
152 Oliver Knudsen
153 Mads Østergaard
154 Andreas Stokbro
155 Tom Paquet
156 Cedric Pries
157 Tim Torn Teutenberg
161 Victor Broex
162 Tibor Del Grosso
163 Roy Hoogendoorn
164 Tim Marsman
165 Rens Tulner
166 Axel Van Der Tuuk
167 Hidde Van Veenendaal
171 Joren Bloem
172 Jordy Bouts
173 Martijn Budding
174 Tomas Kopecky
175 Abram Stockman
176 Wouter Toussaint
177 Yentl Vandevelde
181 Tijmen Eising
182 Bert-Jan Lindeman
183 Jarno Mobach
184 Timo De Jong
185 Nick Van Der Meer
186 Coen Vermeltfoort
187 Thimo Willems
191 Rideon De Vries
192 Sjors Dekker
193 Redmar Dijkman
194 Adne Koster
195 Wessel Lange
196 Elmar Reinders
197 Jaap Voogel