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1998 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

18th edition, August 8, 1998
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1999 edition | 1997 edition

August 8, 1998: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 232 km.

Francesco Casagrande

Winner Francesco Casagrande wins ahead of Axel Merckx

The race: Here's the UCI summary:

Bicycle History

The Classico San Sebastian, the sixth of the ten UCI World Cup races, started from the seafront of San Sebastian. 186 riders from 24 teams started the race, with Michele Bartoli (Asics) wearing the special UCI World Cup leader's jersey.

The weather was hot and the 232km with two big climbs would make for some hard racing.

Early attacker of the day was Frenchman Frederic Vasseur (FRA, Credit Agricole). He broke clear alone after just 24km and stayed away for 143km. This attack was a move to display the colours of his new sponsor Credit Agricole, who took over sponsorship from Gan after the Tour de France.

Vasseur gained a maximum lead of almost 20 minutes but was swept up with 55km remaining as the peloton approached the decisive climb of Alto de Jaizkibel (455m).

On the 8km climb, after an attack by world number one Laurent Jalabert (FRA, Once) (see UCI Rankings as opposed to UCI World Cup Standings - ed), the Cofidis team set the pace with Armin Meier stretching out the peloton. With four kilometers to go to the treeless summit, as the climb rose at 8%, Italian Francesco Casagrande took over from his Cofidis team mate Meier, and with a daunting attack splintered the field.

After he had pushed the pace for two kilometres, only Merckx and Piepoli could hang on to Casagrande's wheel. Last year's winner Davide Rebellin (ITA, Team Polti), Bobby Julich (USA, Cofidis) and Paolo Savoldelli (ITA, Saeco) chased behind. At the summit of the climb, the three attackers clung onto a 20 second lead.

On the winding descent a chase group of 15 riders formed behind Casagrande, Merckx and Piepoli. At one point, the chase group got to 15 seconds behind but since it included several team mates of the three attackers, only the Mapei team worked to close the gap.

With 18km to go, Daniele Nardello (ITA, Mapei) jumped away to try to cross the growing gap. He was joined by team mate Andrea Tafi, Max Sciandri (La Francaise des Jeux) and Angel Luis Casero (Vitalicio Seguros). However even this talented group chased in vain, as the leader's margin of over a minute proved impregnable.
On the run-in to the finish , Casagrande was clearly the strongest. Every time he took a turn at the front, Merckx and Piepoli suffered to stay on his wheel.

At the finish along the seafront, all three riders jumped at the same time. Casagrande was on the left, with Merckx in the middle and Piepoli on the right. It was Merckx's 26th birthday today and he clearly wanted to win but Casagrande was a lot stronger and easily passed the tall Belgian before the line. He won by three bike lengths and had time to blow a kiss to the crowd and raise his arms in the air.

With the hundred points awarded for winning, Casagrande moved into second place in the UCI World Cup standings behind Michele Bartoli (ITA, Asics). Third is Franco Ballerini (Mapei-Bricobi), with Emmanuel Magnien (La Francaise des Jeux) fourth.

Complete Results:

192 starters, 132 classified finishers

232 kilometers raced at an average speed of 40.495 km/hr

1 Francesco Casagrande  Cofidis 5hr 43min 4sec
2 Axel Merckx  Polti s.t.
3 Leonardo Piepoli  Saeco-Estro @ 2sec
4 Andrea Tafi  Mapei-Bricobi 1'15"
5 Daniele Nardello  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
6 Maximilian Sciandri  La Française des Jeux 1'20"
7 Angel Luis Casero Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
8 Leon Van Bon  Rabobank 1'43"
9 Udo Bölts  Deutsche Telekom s.t.
10 Giuseppe Di Grande  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
11 Paolo Savoldelli  Saeco-Estro s.t.
12 Davide Rebellin  Polti s.t.
13 Bobby Julich  Cofidis s.t.
14 Marty Jemison  US Postal Service s.t.
15 Alessandro Baronti  Cantina Tollo s.t.
16 Abraham Olano Banesto s.t.
17 Roland Meier  Cofidis s.t.
18 Stefano Cattai  Ballan s.t.
19 Peter Farazijn  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
20 Prudencio Indurain Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
21 Frank Vandenbroucke  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
22 Alberto Elli  Casino s.t.
23 Fernando Escartin Kelme-Costa Blanca s.t.
24 Santiago Blanco Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
25 Manuel Beltran Banesto s.t.
26 Leonardo Guidi  Polti 4'32"
27 Paolo Valoti  Cantina Tollo 4'35"
28 Christophe Mengin  La Française des Jeux 4'59"
29 Massimiliano Mori  Saeco-Estro s.t.
30 Stefano Colage  Cantina Tollo s.t.
31 Luca Mazzanti  Cantina Tollo s.t.
32 François Simon  Crédit Agricole s.t.
33 Massimiliano Gentili  Cantina Tollo s.t.
34 Christophe Rinero  Cofidis s.t.
35 Maurizio Fondriest  Cofidis s.t.
36 Stéphane Barthe  Casino s.t.
37 Andrea Ferrigato  Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
38 Franco Ballerini  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
39 Francisco Cabello Kelme-Costa Blanca s.t.
40 Michael Boogerd  Rabobank s.t.
41 Victor Moratilla Estepona en Marcha-Cafes Toscaf s.t.
42 José Vicente Garcia Banesto s.t.
43 Alessandro Spezialetti  Riso Scotti s.t.
44 Giuliano Figueras  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
45 Kurt Van De Wouwer  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
46 Andrei Tchmil  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
47 Álvaro González de Galdeano Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
48 Jose Ramon Gonzalez Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
49 Simone Borgheresi  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi s.t.
50 Pascal Hervé  Festina-Lotus s.t.
51 Oscar Pellicioli  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi s.t.
52 Oscar Pozzi  Asics-C.G.A. s.t.
53 José Javier Gomez Kelme-Costa Blanca s.t.
54 Melchior Mauri Prat  O.N.C.E. s.t.
55 Cesar Solaun Solana  Banesto s.t.
56 Francisco Javier Mauleon O.N.C.E. s.t.
57 Filippo Simeoni  Asics-C.G.A. s.t.
58 Luis Perez Rodriguez  O.N.C.E. s.t.
59 Laurent Jalabert  O.N.C.E. s.t.
60 Michele Bartoli  Asics-C.G.A. 5'07"
61 Luca Scinto  Asics-C.G.A. s.t.
62 Erik Dekker  Rabobank s.t.
63 Filippo Baldo  Ballan 8'48"
64 Tyler Hamilton  US Postal Service s.t.
65 David Tani  Asics-C.G.A. s.t.
66 Dmitri Konyshev  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi 10'54"
67 Íñigo Chaurreau Euskaltel-Euskadi 11'17"
68 Christian Henn  Deutsche Telekom s.t.
69 Leonardo Guidi  Polti s.t.
70 Mirko Crepaldi  Polti s.t.
71 David Garcia Markina  Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
72 Oscar Freire Gomez  Vitalicio Seguros s.t.
73 Michael Blaudzun  Deutsche Telekom s.t.
74 Christophe Agnolutto  Casino s.t.
75 Matias Cagigas Amedo  Estepona en Marcha-Cafes Toscaf s.t.
76 Bruno Cenghialta  Riso Scotti s.t.
77 Nicola Loda  Ballan s.t.
78 Claus Michael Møller  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
79 Haimar Zubeldia Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
80 Rolf Aldag  Deutsche Telekom s.t.
81 Igor González de Galdeano Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
82 Fabio Baldato  Riso Scotti s.t.
83 Koos Moerenhout  Rabobank s.t.
84 Alberto Lopez De Munain Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
85 Pascal Chanteur  Casino s.t.
86 Fabrice Gougot  Casino s.t.
87 Laurent Madouas  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
88 Angel Edo Alsina  Kelme-Costa Blanca s.t.
89 Roberto Heras Kelme-Costa Blanca s.t.
90 Amilcare Tronca  Ballan s.t.
91 Jörg Jaksche  Polti s.t.
92 Paul Van Hyfte  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
93 Laurent Dufaux  Festina-Lotus s.t.
94 Wladimir Belli  Festina-Lotus s.t.
95 Kevin Livingston  Cofidis s.t.
96 Nico Mattan  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
97 Francesco Frattini  Deutsche Telekom s.t.
98 Ivan Gotti  Saeco-Estro s.t.
99 Geert Van Bondt  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
100 Alexandre Gontchenkov  Ballan s.t.
101 Lance Armstrong  US Postal Service s.t.
102 Rik Verbrugghe  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
103 Magnus Bäckstedt  Crédit Agricole s.t.
104 Philipp Buschor  Saeco-Estro s.t.
105 Roberto Petito  Saeco-Estro s.t.
106 Bo Hamburger  Casino s.t.
107 Andrei Teteriouk  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
108 Stefano Zanini  Mapei-Bricobi s.t.
109 Dario Frigo  Saeco-Estro s.t.
110 Michele Coppolillo  Asics-C.G.A. s.t.
111 Geert Verheyen  Lotto-Mobistar-Isoglass s.t.
112 Aart Vierhouten  Rabobank 15'58"
113 Stuart O'Grady  Crédit Agricole s.t.
114 Eddy Mazzoleni  Saeco-Estro s.t.
115 Marco Velo  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi s.t.
116 Maarten Den Bakker  Rabobank s.t.
117 Sergio Barbero  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi s.t.
118 Germano Pierdomenico  Cantina Tollo s.t.
119 Stefano Garzelli  Mercatone Uno-Bianchi s.t.
120 David Etxebarria O.N.C.E. s.t.
121 Emmanuel Magnien  La Française des Jeux s.t.
122 Peter Van Petegem  TVM-Farm Frites s.t.
123 Inaki Aiarzaguena Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
124 Roberto Laiseka Euskaltel-Euskadi s.t.
125 Marcelino Garcia O.N.C.E. 16'54"
126 Juan Carlos Vicario Estepona en Marcha-Cafes Toscaf s.t.
127 Arnaud Pretot  Crédit Agricole s.t.
128 Cédric Vasseur  Crédit Agricole s.t.
129 Marc Lotz  Rabobank s.t.
130 Jose Francisco Jarque Estepona en Marcha-Cafes Toscaf s.t.
131 Stéphane Pétilleau  Crédit Agricole s.t.
132 Francisco Javier Cerezo Estepona en Marcha-Cafes Toscaf s.t.