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2008 Omloop Het Volk (HC)

This race is now "Omloop Het Nieuwsblad"

61st edition: March 1, 2008

Omloop Het-Volk podium history | 2007 edition | 2009 edition

Race story | Complete results | Course map

Ghent-Ghent, 199 km / 40.417 km/hr
199 starters / 143 classified finishers

Philippe Gilbert

Winner Philippe Gilbert (shown winning the 2006 edition of Omloop Het Volk)

The race: It was a nice, sunny day for a bicycle race.

Not very long after the start six riders were off the front. The pack wasn't too worried about the sextet and after 56 kilometers the group had an 8min 30sec lead.

Along the way, several crashes marred the racing. Among the fallen were Rik Verbrugghe and Frederik Veuchelen.

Though there were several attacks from the chasing field, it was on the Eikenberg climb, with fifty kilometers remaining, that the decisive move occurred. 2006 Omloop Het Volk winner Philippe Gilbert blasted off the front. Cofidis rider Nick Nuyens, a strong racer, tried to catch Gilbert's wheel, but couldn't.

Gilbert was enjoying a period of extraordinary fitness and strength. He was able to use the next climb, the Wolvenberg, to increase his lead.

A chase group with Fabian Cancellara, Thor Hushovd, Nick Nuyens and others formed and tried to catch the fleeing Gilbert. Up front, Gilbert had caught the early break and now had some help.

With 22 kilometers remaining, Gilbert dropped everyone and was now off the front, alone with the Cancellara group chasing a full minute back.

And that's the way the race finished, with the powerful Gilbert finishing alone, a minute ahead of the first chaser, Nick Nuyens.

It was an extraordinary performance. Bravo.

Complete results:

1 Philippe Gilbert  FDJ 4hr 55min 25sec
2 Nick Nuyens  Cofidis @ 58sec
3 Thor Hushovd  Crédit Agricole @ 1min 6sec
4 Yuriy Krivtsov  Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
5 Aleksandr Kuschynski  Liquigas 1min 12sec
6 Nicolas Jalabert  Agritubel 1min 1sec
7 Leif Hoste  Silence-Lotto s.t.
8 Allan Johansen  Team CSC 1min 16sec
9 Jan Kuyckx  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner 1min 53sec
10 Arnaud Gérard  FDJ s.t.
11 Sébastien Minard  Cofidis s.t.
12 Michael Friedman  Garmin-Chipotle 1min 58sec
13 Fabian Cancellara  Team CSC 2min 7sec
14 Markus Eichler  Team Milram 4min 26sec
15 Maarten Tjallingii  Silence-Lotto 4min 31sec
16 Wouter Weylandt  Quick Step 4min 37sec
17 Nico Sijmens  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
18 Murilo Antonio Fischer  Liquigas s.t.
19 Anders Lund  Team CSC s.t.
20 Roy Sentjens  Silence-Lotto s.t.
21 Steven Caethoven  Agritubel s.t.
22 Floris Goesinnen  Skil-Shimano s.t.
23 Kevyn Ista  Agritubel 4min 49sec
24 Max Van Heeswijk  Willems Veranda's s.t.
25 Koen Barbe  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
26 Geert Verheyen  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
27 Ralf Grabsch  Team Milram s.t.
28 Filip Meirhaeghe  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
29 Lloyd Mondory  Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
30 Huub Duyn  Garmin-Chipotle s.t.
31 Dmitriy Muravyev  Astana s.t.
32 Christophe Laurent  Garmin-Chipotle s.t.
33 Andy Cappelle  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
34 Kevin Neirynck  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
35 William Bonnet  Crédit Agricole s.t.
36 Sylvain Chavanel  Cofidis s.t.
37 Laszlo Bodrogi  Crédit Agricole s.t.
38 Mathieu Ladagnous  FDJ s.t.
39 Tom Veelers  à 6'32" Skil-Shimano 6min 32sec
40 Wilfried Cretskens  Quick Step s.t.
41 Kurt Hovelynck  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
42 Steffen Wesemann  Collstrop s.t.
43 Mathieu Criquielion  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
44 Stijn Ennekens  Willems Veranda's s.t.
45 Roger Hammond  High Road s.t.
46 Michael Schär  Astana s.t.
47 Evert Verbist  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
48 Mauro Da Dalto  Liquigas s.t.
49 Jimmy Casper  Agritubel s.t.
50 Preben Van Hecke  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
51 Emilien-Benoît Bergès  Agritubel s.t.
52 Staf Scheirlinckx  Cofidis s.t.
53 Jurgen Roelandts  Silence-Lotto s.t.
54 Arnaud Labbé  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
55 Martin Elmiger  Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
56 Jason Donald  Garmin-Chipotle s.t.
57 Gabriel Rasch  Crédit Agricole s.t.
58 Gerben Löwik  Rabobank s.t.
59 Sébastien Hinault  Crédit Agricole s.t.
60 Mathew Hayman  Rabobank s.t.
61 Martin Müller  Team Milram s.t.
62 Enrico Poitschke  Team Milram s.t.
63 Stijn Vandenbergh Ag2r-La Mondiale 6min 35sec
64 Frédéric Guesdon  FDJ s.t.
65 Enrico Franzoi  Liquigas s.t.
66 Joost Posthuma  Rabobank s.t.
67 Mickaël Delage  FDJ s.t.
68 Guennadi Mikhailov  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
69 Stijn Devolder  Quick Step s.t.
70 Serguei Ivanov  Astana s.t.
71 Gorik Gardeyn  Silence-Lotto s.t.
72 Anthony Geslin  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
73 Steven De Jongh  Quick Step s.t.
74 Kevin De Weert  Cofidis s.t.
75 David Boucher  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
76 Lars Bak  Team CSC s.t.
77 Frank Höj  Cofidis s.t.
78 Juan Antonio Flecha  Rabobank s.t.
79 Tom Stubbe  FDJ s.t.
80 Gianni Meersman  FDJ s.t.
81 Gregory Rast  Astana s.t.
82 Johan Van Summeren  Silence-Lotto s.t.
83 Rik Verbrugghe  Cofidis s.t.
84 Frederik Willems  Liquigas s.t.
85 Tom Boonen  Quick Step s.t.
86 Niki Terpstra  Team Milram s.t.
87 Bram Tankink Rabobank 6min 38sec
88 Sebastian Langeveld  Rabobank s.t.
89 Kevin Hulsmans  Quick Step s.t.
90 Paolo Bettini  Quick Step s.t.
91 Koen De Kort Astana 6min 51sec
92 Kenny Van Braeckel Willems Veranda's 6min 54sec
93 Steven Cozza  Garmin-Chipotle s.t.
94 Dieter Cappelle  Willems Veranda's s.t.
95 Marco Marcato  Collstrop s.t.
96 Mirko Selvaggi  Collstrop s.t.
97 Tomas Buchacek  PSK Whirlpool s.t.
98 Aurélien Clerc  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
99 Sven Nevens  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
100 Alexandre Pichot  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
101 Tom Steels  Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner s.t.
102 Robert Wagner  Skil-Shimano s.t.
103 Sebastian Lang  Gerolsteiner s.t.
104 Paul Martens  Rabobank s.t.
105 Bart Van Heule  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
106 Mathieu Heijboer  Cofidis s.t.
107 Erki Pütsep  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
108 Jarno Van Mingeroet  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
109 Vytautas Kaupas Mitsubishi-Jartazi 9min 12sec
110 Jens Mouris  Mitsubishi-Jartazi s.t.
111 Renaud Dion Ag2r-La Mondiale 12min 33sec
112 Harald Starzengruber  Elk Haus-Simplon s.t.
113 Frederik Veuchelen  Topsport Vlaanderen s.t.
114 Jimmy Engoulvent Crédit Agricole 15min 10sec
115 Servais Knaven  High Road s.t.
116 Martin Velits  Team Milram s.t.
117 Rony Martias  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
118 Manuel Quinziato  Liquigas s.t.
119 Stéphane Poulhiès  Ag2r-La Mondiale s.t.
120 Sven Renders Topsport Vlaanderen 18min 19sec
121 Sjef De Wilde  Willems Veranda's s.t.
122 Jochen Summer  Elk Haus-Simplon s.t.
123 Steffen Radochla  Elk Haus-Simplon s.t.
124 Vicente Reynes  High Road s.t.
125 Daniel Musiol  Team Volksbank s.t.
126 Fabien Bacquet  Skil-Shimano s.t.
127 Tyler Farrar  Garmin-Chipotle s.t.
128 Léopold König  PSK Whirlpool s.t.
129 Vincent Jérôme  Bouygues Telecom s.t.
130 Aaron Kemps  Astana s.t.
131 Fumiyuki Beppu  Skil-Shimano s.t.
132 Bernhard Eisel  High Road s.t.
133 Sebastian Siedler  Skil-Shimano s.t.
134 Matti Breschel  Team CSC s.t.
135 Albert Timmer  Skil-Shimano s.t.
136 Kristof De Zutter  Willems Veranda's s.t.
137 Lucas Persson  Collstrop s.t.
138 Carlo Westphal  Gerolsteiner s.t.
139 Marcus Ljungqvist  Team CSC s.t.
140 Marc De Maar  Rabobank s.t.
141 Thomas Fothen  Gerolsteiner s.t.
142 David Kopp  Collstrop s.t.
143 André Greipel  High Road s.t.

2005 Omloop Het Volk map:

2008 Omloop Het Volk map