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1987 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

7th edition, August 12, 1987
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1986 edition | 1988 edition

August 12, 1987: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 244 km.

Marino Lejaretta

Marino Lejarreta has won San Sebastain a record three times.

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The race: Winner Marino Lejaretta believes he was able to win his record third San Sebastain in 1987 because he still had the terrific form he had gained riding the Tour de France to tenth place in July.

As was his usual tactic, he attacked on the Jaizkibel climb and then put his head down and drove hard to the finish. He noted that a course change had increased the distance from the Jaizkibel's summit to the race's finish, making such a strategy more dangerous.

But, he pulled it off. He was barely able to sit up and enjoy his solo victory with Angel Arroyo and Federico Echave finishing just two seconds later.

Complete Results:

153 starters, 112 classified finishers

244 kilometers raced at an average speed of 38.595 km/hr

1 Marino Lejarreta Caja Rural 6hr 19min 1sec
2 Angel Arroyo Reynolds @ 2sec
3 Federico Echave BH Sport s.t.
4 Erik Breukink Panasonic 1'02"
5 José Recio Kelme s.t.
6 Jesus Blanco Teka s.t.
7 Angel Camarillo Teka s.t.
8 Teun Van Vliet Panasonic s.t.
9 Adri Van der Poel PDM s.t.
10 Pello Ruiz Caja Rural 1'12"
11 Steve Bauer Toshiba-Look s.t.
12 Mathieu Hermans Caja Rural s.t.
13 Iñaki Gaston KAS s.t.
14 Rolando Obando Teka s.t.
15 Antonio Esparza Caja Rural s.t.
16 Jesus Rodriguez Teka s.t.
17 Jan Wijnants Hitachi-Marc s.t.
18 Stefan Morjean Hitachi-Marc s.t.
19 Guy Nulens Panasonic s.t.
20 Xavier Lukin KAS s.t.
21 Bruno Cornillet Z-Peugeot s.t.
22 Jean-François Bernard Toshiba-Look s.t.
23 Eduardo Chozas Teka s.t.
24 Pedro Delgado PDM s.t.
25 Edwig Van Hooydonck Superconfex-Kwantum s.t.
26 Arsenio Gonzalez Teka s.t.
27 Francisco Espinosa KAS s.t.
28 Miguel Indurain Reynolds s.t.
29 Vicente Belda Kelme s.t.
30 Luc Leblanc Toshiba-Look s.t.
31 Jokin Mujika Caja Rural s.t.
32 Claude Criquielion Hitachi-Marc s.t.
33 Pedro Muñoz Fagor-Larios s.t.
34 Carlos Gutierrez Kelme s.t.
35 Peter Winnen Panasonic s.t.
36 Juan Martin Zapatero BH Sport 3'33"
37 Javier Castellar Kelme s.t.
38 Jesus Arambarri Caja Rural s.t.
39 Acacio Da Silva KAS s.t.
40 Kim Andersen Toshiba-Look s.t.
41 Jesus Rodriguez Colchon CR s.t.
42 Phil Anderson Panasonic s.t.
43 Jesus Alonso BH Sport s.t.
44 Jean-Claude Bagot Fagor-Larios s.t.
45 Jon Egiarte Zahor Chocolates s.t.
46 Jérôme Simon Z-Peugeot s.t.
47 Juan Fernandez Zahor Chocolates s.t.
48 Juan Tomas Martinez Zahor Chocolates s.t.
49 Robert Millar Panasonic s.t.
50 Johnny Weltz Fagor-Larios 4'17"
51 Sabino Angoitia Zahor Chocolates s.t.
52 Andoni Balboa KAS s.t.
53 Pedro Luis Diaz Reynolds s.t.
54 Casimiro Moreda BH Sport s.t.
55 Leo Wellens Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
56 Emilio Garcia Colchon CR s.t.
57 Maarten Ducrot Superconfex-Kwantum s.t.
58 René Beuker PDM s.t.
59 Eric Caritoux Fagor-Larios s.t.
60 Enrique Aja Teka s.t.
61 Marino Alonso Teka s.t.
62 François Lemarchand Fagor-Larios s.t.
63 Masatoshi Ichikawa Hitachi-Marc s.t.
64 Jean-René Bernaudeau Fagor-Larios s.t.
65 Ludo Peeters Superconfex-Kwantum s.t.
66 Erwin Nijboer Caja Rural s.t.
67 Dominique Arnaud Reynolds 8'14"
68 Julian Gorospe Reynolds s.t.
69 Jorge Perez BH Sport 9'17"
70 Modesto Urrutibeazkoa Teka s.t.
71 Aurelio Robles Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
72 Manuel Carrera Zahor Chocolates s.t.
73 Antonio Coll Kelme s.t.
74 Ruben Gorospe Reynolds s.t.
75 Eric Vanderaerden Panasonic s.t.
76 Jesus Gabriel Argintxona Zahor Chocolates s.t.
77 Robert Forest Fagor-Larios s.t.
78 Jesus Cruz Martin Perez BH Sport s.t.
79 Eric Van Lancker Panasonic s.t.
80 Jean-Claude Leclercq Toshiba-Look s.t.
81 Jon Unzaga KAS s.t.
82 Dominique Garde Toshiba-Look s.t.
83 Roland Leclerc Caja Rural s.t.
84 José Enrique Carrera Reynolds s.t.
85 Juan Antonio Borja Colchon CR s.t.
86 Ricardo Martinez Kelme s.t.
87 Jesus Montoya KAS s.t.
88 Luc Roosen Superconfex-Kwantum s.t.
89 Peter Stevenhagen PDM s.t.
90 Marcel Arntz Caja Rural s.t.
91 Gert-Jan Theunisse PDM s.t.
92 José Maria Palacin Zahor Chocolates s.t.
93 Patrick Jacobs Hitachi-Marc s.t.
94 Jan Koba Z-Peugeot s.t.
95 Theo De Rooy Panasonic s.t.
96 Imanol Murga Caja Rural s.t.
97 Miguel Angel Iglesias Colchon CR 13'46"
98 Camilo Santos Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
99 Iñaki Vijandi Zahor Chocolates s.t.
100 Javier Ruiz Colchon CR 17'58"
101 Fernando Martinez KAS s.t.
102 Kari Myyrylainen Reynolds s.t.
103 José Luis Moran KAS s.t.
104 Edwin Bafcop Hitachi-Marc s.t.
105 José Luis Navarro BH Sport 19'14"
106 Laudelino Cubino BH Sport s.t.
107 Luc Suykerbuyk Dormilon-Campagnolo 23'32"
108 Francisco Navarro Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
109 Mariano Sanchez Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
110 José Rafael Garcia Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
111 Juan Gomila Dormilon-Campagnolo s.t.
112 José Suñe Colchon CR s.t.