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2002 HEW Cyclassics (World Cup)

7th edition: Sunday, August 4, 2002
World Cup Round 6

Vatenfall (formerly HEW) Cyclassics podium history | 2001 edition | 2003 edition

253.2 kilometers / 44.216 km/hr
179 starters / 142 classified finishers

Johan Museeuw

Johan Museeuw wins 2002 HEW Cyclassics

Scheduled to ride: McEwen and Zabel meet again! Zabel will have Fagnini and Hondo with him. McEwen's Lottos will include Van Petegem and Eeckhout. Also riding in a steller field will be current World Cup leader Museeuw.

We'll see how Freire's fragile back is doing after his crash and withdrawal from the Tour. Gilberto Simoni will be in his first race after his clearance on doping charges in the Giro. Van Bon, Bettini, Tafi, Di Luca, Dekker, Jalabert, Baldato, Rebellin, Hincapie, Boy-Wonder Tom Boonen, Beloki, De Galdeano and Olano should also be there. Bartoli is racing after his broken pelvis in the Giro, but is not up to a World Cup day yet.

Complete results:

DNF: McEwen, Boonen, Beloki

1 Johan Museeuw (Domo-Farm Frites) 5hr 43min 35sec
2 Igor Astarloa (Saeco) s.t.
3 Davide Rebellin (Gerolsteiner) s.t.
4 Paolo Bettini (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
5 George Hincapie (US Postal Service) s.t.
6 Fabio Baldato (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
7 Cristian Moreni (Alessio) s.t.
8 Andrea Ferrigato (Alessio) @ 2sec
9 Danilo Di Luca (Saeco) @ 3sec
10 Romans Vainsteins (Domo-Farm Frites) @ 12sec
11 Danilo Hondo (Telekom) @ 14sec
12 Giovanni Lombardi (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
13 Mirko Celestino (Saeco) s.t.
14 Gianluca Bortolami (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
15 Sébastien Hinault (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
16 Sven Teutenberg (Phonak) s.t.
17 Markus Zberg (Rabobank) s.t.
18 Fabrizio Guidi (Coast) s.t.
19 Werner Riebenbauer (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
20 Olaf Pollack (Gerolsteiner) s.t.
21 Nicola Loda (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
22 Gabriele Balducci (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
23 Thor Hushovd (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
24 Martin Hvastija (Alessio) s.t.
25 Oscar Freire Gomez (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
26 Cédric Vasseur (Cofidis) s.t.
27 Fabio Sacchi (Saeco) s.t.
28 Arvis Piziks (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
29 Lars Michaelsen (Coast) s.t.
30 Steffen Radochla (Coast) s.t.
31 Jo Planckaert (Cofidis) s.t.
32 Christian Heule (Cologne) s.t.
33 Jürgen Werner (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
34 Mauro Radaelli (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
35 Andreas Klöden (Telekom) s.t.
36 Jose Ivan Gutierrez ( s.t.
37 Salvatore Commesso (Saeco) s.t.
38 Nico Mattan (Cofidis) s.t.
39 Stefan Van Dijk (Lotto-Adecco) s.t.
40 Marco Zanotti (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
41 Franck Renier (Bonjour) s.t.
42 Emmanuel Magnien (Bonjour) s.t.
43 Oscar Camenzind (Phonak) s.t.
44 Peter Farazijn (Cofidis) s.t.
45 Dmitri Fofonov (Cofidis) s.t.
46 Janek Tombak (Cofidis) s.t.
47 Rubens Bertogliati (Lampre-Daikin) s.t.
48 Chris Peers (Cofidis) s.t.
49 Paolo Bossoni (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
50 Sergey Ivanov (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
51 Dmitri Gaynitdinov (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
52 Roberto Petito (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
53 Andrea Tafi (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
54 Mauro Gianetti (Coast) s.t.
55 Juan Antonio Flecha ( s.t.
56 Peter Van Petegem (Lotto-Adecco) s.t.
57 Tristan Hoffman (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
58 Abraham Olano (ONCE-Eroski) s.t.
59 Matteo Tosatto (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
60 Isidro Nozal Vega (ONCE-Eroski) s.t.
61 Peter Wrolich (Gerolsteiner) s.t.
62 Piotr Wadecki (Domo-Farm Frites) s.t.
63 Tomas Konecny (Domo-Farm Frites) s.t.
64 Franck Bouyer (Bonjour) s.t.
65 Walter Beneteau (Bonjour) s.t.
66 Ludo Dierckxsens (Lampre-Daikin) s.t.
67 Daniele Nardello (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
68 René Haselbacher (Gerolsteiner) s.t.
69 Paul Van Hyfte (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
70 Laurent Jalabert (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
71 Raphael Schweda (Coast) s.t.
72 Hans De Clercq (Lotto-Adecco) s.t.
73 Bert Grabsch (Phonak) s.t.
74 Eddy Mazzoleni (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
75 Jakob Storm Piil (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
76 Erik Dekker (Rabobank) s.t.
77 Erik Zabel (Telekom) s.t.
78 Andrea Brognara (Alessio) s.t.
79 Julian Dean (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
80 Gorik Gardeyn (Lotto-Adecco) s.t.
81 Mathew Hayman (Rabobank) s.t.
82 Andreas Klier (Telekom) s.t.
83 Christopher Jenner (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
84 Harald Morscher (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
85 Gilberto Simoni (Saeco) s.t.
86 Nico Eeckhout (Lotto-Adecco) s.t.
87 Martin Elmiger (Phonak) s.t.
88 Massimo Giunti (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
89 Rafael Diaz Justo (ONCE-Eroski) s.t.
90 Frank Høj (Coast) s.t.
91 Steven De Jongh (Rabobank) s.t.
92  Henricus Knaven (Domo-Fram Frites) s.t.
93 Daniele Bennati (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
94 François Simon (Bonjour) s.t.
95 Davide Bramati (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
96 Massimo Apollonio (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
97 Médéric Clain (Cofidis) @ 3min 57sec
98 Stefano Casagrande (Alessio) s.t.
99 Alexandre Usov (Phonak) s.t.
100 Christian Pfannberger (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
101 Diego Ferrari (Tacconi Sport-Emmegi) s.t.
102 Zbigniew Spruch (Lampre-Daikin) s.t.
103 Dariusz Baranowski ( s.t.
104 Saulius Ruskys (Gerolsteiner) s.t.
105 Dylan Casey (US Postal Service) s.t.
106 Jan Boven (Rabobank) s.t.
107 László Bodrogi (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
108 Dmitri Konyshev (Fassa Bortolo) s.t.
109 Benoît Poilvet (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
110 Simone Masciarelli (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
111 Alexandre Moos (Phonak) s.t.
112 Thierry Marichal (Lotto-Adecco) @ 5min 7sec
113 Mikel Pradera Rodriguez (ONCE-Eroski) s.t.
114 Matthé Pronk (Rabobank) @ 5min 10sec
115 Federico Giabbecucci (Acqua & Sapone) @ 8min 17sec
116 Stefan Kupfernagel (Phonak) s.t.
117 Jan Schaffrath (Telekom) s.t.
118 Rolf Aldag (Telekom) s.t.
119 Gian Matteo Fagnini (Telekom) s.t.
120 Guido Trenti (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
121 David Zabriskie (US Postal Service) s.t.
122 Geert Van Bondt (CSC-Tiscali) s.t.
123 Matthew White (US Postal Service) s.t.
124 Marzio Bruseghin ( s.t.
125 Thomas Liese (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
126 André Korff (Coast) s.t.
127 Jose Luis Arrieta Lujambio ( s.t.
128 Christian Werner (Nürnberger Versicherung) s.t.
129 David Clinger (US Postal Service) s.t.
130 Pietro Caucchioli (Alessio) s.t.
131 Mariano Piccoli (Lampre-Daikin) s.t.
132 Martin Derganc (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
133 Kyrylo Pospyeyev (Acqua & Sapone) s.t.
134 Frédéric Bessy (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
135 Luca Paolini (Mapei-Quick Step) s.t.
136 Leon Van Bon (Domo-Farm Frites) s.t.
137 Bram De Groot (Rabobank) s.t.
138 Anthony Langella (Crédit Agricole) s.t.
139 Damien Nazon (Bonjour) s.t.
140 Sebastian Lang (Gerolsteiner) @ 8min 39sec
141 Sylvain Chavanel (Bonjour) @ 11min 45sec
142 Robert Förster (Nürnberger Versicherung) @ 14min 42sec