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1989 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

9th edition, August 12, 1989
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1988 edition | 1990 edition

August 12, 1989: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 244 km.

Gerhard Zadrobilek

Winner Gerhard Zadrobilek in 1989, the year he won Clasica San Sebastian. Philippe Huguenin photo

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

The race: Winner Gerhard Zadrobilek won after a 137-kilometer solo escape. No team took on the responsibility of chasing the fleeing Zadrobilek, allowing the Austrian 7-Eleven rider to win a classic.

Complete Results:

182 starters, 159 classified finishers

244 kilometers raced at an average speed of 38.108 km/hr

There is some disagreement as to the finishing times of riders from 123rd place on.

1 Gerhard Zadrobilek 7-Eleven 6hr 24min 10sec
2 Francisco Antequera BH Sport @ 2min sec
3 Tony Rominger Château d'Ax s.t.
4 Charly Mottet R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia 2'09"
5 Jesus Rodriguez Magro Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
6 Jean-Claude Leclercq Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
7 Gert-Jan Theunisse PDM-Concorde s.t.
8 Andrew Hampsten 7-Eleven s.t.
9 Juan Tomas Martinez Kelme s.t.
10 Julian Gorospe Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
11 Marc Van Orsouw PDM-Concorde s.t.
12 Bruno Cornillet Z-Peugeot 2'50"
13 Carlos Hernández Teka s.t.
14 Malcolm Elliott Teka 2'59"
15 Steve Bauer Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
16 Sean Kelly PDM-Concorde s.t.
17 Etienne De Wilde Histor-Sigma s.t.
18 Edwig Van Hooydonck Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
19 Rudy Dhaenens PDM-Concorde s.t.
20 Teun Van Vliet Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
21 José Luis Laguía Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
22 Claudio Chiappucci Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
23 Acacio Da Silva Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
24 Gianni Bugno Château d'Ax s.t.
25 Pascal Lino R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
26 Martial Gayant Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
27 Gilles Delion Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
28 Jan Wijnants Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
29 Michaël Wilson Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
30 Johnny Weltz ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
31 Noel Szostek AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
32 Camillo Passera Château d'Ax s.t.
33 Henk Lubberding Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
34 Peter Stevenhaagen Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
35 Erich Maechler Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
36 Miguel Indurain Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
37 Mauro Gianetti Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
38 Patrick Jacobs Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
39 Martin Earley PDM-Concorde s.t.
40 Federico Echave BH Sport s.t.
41 Massimo Ghirotto Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
42 Jean-claude Colotti R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
43 Pello Ruiz Cabestany ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
44 Luc Roosen Histor-Sigma s.t.
45 Didier Virvaleix Histor-Sigma s.t.
46 Jose Recio Ariza Kelme s.t.
47 Bruno Bruyere Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
48 Francois Lemarchand Z-Peugeot s.t.
49 Thierry Claveyrolat R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
50 Patrick Robeet Domex-Weinmann s.t.
51 Jérôme Simon Z-Peugeot s.t.
52 Alvaro Pino BH Sport s.t.
53 Eric Caritoux R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
54 Guy Nulens Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
55 Arsenio Gonzalez Teka s.t.
56 Maarten Ducrot Domex-Weinmann s.t.
57 Fabian Fuchs Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
58 Anselmo Fuerte BH Sport s.t.
59 Luis Javier Lukin Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
60 Inaki Gaston Kelme s.t.
61 Claude Criquielion Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
62 Javier Murguialday BH Sport s.t.
63 Jesus Arambarri Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
64 Jokin Mujika Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
65 Helmut Wechselberger Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
66 Pascal Poisson Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
67 Ruben Gorospe Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
68 Masatoshi Ichikawa Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
69 Urs Zimmermann Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
70 Eduardo Chozas ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
71 Jörg Müller PDM-Concorde s.t.
72 Luc Leblanc Histor-Sigma s.t.
73 Enrico Zaina Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
74 Yvon Madiot Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
75 Laurent Bezault Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
76 Dominique Arnaud Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
77 Denis Roux Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
78 Enrique Alberto Aja Teka s.t.
79 Luis Perez Garcia Lotus-Zahor s.t.
80 Pedro Delgado Reynolds-Banesto s.t.
81 Eric Van Lancker Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
82 Robert Millar Z-Peugeot s.t.
83 Mariano Sanchez Teka s.t.
84 Marino Lejarreta Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
85 Raúl Alcalá PDM-Concorde s.t.
86 Marco Giovannetti Seur s.t.
87 Marc Madiot Toshiba-Kaercher-Look s.t.
88 Pedro Muñoz ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
89 Peter Winnen Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
90 Roland Leclerc Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
91 Stefano Zanatta Château d'Ax 6'55"
92 John Talen Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
93 Jeff Pierce 7-Eleven s.t.
94 Paul Haghedooren Histor-Sigma s.t.
95 Ron Kiefel 7-Eleven s.t.
96 Steven Rooks PDM-Concorde s.t.
97 Theo De Rooy Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
98 Peter Gansler Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
99 Arjan Jagt Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
100 Patrick Tolhoek Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
101 Thomas Wegmüller Domex-Weinmann s.t.
102 Jean-Claude Bagot R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
103 José Antonio Sanchez Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
104 Javier Carballeda Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
105 Robert D'Hondt Histor-Sigma s.t.
106 Patrick Hendrickx Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
107 Jos Van Aert Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
108 Juan Carlos Martin BH Sport s.t.
109 Felice Puttini Carrera Jeans-Vagabond s.t.
110 Niki Rüttimann Helvetia-La Suisse s.t.
111 Franco Vona Château d'Ax s.t.
112 Jens Veggerby 7-Eleven s.t.
113 Greg LeMond AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
114 Jaanus Kuum AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
115 Eddy Vancraeynest AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
116 Johan Lammerts AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
117 René Martens AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
118 Marino Alonso Teka s.t.
119 Peter Hilse Teka s.t.
120 Jose Maria Ahedo Teka s.t.
121 Antonio Coll Kelme s.t.
122 Antonio Balboa Kelme s.t.
123 Nestor Mora Kelme s.t.
124 Jesus Blanco Seur s.t.
125 Luis Maria Diaz Seur s.t.
126 José Luís Navarro Seur s.t.
127 José Luis Rodríguez Seur s.t.
128 Jon Unzaga Seur s.t.
129 Luc Suykerbuyk Lotus-Zahor s.t.
130 Enrique Alonso Lotus-Zahor s.t.
131 Xavier Aldanondo ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
132 José Luis Villanueva ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
133 Celestino Prieto ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
134 Tom Cordes Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
135 Beat Breu Domex-Weinmann s.t.
136 Rolando Ovando ONCE-Look-Mavic s.t.
137 Thierry Bock Hitachi-Merckx-Mavic s.t.
138 Alessandro Pozzi Château d'Ax s.t.
139 Eduardo Ruiz BH Sport s.t.
140 Louis De Koning Panasonic-Isostar 7' 6"
141 Fermin Trueba Lotus-Zahor 8' 24"
142 Dag Otto Lauritzen 7-Eleven s.t.
143 Jesus Suarez Lotus-Zahor s.t.
144 Joaquin Hernandez Seur s.t.
145 Joseba Ruiz Lotus-Zahor 11' 30"
146 Pablo Moreno Seur s.t.
147 Brian Walton 7-Eleven s.t.
148 Inaki Murua Caja Rural-Orbea s.t.
149 Jaime Vilamajo Kelme s.t.
150 Toine Poels Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
151 Thierry Laurent R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
152 Gilles Sanders R.M.O.-Mavic-Liberia s.t.
153 Kim Andersen Z-Peugeot s.t.
154 Dominique Gaigne Histor-Sigma 15' 5"
155 Jean-François Brasseur Domex-Weinmann s.t.
156 Adrie Kools AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
157 Fernando Miguel Arroyo AD Renting-W Cup s.t.
158 Rob Harmeling Histor-Sigma 17' 2"
159 Humberto Parra Kelme s.t.