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1985 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

5th edition, August 10, 1985
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1984 edition | 1986 edition

August 10, 1985: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 244 km.

Adrie Van der Poel

Winner Adrie Van der Poel in 1987

The race: The 1985 edition had three good climbs before the legendary first-category Jaizkibel ascent.

A large group arrived at the foot of that climb, about three minutes ahead of the peloton. The final result was a big rush for the line in which the judges could not properly pick places 10 through 33, so all were given tenth place and the same time.

Complete Results:

114 starters, 84 classified finishers

244 kilometers raced at an average speed of 41.527 km/hr

1 Adrie VAN DER POEL Kwantum Hallen 5hr 52min 3sec
2 Iñaki GASTÓN Reynolds-TS Batteries s.t.
3 Juan FERNÁNDEZ Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
4 Miguel IGLESIAS Kelme s.t.
5 Niki RÜTTIMANN La Vie Claire s.t.
6 Antonio ESPARZA Kelme s.t.
7 Imanol MURGA Seat-Orbea s.t.
8 Ángel CAMARILLO Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
9 Álvaro PINO Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
10 Kim ANDERSEN La Vie Claire s.t.
10 Alain VIGNERON La Vie Claire s.t.
10 Jean François BERNARD La Vie Claire s.t.
10 Federico ECHAVE Teka s.t.
10 Antonio COLL Teka s.t.
10 Celestino PRIETO Reynolds-TS Batteries s.t.
10 Eduardo CHOZAS Reynolds-TS Batteries s.t.
10 Vicente BELDA Kelme s.t.
10 Bernardo ALFONSEL Kelme s.t.
10 Arsenio GONZALEZ Kelme s.t.
10 Jose RECIO Kelme s.t.
10 Mariano SÁNCHEZ Kelme s.t.
10 Jose CHIZABAS Kelme s.t.
10 Faustino RUPÉREZ Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
10 José RODRIGUEZ Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
10 José NAVARRO Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
10 Jesús RODRÍGUEZ Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
10 Jokin MÚJIKA Seat-Orbea s.t.
10 Felipe YÁÑEZ Seat-Orbea s.t.
10 Juan MARTÍNEZ Chocolates Hueso s.t.
10 Jesús RODRÍGUEZ Dormilon s.t.
10 Claude CRIQUIELION Hitachi-Splendor s.t.
10 Robert MILLAR Peugeot-Shell s.t.
10 Pedro MUÑÓZ Fagor s.t.
34 Reimund DIETZEN Teka @ 13sec
35 Philippe LELEU La Vie Claire 4'39"
36 Jose Rafael GARCIA Dormilon s.t.
37 Jose Angel URIEN Chocolates Hueso s.t.
38 Vicente RIDAURA Seat-Orbea s.t.
39 Benno WISS La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Jesus ALONSO Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
41 Carlos HERNÁNDEZ Reynolds-TS Batteries s.t.
42 Juan EGUIARTE Chocolates Hueso s.t.
43 Henri MANDERS Kwantum Hallen s.t.
44 Laurent BIONDI Hitachi-Splendor s.t.
45 Pascal SIMON Peugeot-Shell s.t.
46 Gilbert DUCLOS-LASSALLE Peugeot-Shell s.t.
47 Leo VAN VLIET Kwantum Hallen s.t.
48 Kim ERIKSEN La Vie Claire s.t.
49 René MARTENS Fagor 5'05"
50 Camillo SANTOS Dormilon s.t.
51 Inaki ARRIETA Teka s.t.
52 Jean Philippe VAN DEN BRANDE Hitachi-Splendor s.t.
53 Pedro DIAZ Teka s.t.
54 Pascal ANDORRA Fagor s.t.
55 Ad WIJNANDS Kwantum Hallen s.t.
56 Dominique ARNAUD La Vie Claire s.t.
57 Alfonso GUTIÉRREZ Teka s.t.
58 Francisco ANTEQUERA Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
59 Manuel DOMÍNGUEZ Seat-Orbea s.t.
60 Alberto LEANIZBARRUTIA Chocolates Hueso s.t.
61 Francisco LOPEZ Kelme s.t.
62 Modesto URRUTIBEAZCOA Teka 8'39"
63 Bruno CORNILLET La Vie Claire s.t.
64 Juan MARTINEZ Dormilon s.t.
65 Jesús GUZMÁN Dormilon s.t.
66 Jean-François RAULT La Vie Claire s.t.
67 Fons DE WOLF Fagor s.t.
68 Anastasio GRECIANO Seat-Orbea s.t.
69 Juan Alberto REIG Dormilon s.t.
70 Fernando PACHECO Teka s.t.
71 Bernard VALLET La Vie Claire s.t.
72 Christian JOURDAN La Vie Claire s.t.
73 Julián GOROSPE Reynolds-TS Batteries 10'50"
74 Avelino PEREA Teka s.t.
75 Santiago IZUZKIZA Seat-Orbea s.t.
76 José Maria MORENO Dormilon s.t.
77 Jon Koldo URIEN Chocolates Hueso s.t.
78 Hubert LINARD Peugeot-Shell s.t.
79 Mathieu HERMANS Seat-Orbea s.t.
80 Michel BIBOLLET Fagor 20'05"
81 Thierry PELOSO Fagor s.t.
82 Jaime SALVA Chocolates Hueso s.t.
83 Yvan FREBERT Peugeot-Shell 22'50"
84 Luis Vicente OTIN Seat-Orbea 23'53"