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1939 Paris - Roubaix

40th edition: Sunday, April 9, 1939

Paris-Roubaix podium history | 1943 edition | 1938 edition

250 km. 171 starters and 68 classified finishers

Twenty kilometers from the finish, Emile Masson Jr was slightly ahead of a powerful quartet of Mercier riders: Marcel Kint, Roger Lapébie, Maurice Archambaud and Cyrille Van Overberghe. Masson drove on and crossed the finish line in Roubaix a minute and a half in front of his chasers.

Emile Masson, jr

Emile Masson, jr

Complete Results:

  1. Emile Masson, Jr (Alcyon-Dunlop) 7hr 17min 30sec. 35.93 km/hr
  2. Marcel Kint (Mercier-Hutchinson) @ 1min 30sec
  3. Roger Lapébie (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  4. Maurice Archambaud (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  5. Cyrille Van Overberghe (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  6. Sylvain Grysolle (Dilecta-Wolber) @ 3min 8sec
  7. Robert Wierinckx (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  8. Albert Hendrickx (Labor-Dunlop) s.t.
  9. Antonin Magne s.t.
  10. Noël Declercq s.t.
  11. Gerrit Schulte (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  12. Theo Pirmez s.t.
  13. Jean Majerus (Ruche) @ 4min 25sec
  14. Camille Beeckman (Helyett-Hutchinson) @ 4min 59sec
  15. Georges Speicher (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  16. Albertin Disseaux (Helyett-Hutchinson) @ 5min 55sec
  17. Joseph Soffietti (Terrot-Hutchinson) s.t.
  18. René Le Greves (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  19. Lucien Lauk (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  20. Maurice Clautier (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  21. Charles Berty (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  22. Georges Dubreuil (A. Magne-Mercier-Hutchinson s.t.
  23. Séverin Virgili s.t.
  24. Hubert Sijen s.t.
  25. Raymond Passat (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  26. Marcel Van Houtte (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  27. Achiel Buysse (Dilecta-Wolber) s.t.
  28. Cyrille Dubois s.t.
  29. Fernand Mithouard s.t.
  30. Pierre Cloarec (Leducq-Mercier) s.t.
  31. Piet Van Nek (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  32. Paul Egli (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 6min 35sec
  33. Omer Thys (France Sport-Wolber) @ 6min 54sec
  34. Amédée Fournier @ 7min 15sec
  35. Adelin Van Simaeys s.t.
  36. Robert Van Eenaeme (Armor) s.t.
  37. Adhémar Brabant (Lucien Michard-Hutchinson) s.t.
  38. Hubert Deltour (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 8min 5sec
  39. Pierre Jaminet (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  40. Marcel Claeys (La Française) s.t.
  41. Albert T'Jollyn @ 9min 19sec
  42. Marcel Laurent (Alcyon-Dunlop) @ 9min 20sec
  43. René Walschoot s.t.
  44. Décimo Bettini (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  45. Gustave Deloor (Colin) s.t.
  46. André Deforge (France Sport-Wolber) s.t.
  47. Gérard Virol (Alcyon-Dunlop) s.t.
  48. Georges Meunier (Mercier-Hutchinson) s.t.
  49. Arthur Debruyckere s.t.
  50. Jan Staeren (Labor-Dunlop) @ 12min 53sec
  51. Alfred Letourneur @ 15min 55sec
  52. Louis Noen s.t.
  53. Jean Fréchaut s.t.
  54. Jérôme Dufromont s.t.
  55. Albert Ritsrveldt (De Dion) s.t.
  56. Médard Barbe s.t.
  57. Frans Spiessens @ 16min 42sec
  58. René Van Hove s.t.
  59. Léon Le Calvez s.t.
  60. Auguste Toubeau s.t.
  61. André Defroot s.t.
  62. Maurits Raes s.t.
  63. Roger Gyselinck s.t.
  64. Jozef Torfs s.t.
  65. Constant Lauwers s.t.
  66. Henri Sesier s.t.
  67. Karel Kaers s.t.
  68. Lucien Bidinger s.t.