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1988 Gent - Wevelgem,

Ghent - Wevelgem (English), Gand - Wevelgem (French)

50th edition, April 20, 1988

Gent - Wevelgem podium history | 1987 edition | 1989 edition

275 km / 38.36 km/hr
187 starters, 83 classified finishers

Sean Kelly

Sean Kelly wins 1988 Gent-Wevelgem

Complete Results

1 Sean Kelly (KAS) 7hr 20min
2 Gianni Bugno (Chateaux d'Ax-Salotti) s.t.
3 Ron Kiefel (7-Eleven-Hoonved) s.t.
4 Ludo Peeters (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
5 Claude Criquielion (Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker) s.t.
6 Steve Bauer (Weinmann-La Suisse) @ 25sec
7 Fons De Wolf (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) s.t.
8 Rudy Dhaenens (PDM-Ultima-Concorde) s.t.
9 Søren Lilholt (Sigma-Fina) s.t.
10 Eddy Planckaert (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) @ 1min 36sec
11 Jelle Nijdam (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
12 Etienne De Wilde (Sigma-Fina) s.t.
13 Phil Anderson (TVM-Van Schilt) s.t.
14 Michel Dernies (Lotto-Merckx) s.t.
15 Marc Sergeant (Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker) s.t.
16 Bruno Cornillet (Z-Peugeot) s.t.
17 Dag-Otto Lauritzen (7-Eleven-Hoonved) s.t.
18 Adrie Van Der Poel (PDM-Ultima-Concorde) @ 1min 39sec
19 Dag-Erik Pedersen (PDM-Ultima-Concorde) @ 1min 47sec
20 Frank Hoste (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) @ 2min 16sec
21 Willem Wijnant (Sigma-Fina) s.t.
22 Jan Goessens (Lotto-Merckx) s.t.
23 Jan Wijnants (Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker) s.t.
24 Nico Verhoeven (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
25 Patrick Versluys (Intral Renting-NEC-Ricoh) s.t.
26 Marcel Arntz (Caja Rural) s.t.
27 Frank Pirard (Sigma-Fina) @ 2min 46sec
28 Dirk Demol (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) s.t.
29 Jean-Claude Colotti (R.M.O.) @ 2min 51sec
30 Johan Museeuw (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) s.t.
31 Patrick Cocquyt (Eurotop-Arkel-Multifax) s.t.
32 Wilfried Peeters (Sigma-Fina) s.t.
33 Walter Magnago (Carrera Jeans-Vagabond) s.t.
34 Bruno Wojtinek (Z-Peugeot) s.t.
35 Toine Poels (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
36 Jaanus Kuum (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) s.t.
37 Jos Haex (Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker) s.t.
38 Pol Verschuere (ADR-Mini Flat-Enerday) s.t.
39 Jacques Hanegraaf (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
40 Maarten Ducrot (Superconfex-Yoko) s.t.
41 Roberto Amadio (Chateaux d'Ax-Salotti) s.t.
42 Guy Nulens (Panasonic-Isostar) s.t.
43 Eric Vanderaerden (Panasonic-Isostar) s.t.
44 Alex Stieda (7-Eleven-Hoonved) s.t.
45 Alan Peiper (Panasonic-Isostar) s.t.
46 Henk Lubberding (Panasonic-Isostar) @ 3min 57sec
47 Roger Ilegems (Sigma-Fina) @ 4min 22sec
48 Jens Veggerby (7-Eleven-Hoonved) s.t.
49 Francis Castaing (Z-Peugeot) @ 5min 15sec
50 Peter Pieters (TVM-Van Schilt) s.t.
51 Jerry Cooman (SEFB-Peugeot-Tonissteiner) s.t.
52 Léon Nevels (Eurotop-Arkel-Multifax) s.t.
53 Phil Thomas (Raleigh - Banana) s.t.
54 Luc Govaerts (SEFB-Peugeot-Tonissteiner) s.t.
55 Serge Demierre (Weinmann-La Suisse) s.t.
56 Daan Luyckx (SEFB-Peugeot-Tonissteiner) s.t.
57 Joseph Parkin (Eurotop-Arkel-Multifax) s.t.
58 Jacques Van Der Poel (Roland) s.t.
59 Rik Van Slycke (Sigma-Fina) s.t.
60 Geert Vandewalle (Isoglass-EVS-Robland) s.t.
61 Unknown rider s.t.
62 Henri Mannaerts (Lotto-Merckx) s.t.
63 Alessandro Pozzi (Chateaux d'Ax-Salotti) s.t.
64 Philippe Casado (Z-Peugeot) s.t.
65 Werner Devos (Roland) s.t.
66 Philippe Cottenies (Roland) s.t.
67 Johan Bruyneel (SEFB-Peugeot-Tonissteiner) s.t.
68 Johnny Broers (Caja Rural) s.t.
69 Unknown rider s.t.
70 Massimo Ghirotto (Carrera Jeans-Vagabond) s.t.
71 Stefano Giuliani (Chateaux d'Ax-Salotti) s.t.
72 Willem Van Eynde (Lotto-Merckx) s.t.
73 Dirk De Wolf (Hitachi-Bosal-BCE Snooker) s.t.
74 Rudy Dexters (Isoglass-EVS-Robland) s.t.
75 Henri Toon Manders (Weinmann-La Suisse) s.t.
76 Christian Chaubet (KAS) s.t.
77 Michel Vermote (R.M.O.) s.t.
78 Noël Segers (TVM-Van Schilt) s.t.
79 Ludo De Keulenaer (TVM-Van Schilt) s.t.
80 Johan Capiot (TVM-Van Schilt) s.t.
81 Pello Ruiz Cabestany (KAS) s.t.
82 Alain De Roo (Boccaccio Life) s.t.
83 Steven Rooks (PDM-Ultima-Concorde) s.t.