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2018 Bicycle Race Results

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December 30: Diegem Cyclocross (C-1), Belgium

2018 Diegem Cyclocross
Diegem Cyclocross podium history

December 28: Azencross - Loenhout (C-1), Belgium

2018 Azencross - Loenhout
Azencross - Loenhout podium history

December 26: Heusden-Zolder Cyclocross (World Cup), Belgium

2018 Heusden-Zolder Cyclocross
Heusden-Zolder Cyclocross podium history

December 23: Namur Cyclocross (World Cup), Belgium

2018 Namur Cyclocross
Namur Cyclocross podium history

December 15: Scheldecross (C-1), Belgium

2018 Scheldecross
Scheldecross podium history

December 1: GP Hasselt Cyclocross (C-2), Belgium

2018 GP Hasselt Cyclocross
GP Hasselt Cyclocross podium history


November 18: Flandriencross (C-1), Belgium

2018 Flandriencross
Flandirencross podium history

November 11: Gavere Cyclocross (C-1), Belgium

2018 Gavere Cyclocross
Gavere Cyclocross podium history

November 4: European Cyclocross Championships

2018 European Cross Championships
European Cross Championships podium history

November 1: Cyclocross Koppenburg (C-1), Belgium

2018 Cyclocross Koppenburg
Cyclocross Koppenburg podium history


October 27-28: Cincinnati Cyclocross (C-1), USA

2018 Cincinnati Cyclocross
Cincinnati Cyclocross podium history

October 23-31: Tour of Hainan (HC), China

2018 Tour of Hainan
Tour of Hainan podium history

October 20: Japan Cup Road Race (HC), Japan

2018 Japan Cup
Japan Cup podium history

October 14: Chrono des Nations (1.1), France

2018 Chrono des Nations
Chrono des Nations podium history

October 13: Il Lombardia (World Tour), Italy

2018 Il Lombardia
Il Lombardia podium history

October 11: Gran Piemonte (HC), Italy

2018 Gran Piemonte
Gran Piemonte podium history

October 10: Milano-Torino (HC), Italy

2018 Milano-Torino
Milano-Torino podium history

October 9 - 14: Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey (World Tour), Turkey

2018 Tour of Turkey
Tour of Turkey podium history

October 9: Tre Valli Varesine (HC), Italy

2018 Tre Velli Varesine
Tre Valli Varesine podium history

October 7: Gran Premio Bruno Beghelli (HC), Italy

2018 GP Bruno Beghelli
GP Bruno Beghelli podium history

October 7: Paris-Tours (HC), France

2018 Paris-Tours
Paris-Tours podium history

October 6: Giro dell'Emilia (HC), Italy

2018 Giro dell'Emilia
Giro dell'Emilia podium history

October 4: Paris-Bourges (1.1), France

2018 Paris-Bourges
Paris-Bourges podium history

October 3: Sparkassen Münsterland-Giro (HC), Germany

2018 Sparkassen Münsdterland-Giro
Sparkassen Münsdterland-Giro podium history

October 2: Binche-Chimay-Binche/Memorial Frank Vandenbroucke (1.1), Belgium

2018 Binche-Chimay-Binche
Binche-Chimay-Binche podium history


September 23 - 30: UCI World Road Championships, Innsbruck, Austria

2018 World Road Championships
2018 World Championships historical results

September 23: Trofeo Matteotti (1.1), Italy

2018 Trofeo Matteotti
Trofeo Matteotti pordium history

September 22: Memorial Marco Pantani (1.1), Italy

2018 Memorial Marco Pantani
Memorial Marco Pantani podium history

September 22: Tour de l'Eurométropole (HC), Belgium

2018 Tour de l'Eurométropole
Tour de l'Eurométropole podium history

September 20: Coppa Sabatini (1.1), Italy

2018 Coppa Sabatini
Coppa Sabatini podium history

September 19: Giro della Toscana - Memorial Alfredo Martini (1.1), Italy

2018 Giro della Toscana
Giro della Toscana podium history

September 16: Coppa Bernocchi (1.1) Italy

2018 Coppa Bernocchi
Coppa Bernocchi podium history

September 15: Coppa Agostoni - Giro della Brianze (1.1), Italy

2018 Coppa Agostoni
Coppa Agostini podium history

September 15: Primus Classic Impanis-Van Petegem (HC), Belgium

2018 Primus Classic Impanis-Van Petegem
Primus Classic Impanis-Van Petegem podium history

September 14: Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen (1.1), Belgium

Kampioenschap van Vlaanderen podium history

September 12: GP de Wallonie (1.1), Belgium

2018 GP de Wallonie
GP de Wallonie podium history

September 9: GP de Montréal (World Tour), Canada

2018 GP de Montréal
GP de Montréal podium history

September 9: Tour de Doubs (1.1), France

2018 Tour de Doubs
Tour de Doubs podium history

September 7: GP de Quebec (World Tour), Canada

2018 GP de Quebec
GP de Quebec podium history

September 2 - 9: Tour of Britain (HC), United Kingdom

2018 Tour of Britain
Tour of Britain podium history

September 2: GP de Fourmies - La Voix du Nord (HC), France

2018 GP de Formies
GP de Formies podium history

September 1: Brussels Cycling Classic (HC), Belgium

2018 Brussels Cycling Classic
Brussels Cycling Classic podium history


August 26: Bretagne Classic - Ouest France (World Tour), France

2018 Bretagne Classic
Bretagne CLassic podium history

August 25 - September 16: Vuelta a España (World Tour) Spain

2018 Vuelta a España
Vuelta a España podium history

August 22: Veenendaal - Veenendaal Classic (1.1), Netherlands

2018 Veenendaal - Veenendaal
Veenendaal - Veenendaal podium history

August 19: EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg (World Tour), Germany

2018 Cyclassics Hamburg
Cyclassics Hamburg podium history

August 16 - 19: Arctic Race of Norway (HC), Norway

2018 Arctic Race of Norway
Arctic Race of Norway podium history

August 16 - 19: Colorado Classic (HC), USA

2018 Colorado Classic
Colorado Classic podium history

August 15 - 18: Tour du Limousin (2.1), France

2018 Tour du Limousin
Tour du Limousin podium history

August 13 - 19: Binck Bank Tour (World Tour), Belgium & Netherlands

2018 Binck Bank Tour
Binck Bank Tour podium history

August 7 - 11: Vuelta a Burgos (HC), Spain

2018 Vuelta a Burgos
Vuelta a Burgos podium history

August 6 - 12: Tour of Utah (HC) USA

2018 Tour of Utah
Tour of Utah podium history

August 5: La Poly Normande (1.1), France

2018 Polynormande
Polynormande podium history

August 4 - 10: Tour of Poland (World Tour), Poland

2018 Tour of Poland
Tour of Poland podium history

August 4: Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian (World Tour), Spain

2018 Clasica San Sebastian
Clasica San Sebastian podium history

August 1 - 12: Volta a Portugal (2.1), Portugal

2018 Tour of Portugal
Tour of Portugal podium history

August 1 - 5: PostNord Danmark Rundt - Tour of Denmark (HC) Denmark

2018 Tour of Denmark
Tour of Denmark podium history


July 31: Circuito de Getxo "Memorial Ricardo Otxoa" (1.1), Spain

2018 Circuito de Getxo
Circuito de Getxo podium history

July 29: RideLondon-Surrey Classic (World Tour), United Kingdon

2018 RideLondon-Surrey Classic
Ride-London-Surrey Classic podium history

July 28 - August 1: Tour de Wallonie (HC), Belgium

2018 Tour de Wallonie
Tour de Wallonie podium history

July 26: GP Pino Cerami (1.1), Belgium

2018 GP Pino Cerami
GP Pino Cermai podium history

July 22 - August 4: Tour of Qinghai Lake (HC), China

Tour of Qinghai Lake podium history

July 7 - 29: Tour de France (World Tour), France

2018 Tour de France
Tour de France podium history

July 7 - 14: Osterreich Rundfahrt - Tour of Austria (2.1), Austria

2018 Tour of Austria
Tour of Austria podium history


June 17 - July 1: Most national championships

2018 National Championships

June 19: Halle Ingooigem (1.1), Belgium

2018 Halle Ingooigem
Halle Ingooigem podium history

June 14 - 17: Route d'Occitanie (was Route du Sud) (2.1), France

2018 Route d'Occitanie
Route d'Occitanie podium history

June 10: Rund um Köln (1.1), Germany

2018 Rund um Köln
Rund um Köln podium history

June 9 - 17: Tour de Suisse (World Tour), Switzerland

2018 Tour de Suisse
Tour de Suisse podium history

June 7: GP Kanton Aargau (HC), Switzerland

2018 GP Kanton Aargau
GP Canton Aargau podium history

June 3: Gran Premio Città di Lugano (1.1), Switzerland

2018 GP di Lugano
GP di Lugano podium history

June 3 - 10: Critérium du Dauphine (World Tour), France

2018 Critérium du Dauphine
Critérium du Dauphine podium history


May 30 - June 3: Tour de Luxembourg (HC), Luxembourg

2018 Tour de Luxembourg
Tour de Luxembourg podium history

May 23 - 27: Baloise Belgium Tour (HC), Belgium

2018 Baloise Belgium Tour
Baloise Belgium Tour podium history

May 22 - 24: Tour des Fjords (2.1), Norway

2018 Tour des Fjords
Tour des Fjords podium history

May 18 - 20: Tour de l'Ain (2.1), France

2018 Tour de l'Ain
Tour de l'Ain podium history

May 16 - 20: Tour of Norway (HC), Norway

2018 Tour of Norway
Tour of Norway podium history

May 13 - 19: Amgen Tour of California (World Tour), USA

2018 Tour of California
Tour of California podium history

May 8 - 13: 4 Jours de Dunkerque (HC), France

2018 4 Jours de Dunkerque
4 Jours de Dunkerque podium history

May 4 - 6: Vuelta de Madrid (2.1), Spain

2018 Vuelta de Madrid
Vuelta de Madrid podium history

May 4 - 27: Giro d'Italia (World Tour), Italy

2018 Giro d'Italia
Giro d'Italia podium history

May 3 - 6: Tour de Yorkshire (2.1), Great Britain

2018 Tour de Yorkshire
Tour de Yorkshire podium history

May 1: Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt (World Tour), Germany

2018 Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt
Rund um den Finanzplatz Eschborn-Frankfurt podium history


April 27 - 29: Vuelta Asturias (2.1), Spain

2018 Vuelta Asturias
Vuelta Asturias podium history

April 24 - 29: Tour de Romandie (World Tour), Switzerland

2018 Tour de Romandie
Tour de Romandie podium history

April 22: Giro ell'Appennino (1.1), Italy

2018 Giro dell'Appennino
Giro dell'Appennino podium history

April 22: Liège-Bastogne-Liège (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Liège-Bastogne-Liège
Liège-Bastogne-Liège podium history

April 20 - 22: Vuelta a Castilla y Leon (2.1), Spain

2018 Vuelta a Castilla y Leon
Vuelta a Castilla y Leon podium history

April 18: La Flèche Wallonne (World Tour), Belgium

2018 La Flèche Wallone
La Flèche Wallone podium history

April 16 - 20: Tour of the Alps (HC), Italy

2018 Tour of the Alps
Tour of the Alps podium history

April 15: Tro-Bro Lèon (1.1), France

2018 Tro-Bro Lèon
Tro-Bro Lèon podium history

April 15: Amstel Gold Race (World Tour), Netherlands

2018 Amstel Gold Race
Amstel Gold Race podium history

April 14: Tour du Finistère (1.1), France

2018 Tour du Finistère
Tour du Finistère podium history

April 11: De Brabantse Pijl - La Flèche Brabançone (HC), Belgium

2018 De Brabantse Pijl
De Brabantse Pijl podium history

April 10: Paris-Camembert (1.1), France

2018 Paris-Camembert
Paris-Camembert podium history

April 8: Paris-Roubaix (World Tour), France

2018 Paris-Roubaix
Paris-Roubaix podium history

April 8: Klasika Primavera de Amorebieta (1.1), Spain

2018 Klasika Primavera
Klasika Primavera podium history

April 4: Scheldeprijs (HC), Belgium

2018 Scheldeprijs
Scheldeprijs podium history

April 3 - 6: Circuit Cycliste Sarthe (2.1), France

2018 Circuit de la Sarthe
Circuite de la Sarthe podium history

April 2-7: Vuelta al Pais Vasco (World Tour), Spain

2018 Vuelta al Pais Vasco
Vuelta al Pais Vasco podium history

April 1: Ronde van Vlaanderen-Tour of Flanders (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Ronde van Vlaanderen
Ronde van Vlaanderen podium history

April 1: La Roue Tourangelle (1.1), France

2018 Roue Tourangelle
Roue Tourangelle podium history


March 31: Volta Limburg Classic (1.1), Netherlands

2018 Volta Limburg Classic
Volta Limburg Classic podium history

March 31: GP Miguel Indurain (1.1), Spain

2018 GP Miguel Indurain
GP Miguel Indurain podium history

March 30: Route Adelie de Vitre (1.1), France

2018 Route Adelie de Vitre
Route Adelie de Vitre podium history

March 28: Dwars door Vlaanderen (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Dwars door Vlaanderen
Dwars door Vlaanderen podium history

March 25: Gent - Wevelgem (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Gent-Wevelgem
Gent-Wevelgem podium history

March 25: Cholet - Pays de Loire (1.1), France

2018 Cholet-Pays de Loire
Cholet-Pays de Loire podium history

March 24: Classic Loire Atlantique (1.1), France

2018 Classic Loire Atlantique
Classic Loire Atlantique podium history

March 23: Record Bank E3 Harelbeke (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Record Bank E3 Harelbeke
Record Bank E3 Harelbeke podium history

March 22 - 25: Settimana Coppi e Bartali (2.1), Italy

2018 Settimana Coppi e Bartali
Settimana Coppi e Bartali podium history

March 21: Driedaagse de Panne-Koksijde (HC), Belgium

2018 Driedaagse de Panne-Koksijde
Driedaagse de Panne-Koksijde podium history

March 19 - 25: Volta a Catalunya (World Tour), Spain

2018 Volta a Catalunya
Volta a Catalunya podium history

March 18 - 15: Tour de Langkawi (HC), Malaysia

2018 Tour de Langkawi
Tour de Langkawi podium history

March 18: GP de Denain (HC), France

2018 GP de Denain
GP de Denain podium history

March 17: Milano - San Remo (World Tour), Italy

2018 Milano - San Remo
Milano - San Remo podium history

March 16: Handzame Classic (1.1), Belgium

2018 Handzame Classic
Handzame Classic podium history

March 14: Danilith - Nokere Koerse (HC), Belgium

2018 Nokere Koerse
Nokere Koerse podium history

March 11: Ronde van Drenthe (HC), Netherlands

2018 Ronde van Drenthe
Ronde van Drenthe podium history

March 7 - 13: Tirreno - Adriatico (World Tour), Italy

2018 Tirreno-Adriatico
Tirreno-Adriatico podium history

March 4 - 11: Paris - Nice (World Tour), France

2018 Paris-Nice
Paris-Nice podium history

March 4: GP Industria & Artigianato (HC), Italy

2018 GP Industria & Artigianto
GP Industria & Artigianto podium history

March 4: Dwars door West-Vlaanderen (1.1), Belgium

2018 Dwars door West-Vlaanderen
Dwars door West-Vlaanderen podium history

March 3: Strade Bianche (World Tour), Italy

2018 Strade Bianche
Strade Bianche podium history


February 27: Le Samyn (1.1), Belgium

2018 Le Samyn
Le Samyn podium history

Febraury 25: Royal Bernard Drome Classic (1.1), France

2018 Royal Bernard Drome Classic
Royal Bernard Drome Classic podium history

February 25: Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne (HC), Belgium

2018 Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne
Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne podium history

February 24: Omloop Het Nieuwsblad (World Tour), Belgium

2018 Omloop Het Nieuwsblad
Omloop Het Nieuwsblad podium history

February 24: Faun Environnement-Classic de l'Ardeche (1.1), France

2018 Classic de l'Ardeche
Classic de l'Ardeche podium history

February 21 - 25: Abu Dhabi Tour(World Tour), UAE

2018 Abu Dhabi Tour
Abu Dhabi Tour podium history

February 17 - 18: Tour du Haut Var (2.1), France

2018 Tour du Haut Var
Tour du Haut Var podium history

February 14 - 18: Vuelta a Andalucia-Ruta del Sol (HC), Spain

2018 Ruta del Sol
Ruta del Sol podium history

February 14 - 18: Volta ao Algarve (HC), Portugal

2018 Volta ao Algarve
Volta ao Algarve podium history

February 13 - 18: Tour of Oman (HC), Oman

2018 Tour of Oman
Tour of Oman podium history

February 11: Trofeo Laigueglia (HC), Italy

2018 Trofeo Laigueglia
Trofeo Laigueglia podium history

February 11: Clasica de Almeria (HC), Spain

2018 Clasica de Almeria
Clasica de Almeria podium history

February 10: Vuelta a Murcia (1.1) Spain

2018 Vuelta a Murcia
Vuelta a Murcia podium history

February 8 - 11: Tour Cycliste International La Provence (2.1), France

2018 Tour de la Provence
Tour de la Provence podium history

February 6 - 10: Dubai Tour (HC), UAE

2018 Dubai Tour
Dubai Tour podium history


January 31 - February 4: Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana (2.1), Spain

2018 Volta a Valenciana
Volta a Valenciana podium history

January 31 - February 4: Herald Sun Tour (2.1), Australia

2018 Herald Sun Tour
Herald Sun Tour podium history

January 31 - February 4: Etoile de Besseges (2.1), France

2018 Etoile de Besseges
Etoile de Besseges podium history

January 28: Grand Prix Cycliste la Marseillaise (1.1), France

2018 GP la Marseillaise
GP la Marseillaise posdium history

January 28: Cadel Evan Great Ocean Road Race (World Tour), Australia

2018 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race
Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race podium history

January 25 - 28: Challenge Illes Balears/Volta Ciclista a Mallorca (4 x 1.1), Spain

2018 Challenge Illes Balears
Challenge Illes Balears podium history

January 21 - 28: Vuelta Ciclista a la Provincia de San Juan (2.1), Argentina

2018 Vuelta de San Juan
Vuelta de San Juan podium history

January 15 - 21: La Tropicale Amissa Bongo (2.1), Gabon

La Tropicale Amissa Bongo podium history

January 14 - 21: Tour Down Under (World Tour) & People's Choice Classic, Australia

2018 Tour Down Under
Tour Down Under podium history

January 7: GP Leuven Cyclocross (C-1), Belgium

2018 GP Leuven Cyclocross
GP Leuven Cyclocross podium history

January 1: GP Sven Nys Cyclocross (C-1), Belgium

2018 GP Sven Nys Cross
GP Sven Nys Cross podium history