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Bike Racing News and Opinions

Mostly news, usually unfiltered reports directly from the teams, and some commentary on pro cycle racing, bikes, riding and anything else that we feel needs saying.

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January 27: UCI World Tour Rankings

December 2013:

Schedule of first races of 2014

June 2013

June 3: Santambrogio positive for EPO. More details

May 2013

May 18: Giro Stage 14 route changed. May 23: Stelvio and Gavia eliminated from stage 19. May 24: Stage 19 annuled, Di Luca postive for dope. More details

April 2013

April 16: Red Kite Prayer Kickstarter campaign. April 23: Alessandro Petacchi turns off the engines. Feds file lawsuit against Armstrong. April 29: Former World Road Champ Audrey McElmury passes away. April 30: Giro coverage plans More details.

March 2013:

March 31: Boonen crashes out of Flanders. More details.

February 2013:

February 4: Cyclists go to court and win a big one. February 9: Say it ain't so, Mario. February 15: Katusha wins, Schleck struggles. February 22: Armstrong VS U.S. Justice Department. February 24: Snow cancels some Euro races. More details

January 2013:

January 1: Planned January race coverage and what's new on the site. January 3: Fausto Coppi memorial. January 5: An Armstrong confession? January 9: Armstrong goes on TV. January 12: Lance to confess. Jan 14: Watch shoes being made. Jan 15: Lance does confess. Jan 16: Justice Department wants more from Lance. Jan 17: Link to watch Oprah/Armstrong interview on the web and Olympics doins'. January 18: This is a confession? January 19: Armstrong interview, part 2. January 28: Upcoming races. January 30: No Tour for Frank Schleck. more details

October 2012

October 1: UCI Rankings after Giro di Lombardia. Oct 10: USADA comes after Armstrong with all guns blazing. Oct 12: Bruyneel fired. Oct 21: Farewell Fiorenzo Magni. Oct 22: UCI confirms USADA decision to strip Armstrong of victories and ban him for life. Oct 24: 2013 Tour route revealed. more details

August 2012

August 24: Armstrong says he's giving up the fight. more details

July 2012

July 6: Garmin's Stage 6 misfortune, Tour withdrawals to date. July 7: Update to Tour withdrawals. July 10: Astonishing Wiggins. July 17: Frank Schleck dope positive. July 24: UCI World Tour rankings after the Tour de France. more details

June 2012

June 1: Did Scarponi's team cost him third place in the Giro? June 8: Bjarne Riis is back in business. June 14: Armstrong facing doping charges. June 24: Radio-Schack-Nissan meltdown. More details

May 2012:

May 6: Giro stage 2 in Denmark. May 8: Giro stage 3 crash video. May 28: Post-Giro World Tour rider, team and nation rankings. More details

April 2012:

April 9: UCI World Tour rankings after Paris-Roubaix. April 16: The Milan bike show moves from Milan. April 20: Contest for set of Giro history books. More details

March 2012

March 6: Site news, Strade Bianche equipment. March 12: New UCI rankings after Paris-Nice. March 22: More Tour of Catalonia woes. March 26: New UCI rankings. More details

February 2012

February 5: Armstrong skates. Contador stripped of Giro and Tour titles. February 8: More on Armstrong charges being dropped, Mallorca stage cancelled. February 13: You next bike may cost more. More details

January 2012

January 18: Hot new bikes, The Green Bullet is back, Tour Down Under. January 23: First UCI rankings of 2012. January 30: Jaw-dropping cyclocross worlds. More details

December 2011

December 15: Bikeraceinfo news

November 2011

November 2: Podium Cafe book contest. November 8: Bike company stock prices. More details

October 2011

October 8: The UCI did that? Please go home, Mr. McQuaid. October 12: GM versus bikes. October 13: GM loses. October 16: Giro route announced. Oct 17: UCI World Tour rankings. October 18: 2012 Tour route announced. October 26: Cycling Heroes review on Podim More details

August 2011

July 5: Farewell, HTC-Highroad. More details

July 2011

July 9: Bike Raceinfo and McGann Publishing news. July 19: Ban hard descents in the Tour? July 26: Giro boss gone. July 28: Green Jersey mean anything? More details

May 2011

May 21: More idle speculation, this time about US Postal. May 25: Tyler's confession. More details

April 2011

April 30: Idle speculation about Liège-Bastogne-Liège. More details

March 2011

March 17: More on radios. March 21: Another Giro history book. More details

February 2011

February 6: Get rid of the damn radios. February 15: Contador skates. More details.

January 2011

January 18: Upcoming races, trouble for Lance. January 20: Tour de France invitations. Contador no longer 2010 Tour victor. More details

December 2010

December 7: Money matters for bikies. December 17: Don't hit a bike rider unless you're rich. Dec 30: Who should have won the 1949 Paris-Roubaix? More details

November 2010

November 14: Sorry for the dead air time. November 16: Armstrong investigator in France. November 30: Watch Bobet, Coppi, Bartali, Kubler, Robic etc. More details

October 2010

October 1: Contador in trouble again. More details

September 2010

September 4: Herlihy strikes again. September 28: Interbike bike show More details

August 2010

August 3: Riis finds pot of gold, buys best racer in the world. August 5: Feds and Armstrong, other Postal riders talking. August 27: Cervelo and Garmin joining forces. August 28: Wait, there's more! August 30: Where's Thor? More details

July 2010

July 3: Landis tells lots more about team doping. June 6: TDF stage 2 crashes. June 7: Rider reactions after Tour stage 4. July 9: Rider reactions to stage 5. July 10: Feds moving quickly on Landis charges. July 16: Renshaw's TDF ejection, Stage 12 comments. July 19: Thoughts on Stage 15. July 21: Contador moves to Riis? July 27: Tour lessons? More details

June 2010

June 1: Valverde gets to see what justice looks like. June 10: Bike stuff getting more expensive? June 18: The big crash stink, No Radio Shack at the Vuelta. More details.

May 2010

May 4: Sometimes cheaters prosper, sometimes they don't. May 11: Giro rest day thoughts. May 20: Landis spills his guts. May 21: National Mandy Rice-Davies Day, a Landis update. May 27: Hot diggity! A new Les Woodland book. More on Landis. More details

April 2010

April 1: Giro field firms up. British cycling in trouble? April 7: Another police doping raid. April 20: Big races fill the last third of April calender. April 24: Last Classic. April 27: Vino and LBL. April 30: Cavendish sent packing. More details

March 2010

March 4: Mea Culpa, Challenge steps up to the plate, forthcoming races. March 7: Bike production moving from China? A day in Tuscany. March 9: Petacchi crashes while training. March 16: Valverde gets smacked by CAS. March 19: Armstrong out of M-SR. March 20: HTC-Columbia still behind Cavendish. March 22: Giro team invites. March 30: TDF team invites. More details

February 2010

February 1:Di Luca gets real penalty for doping. February 4: Welcome to Challenge tires. February 7: Franco Ballerini dies. February 9: Ullrich keeps gold, Schleck rests, Falling Sky. February 15: More Landis trouble. February 16: Landis responds to French charges. February 18: Arnie Baker also responds to French charges. More details

January 2010

January 4: Armstrong to Amstel, Coppi and Merckx. January 7: ASO takes over Dauphiné. January 9: Saxo Bank splits, Menchov skips Giro, Dr. Thompson to the Graybars Hotel. January 12: Riis finds some shekels. Oh no, Saiz wants back in. January 16: Fignon fights on, Valverde has CAS hearing, Rasmussen finds team. January 26: Schumacher loses appeal, Tour going to the Vendée, Lampre gets to keep racing. January 27: Big guys change their racing schedules. More details

December 2009

December 2: WADA unhappy with Valverde; no Kreuziger for Omega Pharm; Pereiro jerked around by Kazakhs? Armstrong to Tour Down Under. December 4: Tax man wants a piece of Bettini. December 7: Wiggins really stays, pro bikes in India, Bruyneel throws rocks at Contador. December 8: Radio Shack Jersey unveiled. December 9: Pereiro confirmed to Astana, Bak to Columbia. What? Wiggins is going to Sky? December 10: Yes, Wiggins to Sky. December 13: Assorted rants. December 15: Evans to contest Giro. December 18: Vuelta jersey doins'. December 20: Some independent internal controls ending. December 24: No Tour de Georgia. More details

November 2009

November 1: Evans off to BMC. November 7: News from Saxo and Jef Mallett. November 11: Contador staying? November 16: Contador, Astana and Specialized, BFF? November 18: Rebellin squalificato. November 19: Contador stays put. November 21: Merckx supplies Quick Step, Liquigas-Doimo roster settled. November 22: Maybe Wiggins signs with Sky. Maybe not. November 24: More trouble for Astana while Armstrong builds a fortress. November 25: Astana might be in the clear. November 27: Saxo adjusts roster, Brard retires. November 28: Bye-bye radios. November 29: Gent 6-day over, Vaughters gets sponsor, Lampre gets rider. More details

October 2009

October 5: Weird UCI doping accusations, Valverde ends season, get rid of the radios, test and re-test. Oct. 12: Tour and Giro route leaks, AFLD and UCI spat, Vino says nyet. Oct 13: Frank Vandenbrouck dies. Oct 16: It's a go for Radio Shack, More Operacion Puerto delays. October 21: Tour route thoughts. Oct 23: Contador can split? Oct. 24: Yes, Contador can go. Oct 28: Want to buy Mavic? Oct 31: Grand Tour riders in flux. KOM coming back. More details

September 2009

September 1: Contador stuck? McEwen ends season. Sept 2: Rider team transfer news and guesses. Sept 2: Electronic shifting, good for the sport? Sept 10: SKY cycling team takes shape. Astarloza pleads innocent. Sept 14: Ukrainians, an Italian and dope. Sept 18: Buncha stuff: Contador, Team Sky, more Iberian doping. Sept. 22: Showtime, Worlds, Contador. Sept. 24: Kill the radios? Sept. 30: UCI team doings More details

August 2009

Aug 3: UCI releases rider, team, nations rankings. Aug 5: Vino returns. August 7: Di Luca third dope positive. Aug. 12: Di Luca Sacked, Caisse d'Epargne works on signing Contador, Vino4ever. Aug. 13: Rider team transfer rumors. August 17: UCI rankings after Vattenfall Cyclassics. Aug. 20: Updated rider team transfer rumor mill. Aug. 24: Vino's racing in Spain, Clean Tour?, Petacchi on Pro Tour team. Aug. 25: New UCI rankings for riders, teams and nations. Aug. 31: New UCI rankings. More details

July 2009

Alberto Contador turns down Astana offer. Astarloza, Di Luca dope postives. Armstrong's new team is Radio Shack. More details

January - May 2009

I've collected all the news bits in the 2009 race results page and moved them here.

All of 2008

All the news stories from 2008 are on this page