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1984 Clásica de San Sebastián, Spain

4th edition, August 16, 1984
Complete Results

Classica San Sebastian podium history | 1983 edition | 1985 edition

August 16, 1984: San Sebastian - San Sebastian, 244 km.

Niki Ruttimann

Winner Niki Rüttimann in 1987

Story of the Tour de France Volume 2

The race: It was a rainy day in Basque country that August day in 1984.

As soon as the flag dropped Dormilon's José Garcia escaped. He soloed for about 160 kilometers before being absorbed by the peloton.

Though Pedro Muñoz was first to the crest of the all-important Jaizkibel climb that comes late in the race, he was soon passed by the big guns. A select group of twelve survived to contest the finish in San Sebastian.

But, with just two kilometers to go, La Vie Claire's Niki Rüttimann escaped. At the line he still had a few meters, enough to let him win the big race.

Complete Results:

99 starters, 81 classified finishers

244 kilometers raced at an average speed of 39.443 km/hr

Riders finishing 40th through 69th were given the same time and placing.

1 Niki Rüttimann La Vie Claire 6hr 11min 10sec
2 Raimund Dietzen  Teka s.t.
3 Celestino Prieto  Reynolds s.t.
4 Dominique Garde  Peugeot-Shell s.t.
5 José Recio  Kelme s.t.
6 Iñaki Gaston  Reynolds s.t.
7 Angel Camarillo  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
8 Eduardo Chozas  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
9 Robert Millar  Peugeot-Shell s.t.
10 Faustino Ruperez  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
11 Luis Vicente Otin  Orbea s.t.
12 Carlos Hernandez  Reynolds @ 5sec
13 Alberto Fernandez  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin 2'56"
14 Nico Emonds  Teka s.t.
15 Jaume Vilamajo  Reynolds s.t.
16 Imanol Murga  Orbea s.t.
17 Vicente Belda  Kelme s.t.
18 José Luis Laguia  Reynolds s.t.
19 Eduardo Gonzalez  Reynolds s.t.
20 Charly Bérard  La Vie Claire s.t.
21 Francisco Cambil  Teka s.t.
22 Arsenio Gonzalez  Kelme s.t.
23 Juan Fernandez  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
24 Frédéric Brun  Peugeot-Shell s.t.
25 Alain Vigneron  La Vie Claire s.t.
26 Bernardo Alfonsel  Teka s.t.
27 José Angel Urien  Orbea s.t.
28 Bernard Hinault  La Vie Claire s.t.
29 Claude Criquielion  Splendor s.t.
30 Pedro Muñoz  Teka s.t.
31 José Jimenez  Teka s.t.
32 Jon Egiarte  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
33 Juan Pujol  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
34 Angel De Las Heras  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
35 Francisco Sala  Hueso Chocolates 3'05"
36 Philippe Leleu  La Vie Claire 5'48"
37 Eric McKenzie  Kelme s.t.
38 Philippe Vandenbrande  Splendor s.t.
39 Francisco Lopez Kelme s.t.
40 Michel Goffin  Splendor s.t.
40 Jesus Hernandez Reynolds s.t.
40 Ricardo Zuniga  Reynolds s.t.
40 Anastasio Greciano  Reynolds s.t.
40 Guillermo Arenas  Reynolds s.t.
40 José Luis Navarro  Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
40 Jesus Rodriguez Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
40 José Luis Lopez Zor-Gemeaz Cusin s.t.
40 Venancio Teran  Teka s.t.
40 Mariano Sanchez  Kelme s.t.
40 Miguel Angel Iglesias  Kelme s.t.
40 Antonio Esparza  Kelme s.t.
40 Javier Castellar  Kelme s.t.
40 Antonio Llopis  Kelme s.t.
40 Isidro Juarez  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
40 Juan Caldentey  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
40 Sabin Angoitia  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
40 Antonio Girabent  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
40 Jokin Mujika  Orbea s.t.
40 Ion Urien  Orbea s.t.
40 Mikel Ugartemendia  Orbea s.t.
40 José Antonio Cabrero  Dormilon s.t.
40 Jesus Rodriguez Dormilon s.t.
40 Marc Gomez  La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Dominique Arnaud  La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Fabien De Vooght  La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Christian Jourdan  La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Bernard Vallet  La Vie Claire s.t.
40 Bernard Bourreau  Peugeot-Shell s.t.
40 Jacques Bossis  Peugeot-Shell s.t.
70 Willem Van Eynde  Splendor s.t.
71 Bruno Cornillet  La Vie Claire 14'11"
72 Yehouda Gershony  Skil-Reydel s.t.
73 Mikel Lizarralde  Orbea s.t.
74 Valentin Dorronsoro  Orbea s.t.
75 Guillermo De La Peña  Hueso Chocolates s.t.
76 Jeronimo Ibañez  Orbea s.t.
77 José Rafael Garcia  Dormilon 15'50"
78 Juan Martinez Dormilon s.t.
79 Alfonso Gutierrez  Teka s.t.
80 Mariano Bayon  Dormilon s.t.
81 Francisco Caro  Dormilon 24'12"