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French Professional (Elite) Road Champions



2nd Place

3rd Place

1907 Gustave Garrigou Henri Lignon Louis Trousselier
1908 Gustave Garrigou Louis Trousselier Maurice Brocco
1909 Jean Alavoine Henri Lignon Edouard Leonard
1910 Emile Georget Maurice Brocco Lucien Petit-Breton       
1911 Octave Lapize Gustave Garrigou Jean Alavoine
1912 Octave Lapize Louis Engel Charles Charron
1913 Octave Lapize Maurice Brocco Charles Crupelandt
1914 Charles Crupelandt Emile engel Maurice Brocco
1919 Henri Pelissier Honore Barthelemy      Maurice Brocco
1920 Jean Alavoine Henri Pelissier Maurice Brocco
1921 Francis Pelissier Henri Pelissier Romain Bellenger
1922 Jean Brunier Marcel Godard Jean Alavoine
1923 Francis Pelissier Romain Bellenger Henri Pelissier
1924 Francis Pelissier Henri Pelissier Georges Cuvelier
1925 Achille Souchard Francis Pelissier Romain Bellenger
1926 Achille Souchard Francis Pelissier Ferdinand Le Drogo
1927 Ferdinand Le Drogo Charles Pelissier Maurice Bonney
1928 Ferdinand Le Drogo Andre Leducq Andre Raynaud
1929 Marcel Bidot Jean Bidot Andre Leducq
1930 Roger Bisseron Charles Pelissier Ferdinand Le Drogo
1931 Armand Blachonnet Francis Pelissier Andre Leducq
1932 Andre Godinat Antonin Magne Benoit Faure
1933 Roger Lapebie Antonin Magne Georges Speicher
1934 Raymond Louviot Antonin Magne Andre Godinat
1935 Georges Speicher Rene Le Greves Jules Merviel
1936 Rene Le Greves Antonin Magne Louis Thietard
1937 Georges Speicher Rene Le Greves Joseph Soffietti
1938 Paul Maye Sylvain Marcaillou Marcel Laurent
1939 Georges Speicher Louis Thietard Fabien Galateau
Occupied Zone
Albert Goutal Gerard Virol Lucien Lauk
Free zone
Rene Vietto Dante Gianello Victor Pernac
1942 Emile Idee Raymond Louviot Lucien Le Guevel
1943 Paul Maye Benoit Faure Lucien Lauk
1944 Urbain Caffi Lucien Teisseire Emile Idee
1945 Eloi Tassin Paul Maye Joseph Goutorbe
1946 Louis Caput Joseph Soffietti Kleber Piot
1947 Emile Idee Jean De Gribaldy Lucien Lauk
1948 Cesar Marcelak Raymond Louviot Paul Giguet
1949 Jean Rey Camille Danguillaume Attilio Redolfi
1950 Louison Bobet Antonin Rolland Emile Idee
1951 Louison Bobet Pierre Barbotin Roger Buchonnet
1952 Adolphe Deledda Jean Baldassari Bernard Gauthier
1953 Raphael Geminiani Antonin Rolland Louison Bobet
1954 Jacques Dupont Robert Varnajo Pierre Molinaris
1955 Andre Darrigade Louison Bobet Louis Caput
1956 Bernard Gauthier Rene Privat Louison Bobet
1957 Valentin Huot Marcel Rohrbach Jean Forestier
1958 Valentin Huot Raphael Geniniani Francois Mahe
1959 Henri Anglade Jean Forestier Rene Privat
1960 Jean Stablinski Louis Rostollan Andre Darrigade
1961 Raymond Poulidor Jean Stablinski Guy Ignolin
1962 Jean Stablinski Marcel Rohrbach Anatole Novak
1963 Jean Stablinski Guy Ignolin Jacques Anquetil
1964 Jean Stablinski Georges Groussard André Fouche
1965 Henry Anglade Raymond Poulidor Jacques Anquetil
1966 Jean-Claude Theilliere       Jean Stablinski Andre Foucher
1967 No title, Letort disqualified Lucien Aimar Raymond Riotte
1968 Lucien Aimar Roger Pingeon Michel Perin
1969 Raymond Delisle Maurice Izier Bernard Guyot
1970 No title, Gutty disqualified Cyrille Guimard Christain Raymond
1971 No title, Hezard disqualified Dumont (Disqualified) Cyrille Guimard
1972 Roland Berland Bernard Guyot Michel Perin
1973 Bernard Thevenet Regis Ovion Claude Tollet
1974 Georges Talbourdet Alain santy Bernard Bourreau
1975 Regis Ovion Alain Santy Gerard Moneyron
1976 Guy Sibille Alain Meslet Jean-Pierre Genet
1977 Marcel Tinazzi Rene Bittinger Andre Chalmel
1978 Bernard Hinault Jean-Rene Bernaudeau Gilbert Chaumaz
1979 Roland Berland Bernard Hinault Mariano Martinez
1980 Pierre-Raymond Villemiane Bernard Hinault Raymond Martin
1981 Serge Beucherie Bernard Vallet Hubert Linard
1982 Regis Clere Bernard Vallet Jacques Michaud
1983 Marc Gomez Jacques Michaud Jean-Rene Bernaudeau
1984 Laurent Fignon Eric Dall'Armellina Pascal Jules
1985 Jean-Claude Leclercq Charly Berard Martial Gayant
1986 Yvon Madiot Roland Leclercq Jean-Claude Bagot
1987 Marc Madiot Luc Leblanc Martial Gayant
1988 Eric Caritoux Marc Madiot Gilbert Duclos-Lassalle
1989 Eric Caritoux Laurent Bezault Martial Gayant
1990 Philippe Louviot Pascal Dubois Christophe Manin
1991 Armand de las Cuevas Thierry Claveyrolat Gerard Rue
1992 Luc Leblanc Thierry Marie Jean-Claude Colotti  
1993 Jacky Durand Laurent Brochard Francisque Teyssier
1994 Jacky durand Frederic Moncassin Christophe Capelle
1995 Eddy Seigneur Jean-Claude Colotti Laurent Maduas
1996 Stephane Heulot Laurent Roux Frederic Guesdon
1997 Stephane Barthe Damien Nazon Frank Morelle
1998 Laurent Jalabert Luc Leblanc Richard Virenque
1999 Francois Simon Pascal Herve Cedric Vasseur
2000 Christophe Capelle Jacky Durand Anthony Morin
2001 Didier Rous Walter Beneteau Arnaud Pretot
2002 Nicolas Vogondy Nicolas Jalabert Patrice Halgand
2003 Didier Rous Richard Virenque Patrice Halgand
2004 Thomas Voeckler
5hr 36min 38sec
Cyril Dessel
Benoit Salmon
2005 Pierrick Fedrigo
5hr 48min 59sec
Laurent Brochard
@ 1min 38sec
Nicolas Jalabert
2006 Florent Brard
5hr 52min 52sec
Thomas Voeckler
@ 21sec
Didier Rous
2007 Christophe Moreau
6hr 6min 25sec
Pierrick Fedrigo
@ 2min 19sec
Patrice Halgand
@ 2min 21sec
2008 Nicolas Vogondy
6hr 3min 2sec
Arnaud Coyot
@ 36sec
Julien Loubet
@ 42sec
2009 Dimitri Champion
6hr 5min 55sec
Anthony Geslin
@ 5sec
Anthony Roux
@ s.t.
2010 Thomas Voeckler
239 km in
5hr 53min 15sec
Christophe Le Mevel
@ s.t.
Mickaël Delage
@ 10sec
2011 Sylvain Chavanel
234.5 km in 6hr 0min 25sec
Anthony Roux
@ 38sec
Thomas Voeckler
@ 42sec
2012 Nacer Bouhanni
256.2 km in 5hr 42min 43sec
Arnaud Démare
@ s.t.
Adrien Petit
@ s.t.
2013 Arthur Vichot
251.5 km in 6hr 4min 38sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ 4sec
Tony Gallopin
@ 13sec
2014 Arnaud Démare
251.7 km in 5hr 44min 48sec
Nacer Bouhanni
@ s.t.
Kévin Réza
@ s.t.
2015 Steven Tronet
247 km in 5hr 58min 11sec
Tony Gallopin
@ 3sec
Sylvain Chavanel
@ s.t.