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1988 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

8th edition, August 13, 1988
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1987 edition | 1989 edition

August 13, 1988: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 244 km.

Gert-Jan Theunisse

1988 San Sebastian winner Gert-Jan Theunisse in the 1989 Tour de France, climbing the Crox de Fer.

Paris–Roubaix: The Inside Story

The race: The 1988 Clásica de San Sebastián was troubled racer Gert-Jan Theunisse's first major pro win.

The attacks came on the famed Jaizkuibel ascent. Theunisse was among the small successful attacking group that also included Steven Rooks, Enrique Aja and Marino Lejarreta. Theunisse and Aja escaped from Rooks and Lejaretta with just 500 kilometers to go with Theunisse winning the sprint.

That year he went on to challenge Pedro Delgado in the Tour de France, but he tested positive for testosterone and was given a 10-minute penalty.

In the 1989 Tour he won the climber's polka-dot jersey, but again in 1990 he tested positive for banned substances.

After retiring from road racing Theunisse took up coaching and mountain bike racing. In 1997 he was hit by a car. The spinal injuries he endured did not prevent his again taking up competitive mountain biking, but the injuries have troubled him ever since.

Complete Results:

171 starters, 118 classified finishers

244 kilometers raced at an average speed of 39.610 km/hr

1 Gert-Jan Theunisse  PDM-Concorde 6hr 9min 3sec
2 Enrique Aja  Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
3 Steven Rooks  PDM-Concorde @ 6sec
4 Marino Lejarreta Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
5 Andreas Kappes  Toshiba-Look 37"
6 Miguel Indurain Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
7 Jesus Blanco Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
8 Raúl Alcalá 7-Eleven s.t.
9 Ludo Peeters  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
10 Michaël Wilson  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
11 Arsenio Gonzalez Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
12 Francisco Mauleon KAS-Mavic s.t.
13 Angel Camarillo Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
14 William Palacio Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
15 Erik Breukink  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
16 Claude Criquielion  Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
17 Alvaro Pino BH Sport s.t.
18 Inaki Gaston Kelme s.t.
19 Peter Winnen  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
20 Julian Gorospe Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
21 Luc Leblanc  Toshiba-Look s.t.
22 Pedro Delgado Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
23 Jaanus Kuum  AD Renting 47"
24 Bob Roll  7-Eleven 2'22"
25 Jaime Tomas BH Sport s.t.
26 Jean-Claude Leclercq  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
27 Johnny Weltz  Fagor-MBK s.t.
28 Edwig Van Hooydonck  Superconfex-Yoko 2'35"
29 Marc Van Orsouw  PDM-Concorde 2'41"
30 Phil Anderson  TVM-Van Schilt 2'52"
31 Dominique Arnould  Toshiba-Look s.t.
32 Jesus Alonso CLAS s.t.
33 Niki Rüttimann  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
34 Eduardo Chozas Kelme s.t.
35 Gerhard Zadrobilek  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
36 Jörg Müller  PDM-Concorde s.t.
37 Manuel Domínguez BH Sport s.t.
38 Eric Caritoux  KAS-Mavic s.t.
39 Peter Hilse  Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
40 Dick Dekker  TVM-Van Schilt 5'46"
41 Miguel Iglesias Helios-Colchon s.t.
42 Pello Ruiz KAS-Mavic s.t.
43 Jan Siemons  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
44 Rob Kleinsman  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
45 Manuel Guijarro Kelme s.t.
46 Jesus Arambarri Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
47 Henk Lubberding  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
48 Willy Willems  AD Renting s.t.
49 José Gomez Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
50 Aurelio Robles Seur-Campagnola s.t.
51 Enrique Alonso Zahor Chocolates-Macario s.t.
52 Javier Garcianda Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
53 Dominique Arnaud  Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
54 Herminio Diaz Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
55 Francisco Ochaita CLAS s.t.
56 José-Antonio Casajus Helios-Colchon s.t.
57 Carlos Hernández Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
58 Manuel Cunha CLAS s.t.
59 Celestino Prieto KAS-Mavic s.t.
60 Antonio Balboa Kelme s.t.
61 Casimiro Moreda CLAS s.t.
62 Vicente Ridaura Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
63 José Sanchis Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
64 Juan-Carlos Arribas BH Sport s.t.
65 Roque De La Cruz Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
66 José Luis Villanueva KAS-Mavic s.t.
67 Jokin Mujika Aramburu  Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
68 José-Ignacio Moratinos Helios-Colchon s.t.
69 Francisco Antequera BH Sport s.t.
70 Guillermo Arenas BH Sport s.t.
71 Guido Winterberg  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
72 Edi Kaegi  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
73 Marino Alonso Teka-Mavic-Alan s.t.
74 Maarten Ducrot  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
75 Jean François Bernard  Toshiba-Look s.t.
76 Jon Unzaga Bombin  KAS-Mavic 10'08"
77 José Luis Moran KAS-Mavic s.t.
78 Kari Myyryläinen  Reynolds-Pinarello s.t.
79 Masatoshi Ichikawa  Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker s.t.
80 Juan-Ramon Martin Helios-Colchon s.t.
81 Miguel Martínez Seur-Campagnola s.t.
82 Roger Nathan Dahlberg  7-Eleven s.t.
83 Fernando Martinez KAS-Mavic s.t.
84 Vicente Prado Helios-Colchon s.t.
85 Antonio Esparza Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
86 Jaime Vilamajo Kelme s.t.
87 Fabrice Philipot  Toshiba-Look s.t.
88 Frédéric Guedon  CLAS s.t.
89 Theo De Rooy  Panasonic-Isostar s.t.
90 Juan Tomas Martinez Kelme 12'07"
91 Isidro Araujo CLAS s.t.
92 José Antonio Sanchez Caja Rural-Akai s.t.
93 José-Julian Balaguer Helios-Colchon s.t.
94 Roberto Torres Zahor Chocolates-Macario s.t.
95 Nico Verhoeven  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
96 Luis Maria Diaz Seur-Campagnola s.t.
97 Jos Lammertink  TVM-Van Schilt s.t.
98 Othmar Häfliger  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
99 Francisco Lopez Helios-Colchon s.t.
100 Johannes Draaijer  PDM-Concorde s.t.
101 Peter Stevenhaagen  PDM-Concorde s.t.
102 Jens Veggerby  7-Eleven s.t.
103 Frank Van Den Abbeele  AD Renting s.t.
104 Benny Heylen  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
105 Patrick Van Passel  Superconfex-Yoko 15'18"
106 Arjan Jagt  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
107 Modesto Urrutibeazko Seur-Campagnola s.t.
108 Pablo Moreno Seur-Campagnola s.t.
109 Kurt Van Keirsbulck  AD Renting s.t.
110 Jean-Jacques Philipp  Seur-Campagnola s.t.
111 Léo Wellens  Seur-Campagnola s.t.
112 Javier Castellar Devis  Seur-Campagnola s.t.
113 Javier Duch Ballestar  CLAS s.t.
114 Gino Van Hooydonck  Superconfex-Yoko s.t.
115 John Baldi  Weinmann-La Suisse s.t.
116 Peter Stevenson  7-Eleven s.t.
117 Santiago Portillo Zahor Chocolates-Macario s.t.
118 Antonio Provencio Seur-Campagnola 20'07"